PRO Trashman’s 2020 Postseason Playoffs Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet

Please note, these are not weekly rankings to be used in “one-and-done” formats, but rather, rankings for if you are drafting a team with plans of using the players selected for the duration of the playoffs. For this reason, I’ve taken into account which teams I believe will advance throughout the playoffs in sorting the various players’ values. It is set up like the RosterWatch Cheat Sheet, but you can be more liberal with the rules in this one and don’t necessarily always have to select the highest available player if two players are relatively close and you need positional help at a position that is lower on the sheet. There are a few small injury situations we are still monitoring, so make sure you check the sheet at the nearest-possible time to your draft in case of updates.

Click here to go to the sheet.


  1. Thanks for your playoff flex rankings Trashman! With the impressive Week 17 production, any thoughts on Darwin Thompson seeing the field much during the playoffs?

  2. Thank you for doing this!

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    if you were just drafting 15 guys would the qbs move up more ? do you recommend stacking a full team you think is going to go far ?

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