PRO Wild Card Weekend Matchup Tool

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This is a proprietary weekly tool provided by RosterWatch for our PRO community. Please read the special instructions about how the tool is different in the playoffs.

For the fantasy playoffs, we will link to a separate sheet that is different from the online tool in the PRO downloads section you are used to using in-season. In this sheet, you will be able to see the tool as usual (only in a spreadsheet form). Usually, the Top 8 matchups are in blue, 9-12 in light blue, 13-20 in white, 21-23 in pink and 24-32 in red. For the playoffs, we’ll keep the color code of what the matchup SHOULD BE in the matchup cell, but re-order the numbers from 1-12. This means that if a matchup is ranked as the top matchup or “1” on the week, but is colored in, say, white — it means that in a normal week, it would only be a middling matchup. However, in this week, it is the best one on the slate.

The rankings represented here are derived via a proprietary algorithm which takes into account not only standard “fantasy points against” metrics, but also (and most importantly) weighted averages and medians of separate individual player and defensive-unit scouting grades for members of the 2020 unit that will be run-stopping, pass-rushing, or covering against the position in question, along with other analytic trends including projected game-script, game-flow, Vegas indicators, volume of total snaps and much, much, more.

“1″ is the best (easiest) matchup, AND FOR THIS WEEK “12″ is the worst (toughest).

(you like blue matchups best)

BLUE: Best Matchups
LIGHT BLUE: Borderline Top Matchups
WHITE: Neutral Matchups
LIGHT RED: Borderline Bottom Matchups
RED: Worst Matchups

++RW Proprietary Algorithm


Go to the shared spreadsheet here.


  1. Hey guys,
    Dynasty Trade question.
    I was offered Nick Chubb if I give him Miles Sanders and my 1st round pick in the next draft.
    Seems a little high. What do y’all think?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would stay put w/ Sanders and your RD1 pick. Really like Sanders heading into next season. Would possibly have approved this deal if it weren’t for Hunt, but he caps Chubb’s value.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Hi- I am a Rosterwatch pro member, but cannot access the Matchup tool for this wildcard weekend. Please help. Thanks

  4. Post By Byron Lambert

    The playoff matchup tool is a shared google sheet- click the link above

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