The KwanGene Doctrine

RW Doctrine: The KwanGene Doctrine (1.01)
“Root for your players, and see how things shake out.”
If you are like us, you play in more than one fantasy football league. You probably play in like 6 if you’re here on our site digging for nuggets of hidden fantasy gold. So here’s a tip for you:Don’t torment yourself and your friends with our common dilemma. Its a dorky, shameful dilemma and should be treated as such. This dilemma is owning a fantasy player in one fantasy football league who you are facing in another.We know, it sucks. Don’t go telling everyone with your drunk ass breath and crying about it.Remember- You are a grown man playing the equivalent of football card-trading game. We understand, we think about our fantasy teams constantly, too. All we can offer is this advice:

Think about KwanGene, The Swindle Sensei….. in his robe of velvet chinese $100 bills, calmly telling you to “Root for your players.”

You play fantasy because you love football. Watch the games, root for your players and check how scoring came out between games so you aren’t tormenting yourself with a split allegiance.

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