The Tebow Effect

The Tebow Effect
Byron Lambert,

By now, Tim Tebow should be owned in most fantasy football leagues. He has some upside if you are struggling at QB and need to take a flyer. He would also make for a decent back up QB. Tebow is at least worth a grab and a hold if you have the roster spot. Who knows, best case scenario, you might be able to trade him later in the season.

If Brandon Lloyd stays in Denver I think his value is still pretty good with Tim Tebow taking over. Last year in the 3 games they played together, Lloyd averaged 13 pts./gm. You would also think Tebow will rely on his rangy veteran with trustworthy hands. He was definitely looking for Lloyd last week when he came in the game.

For Eric Decker things are not so clear because there isn’t much to go on. Last year he was a rookie and only had 6 receptions. 2 on Tebow’s watch. In his limited time last year, Decker was able to show some flashes that make this year’s start a little less than surprising. If Lloyd goes I think Decker can maintain some value. If not, unfortunately for owners who were excited to have him, I think we will see a major drop off in production. Decker did lay his first egg shaped stinker last week with zero points. Granted, Tebow did not play the whole game, but this is not a good sign. Decker was on a roll. I think Tebow’s inaccuracy is really going to affect Eric Decker.

The RB’s will be affected by Tim Tebow’s prowess in the run game. There is only so much ground production to go around. While his style may lead to an overall increase in production from the Denver ground game you have to think he is going to eat in to Moreno and McGahee to some extent. I would be most concerned, ala Cam Newton, of Tebow vulchering goaline and redzone scoring opportunities. That said, I believe Willis McGahee will take a bigger hit to his value than Knowshon Moreno.

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