Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 12

Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 12

Plenty of low price options at your disposal this week. Hopefully you’re not in a position where you need to use them at this point. Here’s the Grab…




Lamar Jackson, Ravens: Jackson didn’t do much through the air last week against Cincy, but he had 119 yards on the ground. He’ll face the Raiders this week in what is sure to be a repeat performance.


Running Back

Elijah McGuire, Jets: McGuire is sure to see plenty of action against the Pats on Sunday, as the Jets are very likely to be playing from behind for the duration of the game.


Nyheim Hines, Colts: Hines hasn’t done much for you lately, but the game script against the Dolphins leans in his favor. He’s a low floor, high upside PPR flex.


Wide Receiver

Adam Humphries, Buccaneers: Humphries continues to flourish in an offense that shouldn’t be able to support him on a weekly basis, yet never fails to. He’ll have a lot of room to get open against San Fran.


Kendrick Bourne, 49ers: Bourne could be Nick Mullens’ 2nd favorite target next to George Kittle on Sunday, with Pierre Garcon out and Marquise Goodwin doubtful. He gets a soft secondary to work with in Tampa.


Curtis Samuel, Panthers: Samuel gets to split Devin Funchess’ targets with D.J. Moore against Seattle who’s big corners will be in fits trying to wrangle him.


Dontrelle Inman, Colts: Inman is working as the No.2 WR in Indy after T.Y. Hilton. His ceiling isn’t high, but his floor is solid.


Kenny Stills, Dolphins: Here’s to hoping Stills’ rapport with Ryan Tannehill picks up where it left off – He was his favorite WR before his injury.


Quincy Enunwa, Jets: Enunwa is the Jets’ best bet to hurt the Pats through the air in a game that will require them to throw. Most of his action will probably come in garbage time, but that doesn’t matter to the box score.


Tight End

Jonnu Smith, Titans: Smith is on a roll, scoring in 2 of his last 3 games and leading the Titans in targets in Week 11 with 8. If Mariota’s arm isn’t full strength, he could be even more of an asset as a safety blanket.

Chris Herndon, Jets: A lot of Jets this week, but they’ll need all the help they can get to hang around with the Patriots. Herndon has been solid.



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    Morning guys, Need two WR’s from Evans, Diggs and Hilton. Leaning towards Evans and Diggs, but Hilton has the better QB. Would you go Hilton and Diggs?

    1. i think you have it right

  2. .5ppr Sterling Shepard or Gus Edwards?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I’m riding that Edwards wagon!

  3. 5pt PPR: Curtis Samuel or Shady McCoy?

  4. PPR league.

    I need to start 2 of these 3: Dalvin Cook, Leonard Fournette and David Johnson

    And start 2 of these 4: Julian Edelman, TY Hilton, Emmanuel Sanders and Golden Tate

    1. dj, fournette, sanders, hilton

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    Scantling or lockett or K. Allen need two.
    L. Jackson or R. Wilson
    S. Michele or Gus Edwards.

    I swung for the fences last week with your recommendation with j. Reynolds! Thank you very much filthy stinking trashman!! I love rosterwatch. Member for two years. Love the show on XM. By far the best in my opinion. Some of those other dudes are annoying AF… alarm…HOOK’EM. Come tailgate with me at big 12 championship game!! Just email me! We would love to have you.

    1. i’m glad you could use him! He was a favorite of ours at the Senior Bowl. Thanks for your support Jacob, I’d love to come out, but I have a wedding that day that I can’t get out of. Thanks for the invite though. i’d go allen, lockett, michel, and it depends… wilson is definitely the safe floor, he’s been too solid over the last month. jackson is your swing for the fences play if you’re feeling like you need the edge. no idea what his floor is though. that’s the risk. good luck

  6. Baldwin…kirk…or parker…full point ppr??

  7. Bye week fill-ins.
    Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson?
    Willie Snead or Curtis Samuel? 1 pt PPR.

    1. wilson if you want a safe high floor. jackson if you feel like you need upside. samuel

      1. I need pop so I will stay with Lamar Jackson.
        Trashman, Thanks and good luck today!!!

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    Should I play gordon or continue with McGuire

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Gordon if he plays. Do you have any other late game options?

      1. Post By

        Christian Kirk

  9. Post By

    Morning Trashman, Sanders, Fitz, or Carson in a 1pt ppr?

  10. good morning, sanders

  11. Jameis or Lamar?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Jameis, but he has built-in risk.

  12. Good Football Morning Trashman.

    1 point PPR, at 5-6, fighting to stay in the playoffs. Need 2 of 3 . . . Fitzgerald, Dion Lewis, and D.J. Moore.

    Also, Herndon or Njoku?

    1. Prob Moore and Lewis. Worried about Fitz this wk.

      1. Thanks Byron, appreciate it!

      2. Good job Byron, you made the right call for me! D. J. Moore outperformed Fitz as you suggested he would.

  13. Post By Dickson The Goat

    JuJu or Gus? 0.5 PPR

    1. JuJu

      1. Good call!

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    16 team PPR. John Ross or Dante Pettis?

    1. Eh, prob Ross. Pettis just hasn’t cut it yet at NFL level. Close call.

      1. Post By

        Thanks! This choice is driving me crazy. Mike Clay says Ward is going to shadow Ross.

  15. Standard scoring, flex position question. I have Juju in my flex but grabbed Ekeler yesterday in case Gordon is out. I’m worried about Juju w/ Chris Harris match-up. Looks like Melvin is expected to play but with his hamstring injury and expected easier game I’m wondering if Ekeler will be used more for much of the game. Thoughts?

    1. I’d prob stick w/ my stud in JuJu

      1. Thanks Byron for the sanity check.

  16. McGuire or Kirk for Flex? 0.5ppr

    1. McGuire

  17. PPR/Start 2: Melvin Gordon, Leonard Fournette, Matt Breida, or Gus Edwards?

    1. PPR: melvin Gordon or Breida?

  18. Philip Rivers or Jameis Winston?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I like Jameis, but he’s probably quite volatile.

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    1 point ppr arron Jones or Tyler boyd

  20. Would you waiver target Gus Edwards or Austin Ekeler and drop Dalvin Cook

  21. Long time pro member here guys
    Have two leagues with aj green and stuggling with who to take out for aj.

    Half ppr. Emanual sanders or AJ green

    Full ppr. Josh gordon or AJ green?


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