Titus Young Sr. – Expectations in St. Louis

Out Like a Lion, In Like a Ram
Dorian “The Trashman” Colbert


The St. Louis Rams’ biggest need in the 2013 NFL Draft was wide receiver. Until today.

Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher must be a masochist. First, he took a job in St. Louis, where—if their famed Arch is a metaphor for the franchise’s trajectory—it’s been on the down slope ever since the “Greatest Show on Turf” days of the early 2000’s.

The team hit a low at the miserable record of 2-14 in 2011, the year before he showed up from Tennessee. But Fisher is a good coach, and brought the Rams to a decent 7-8-1 record this past year. It seems he’s some sort of glutton for punishment though, as he has now gone and picked up WR Titus Young, who many see as the most malignant team cancer this side of Terrell Owens.  

The antics Young Sr. pulled on his last team, the Lions, bordered on psychotic at times.

What person in their right mind lines up in the wrong position to sabotage their employer? Or rather, what person in their right mind lines up in the wrong position to sabotage their employer—and is up front about it?

Young’s insanity peaked when he claimed that he was a better player than Megatron. The fact that I don’t even have to clarify who I’m speaking of when I refer to “Megatron” lends to the absurdity of the statement.

The unfortunate, or fortunate in his own view, truth is that Young really is pretty talented underneath all that crazy. Fisher knows that, and I suppose that is why he is willing to take a chance on the malcontent. Well, that and the fact that his passing offense slows down considerably whenever Danny Amendola is out on injury, and Amendola is scheduled to hit the free agent market.

The Rams have a multitude of potential game-changers in the likes of young Brian Quick, Chris Givens, Brandon Gibson, and Austin Pettis, so I’m not sure why he would go to the trouble of adding another veteran receiver. Perhaps he just wants to see what shakes out, and Young’s price tag was fairly inexpensive.

The youth and subsequent rawness of the receiving corps means that Young has a strong chance of starting for the Rams come game time. We’ve seen that Sam Bradford can get the ball to his receivers when he gets decent protection, so I like Young’s chances of making a splash should he start. Amendola is excellent as the possession guy if he returns, and Chris Givens has come on as the closest thing to a deep threat over the course of last season.

I see Young as a hybrid between the two, as he has great hands and can stretch the field. If given top dog status, and I’m guessing he will be, Young could lead the team in touchdowns and yards per reception (I’d still give the receptions nod to Amendola).

Or, he could just continue to be a turd.

That’s the risk Fisher, and those who end up taking a chance on him in their fantasy leagues, will be taking. I’m not biting. I don’t think anyone can give Titus Young, Sr. the kind of attention he thinks he deserves.

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