PRO Trashman’s 2019 Week 1 Flex Rankings: RB, WR, TE

Trashman HeaderOften times, there is nothing tougher (or more important) than deciding who your weekly flex-plays are. It can be a mind-numbing experience having to make cross-positional projections.

This season, our RosterWatch PRO community will have personal and exclusive access to our very own disgusting Trashman, who has carefully curated his personal weekly flex rankings in order to help you in gaining input about your roster decisions. Please refer to the Rankings tab for our staff positional rankings.

(Based on .5 PPR scoring).

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  1. Post By

    I have a trade offer get Cohen and Rams DST for Ingram I would drop the Pats thoughts? I have Bell, Cook, Guice and Ito too ppr

    1. The Rams defense isn’t what it was. i wouldn’t do it.

    2. Dont make that trade in an attempt to upgrade your defense.

  2. Thank you, TM – any thoughts about Boyd/Hilton ranking change in a .5 PPR?

    1. I’m not sure I follow, this is for .5 PPR, but I like Boyd more with no Green for the time being, and I don’t trust Hilton as much with Brissett under center.

  3. Drop M Andrew’s for D Waller?

    1. If Brown gets suspended like they’re saying he will be then I don’t mind that at all.

  4. Trade away Mike Evans for Antonio Brown and Pollard? I have Zeke

    1. Hold Evans. Pollard only has value now if Zeke goes down

  5. Nope, hands off Brown until we see about this suspension.

  6. Just got offered TY Hilton for Antonio Brown I have brown should I do it or wait this out?

    1. I would hold Brown until we learn more. TY is not safe without Luck

  7. Post By

    I already grabbed Refrow (dropped Brian Hill) in my 16 team league, but wondering how far you will move Tyrell Williams up and if you would drop Metcalf or Washington for Tyrell Williams?

    1. Tyrell is an intriguing add right now, if we’re talking bottom of the roster guys, I’d make the move and hope for the best although Im not a huge fan of Tyrell or that offense sans AB.

  8. Trade offer 12 team ppr dynasty. I receive Zach Ertz and Deebo Samuel for Hunter Henry, Josh Gordon and DJ Chark. What side you like? Thanks

    1. the Hunter Henry side by far.

  9. Whats up RW Nation, has anybody had any experience with Apex fantasy football? I like their format and payout is good but cant find much info on legitimacy that isn’t provided by Apex themselves.

    1. no personal experience over there, sorry.

      1. Whats your favorite seasonal money site? I’ve won the last 2 years with the help of the maniacal cheat sheet playing on CBS but the rake is disgusting. Trying FFPC this year but wondering if there are others I should be looking at.

  10. Post By

    Hey RW Fam, when does the DFS generator go live? I still see it from LY.


    1. it always goes live on FRI night. DFS cheat sheets FRI, Hyper FRI night, DFS main slate breakdown pod SAT, Vegas Tool SAT.

      1. Post By

        great thank you!

  11. James white or Derrius Guice? PPR

    1. Prob James White-Guice rising rapidly though!

  12. My stress levels are rising rapidly. It may be more excitement though, not sure! For non PPR this week, please pick two of Mixon, Duke, Kupp, and Montgomery. I felt locked and loaded with Joe for my RB2, but I’m having second thoughts

    1. Mixon + very close call- Montgomery higher in our staff rankings- however Duke is one spot higher in my personal rankings. Two good options!

      1. UGH! Playing Monty is risky tonight. Who knows what Nagy has up his sleeve. I’m strongly leaning Duke as well, but I still love me some Golden Son Kupp. Thank goodness I still have a little bit of time ro let it stew. Thanks again Byron!

        1. wish I had seen this yesterday…I told everyone that Montgomery is a ppr monster to be kept in dynasty but there is a 3 headed fight for carries and having Burton last year I saw how they get moved around. A Robinson was alpa for the last 3 games and i drafted him this year and am encouraged to see he will be the wr 2 with upside that I want. Montgomery can’t block and he isn’t the best at the goal line so I would keep him more in the hopes of an injury.

  13. Post By Zeke and destroy

    I have David Montgomery. Aaron Jones and Tyler Boyd. I need one for rb and one for a flex it’s a 1 point ppr and .25 point per target. Also I have crowder and duke

    1. I’d probably go with Boyd given the .25 per target and A Jones.

  14. Post By

    Ok I might be overthinking this, but I currently have Montgomery in my flex and ready to roll tonight. I am considering pulling him for the following reasons. He is a rookie, its a Thursday game, its the first game of the year, and I am a Packers fan. Thoughts?

    other options at flex are Howard, Kirk, Crowder, or Moncrief.


    1. Only one I’d consider pulling him for is Howard.

  15. Jones for sure – tough call b/t DM and TB. I like TB vs other WR this week- but hard to gauge vs Montgomery. I have DM has the highest RB3 on my board, but I have TB as a middle of the pack WR2. See what Trashman thinks, play the matchups, play the higher Vegas game total — typically you want RB their team is a favorite and a WR if their team is dog. Looks like that’s the case for both here.

    1. The answer above was for Zeke and Destroy

      1. Post By Zeke and destroy

        Thanks appreciate it

  16. Ppr I’ve been offered Adam Thielen and mike Williams for d Hopkins what side do you like thanks

  17. Post By

    New question… would you drop your backup QB in a 1 QB 12 team league to add Darren Waller? My starting QB is Mayfiled, my backup is Brees, and my starting TE is Njoku. QBs on waivers include Cousins, Allen, Brissett, Stafford, Foles, Darnold, and Flacco.

    1. you can do that if you’d like. your waiver wire is fine.

  18. Post By

    Is the TNF dfs rankings hidden somewhere?

    1. DFS stuff in -season is only for the main slate. That content will be up on FRI and SAT.

  19. Post By

    Ok. Thanks. TNF ranking update is listed under thursdays in-season content. At least I know not to keep searching for it.

  20. Trade Question: .5 PPR

    Get: Justin Jackson/Corey Davis
    Trade: Mike Williams

    RBs/WR on roster: Mark Ingram, Lindsay, Ballage, Ronald Jones, Gus Edwards.
    Julio, Hopkins, Samuel, Paris Campbell, Sutton.


    1. *also start 2 rb 2 wr and a flex

      1. Sorry 3 wr. Its early lol

    2. I don’t love it. I’d rather pair samuel or sutton and one of your backs for a better rb.

  21. I saw you flipped Berkeley and McCaffrey in your ppr draft cheat sheet why the switch as I have the #1 pick in a draft Friday September 6th

  22. Would you trade Chubb for Johnson? thanks

    1. only in a PPR league

      1. so in a .5PPR league the trade is a toss up?

  23. Trade offer:
    I give up Ebron, Aaron Jones and Courtland Sutton

    I get Melvin Gordon, Antonio brown and O.J. Howard

    Aaron Jones is a fringe flex option for me along with tevin Coleman, Jarvis Landry and Antonio brown if I make the trade.

    Sutton is WR depth
    Gordon would be a flyer

    1. Yes- I would take that offer and do that deal if it doesn’t leave you thin at RB

      1. Awesome thanks !

  24. 10 team PPR
    Should I sell Ant Brown (my 3rd round pick)?

    For what 4th round WR or RB?

    1. No. He is a wr 1 that you got for a 3rd round. So get that kind of pick back for him or play him when he plays.

      1. Yeah- I’d sit tight for now. If I did anything – I’d target guys like Damien Williams, Derrius Guice, Amari Cooper, Thielen, Edelman, Robert Woods/Brandin Cooks –

        If you could say a Guice + Edelman – you’d prob have to consider

  25. Justice Hill is available in my 12 team ppr. Would you drop any of C Samuel, Moncrief or Crowder for him? Also hoping your show is back on Sirius XM sat nights and sun am during the season. Thanks guys.

    1. I can’t justify that move in a ppr yet, unless you’re stacked at we and need depth at rb.

  26. Post By Longhornfireman

    Standard league with 10 teams. If got RB’s covered with McCaffery, Bell and Conner, but need help for WR starts this weekend. Iv’e got Edelman, Woods, Godwin and Lockett. All are rated almost the same in early rankings. Which 2 would you all suggest?

  27. Post By Longhornfireman

    Standard league with 10 teams. If got RB’s covered with McCaffery, Bell and Conner, but need help for WR starts this weekend. Iv’e got Edelman, Woods, Godwin and Lockett. All are rated almost the same in early rankings. Which 2 would you all suggest?

    1. Edelman for sure- then probably Lockett. The targets could go elsewhere in TB or LAR- although all are very solid plays and we’d be happy closing our eyes and choosing any two of these guys.

      I’d also look at the matchups and the higher Vegas game totals where possible

  28. 12 team standard league

    Want to make an offer for Zeke

    MY RB’s: Cook, Ingram, D Williams, Breida, Singletary, Mattison

    Cook and Breida or Cook and Singletary for Zeke?

    Either on too much too little? Thoughts?

    Or Ingram and D. Williams?

    1. Would def first try a deal centered around Ingram or Williams- yes tossing Singletary in while he’s hot is a smart way to try to push the deal over the top. I’d up that to Breida if I had to, in order to keep Dalvin and land Zeke

  29. I was offered Evan engram and Miles sanders for Ertz and pollard should I do it?
    my roster : Wentz,
    Mccaffrey, freeman, Henderson, pollard, J. Samuels
    Diggs, Godwin, Arob, Curtis Samuel, Sutton
    ertz. Thanks

    1. full point ppr

    2. The value says yes you should- but to give up Ertz you really have to need Miles Sanders here. I think you could use him, but it’s not an emergency. You’ll have to decide how much you could use Sanders. If you think you can- then it’s a good trade. The value is definitely there- it’s a fair deal. But, your starting lineup is very important- and Ertz is a terrific asset.

  30. .5 ppr at rb I have Zeke, C. Carson, Ballage, Royce Freeman and Justice Hill.

    I was offered Sony and Derek Henry for Zeke.


    1. Keep Zeke

  31. Post By

    1/2 Point PPR Need One
    1. Curtis Samuel
    2. Donte Moncrief
    3. Justice Hill
    4. Hunter Henry
    5. Justin Jackson

    1. Prob Samuel—-the sneaky play is Jackson

  32. Standard: I get Guice , they get josh Gordon or Kirk whoever they choose. ?

    1. Yep, I’d do that. Might prefer to ship off Kirk, but either is fine

  33. Post By

    Diggs (If he plays) or Ridley standard

    1. Diggs

  34. I’m in on Lamar Jackson this year but with the low total points projection would you play Jimmy G over him this week in seasonal?

    1. I would follow the rankings on the site!

  35. Half point PPR. Alshon Jeffery, Cooper Kupp or Phillip Lindsay? Need 2. Thanks!

  36. 10 team standard scoring stash question, w/ AB news (seriously doubt he’ll be a Raider come Monday) should I pick up Waller or even J Richard? I wouldn’t drop my current TE Hunter Henry but rather view as a stash/future trade. I’m weakest at RB right now. And, my last 2 position players drafted were K Ballage and A Miller so think I’d need to drop Miller and hope to grab him off waivers. Your thoughts?

  37. .5 PPR

    Would you drop either J Jackson (LAC) or Justise Hill for Hunter Renfrow with the latest AB news?

    My RBs: Chubb, mixon, fournette, Coleman, samuels, Hill, Jackson

    WRs: Godwin, Ridley, Jeffery, Kirk

  38. I have a trade offer to get JuJu by giving up George Kittle. Would also get jordan reed in the trade. Would leave me with only Reed and the waiver wire at TE. But I would have D. Adams, Juju, Lockett, AJ green, and G Tate as my wide receivers. Thoughts?

  39. Post By

    10 team ppr. Got Rivers starting at Qb. Foles, Garopollo on the wire. Stick with P Riv, or make a move?

    1. Post By

      Also looking at woods, Godwin, t. Williams as a wr2.

  40. Post By

    If Diggs doesn’t play would you go Shepard or Ridley standard

  41. Ridley or Guice in the flex ppr thx

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