The Matt Flynn Derby

The Matt Flynn Derby
Byron Lambert,

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The start of this race may be delayed a bit by the Peyton Manning Sweepstakes but the starting gun is in hand and the trigger ready to be squeezed. Ladies and Gentleman this is the Matt Flynn Derby.

Most offseason speculation had QB Matt Flynn going to the Miami Dolphins in free agency to reunite with ‘Fins new head coach and former Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Miami has to keep a close eye on the rear view mirror though because other serious contenders are entering the race.

The beater ride from Cleveland has just arrived at the track and Seattle has entered a soap box of its own. Remember ‘Fins fans…objects are closer than they appear. If Miami decides to chase the #18 car around the track for too long they will be passed in this derby.

Miami, Cleveland, and Seattle are the 3 most likely destinations for Flynn. All three teams are QB needy and they all run versions of the west coast offense with which he is familiar. Not to mention Peyton Manning and Dan Snyder put sugar in all of their gas tanks.

Winning The Matt Flynn Derby would be a coup according to Aaron Rodgers, recently quoted as saying his former back up is a “top 15 QB.” Brian Billick is not so sure. He believes it is a roll of the dice because of the limited data available and notes there is plenty of historical evidence it could go either way. Last year Billick called the 6TD Matt Flynn monster versus the Lions and he dubs the performance as “very real” admitting it was a tough game against a very good QB in Matt Stafford.

Here is the visual evidence (turn the volume up!)





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