Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 15

Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 15

Hopefully you don’t have to use them, but these waiver wire options could help carry you to the fantasy championships if utilized properly. Here’s the Grab…


Running Back

Salvon Ahmed, Dolphins

Ahmed is questionable to play, but it looks as if he’ll be good to go against the Patriots as lead RB with Myles Gaskin out with Covid-19. 


Tony Pollard, Cowboys

Pollard has gotten double-digit touches the last 2 weeks with Ezekiel Elliott banged up. The 49ers are tough, but Pollard has enough shake to break open some plays. 


Sony Michel, Patriots

Damien Harris is out with an ankle injury, leaving Michel to take the role of workhorse this week. Miami defends the run well, but the Patriots just don’t have that many other weapons. Michel will get plenty of touches. 


Wide Receiver

Rashard Higgins, Browns

Higgins has had over 65 yards and/or a TD in 3 of his last 4 games in the new-look Browns offense. He might have his hands full with the Giants James Bradbury, but Higgins should get enough targets to make it worth your while.


Russell Gage, Falcons

Julio Jones will be out again this week, so Gage and Calvin Ridley will presumably take the bulk of passing targets. 


Kendrick Bourne, 49ers

Deebo Samuel is out again, and George Kittle is still at least a week from returning, so it’ll be Bourne and Brandon Aiyuk to round out the 49ers passing attack against a toothless Cowboys secondary.


Tight End

Cole Kmet, Bears

Kmet is the no.1 TE in Chicago as of the last few weeks, averaging 7 targets a game over his last two. He and Allen Robinson seem to be the only consistent pass-catchers with Mitch Trubisky under center. 


Irv Smith, Vikings

Smith has 3 TDs in his last 2 starts in place of Kyle Rudolph, and he’ll get a Bears team this week that is the 4th best matchup for TEs in the league. 



Jalen Hurts, Eagles

Hurts has a built in running floor as new starter for the Eagles, so he can manufacture his own points. Anything he does through the air is just gravy. 


  1. Half PPR: Mostert or Jeff Wilson Jr?

    1. I also have Naheim Hines to consider…

    2. Mostert

  2. Full PPR: Cam Akers, Scary Terry, or JD Mckissic?

    1. Probably Akers, although Terry is pretty safe play here in a PPR format

  3. Post By

    Full PPR. Normal Flex Plays are out. Need 1 between Hockenson, Cole & Bowden.

    1. I think it’s Hockenson if Stafford plays

  4. Really shallow 2 QB .5pt league.
    Need 2 of Kupp, Carson, Drake, Dobbins
    Have Lamar, Rivers or Hurts for 2nd QB?

    1. You have those QBs ranked correctly, not sure if you are asking to choose b/t the 3 or saying to choose the QB2 behind Lamar out of Rivers and Hurts.

      I’d go Drake and Dobbins

  5. Post By The Frugal Degenerate

    Start/Sit One RB in a full PPR (The Cockamamie Business Listener League)

    Lynn Bowden or Sony Michel

    1. Jeez probably Michel w/ Harris out, don’t hate Bowden w/ the PPR factor. Very close. Best bet is probably Michel to score a TD here

      1. Think you have to go Bowden now!

  6. Post By

    Last minute advice

    Brees or Hurts? Opponent has Kamara do I make the defensive move to negate?

    Def Bucs Bears Washington?

    2nd League

    Gurley Peterson JWhite Ahmed if plays, or can pick up Gore Penny Barber or McCoy

    TE Arnold Ertz or can pick up Evertt or Akins


    1. I’d go Brees and probably Bucs

      Probably James White


  7. Was just listening to Byron on the radio gushing about Gus Edwards…. with Connor looking iffy and not productive as of late Gus, Connor or Snell…???

    1. Obviously, if Conner doesn’t go- you’ll want to play Snell. But, if he does and you are concerned they will be in some weird committee- I have NO problem starting Edwards here.

  8. Mostert or E Sanders half point ppr

    1. Yikes I said Sanders in full pt PPR below- I’ll go Mostert in Half Point PPR

  9. Montgomery . Swift, Akers need 2 in a half point ppr

    1. I think it’s Swift if Stafford goes + Akers. If Stafford sits, I might play Monty over Swift to be safe

  10. Was able to add Brees and stash him IR spot just before he was activated so do I roll with Big Ben @CIN or start Brees vs. KC in my semi final matchup with the rest of this starting lineup?!

    Adams: 7.7 pts
    Ridley vs TB

    Montgomery @MIN
    Jacobs: 18 pts

    H. Henry: 15 pts

    Akers vs. NYJ

    1. I think it’s Big Ben !!!

  11. 1 point PPR, Raheem Mostert or Emmanuel Sanders for my flex? Thanks so much !!!

    1. Eh, like them both- I might go Sanders w/ Thomas out

  12. .5 ppr need to start 2 out of 3

    Keke Coutee
    Diontae Johnson
    Sony Michel

    Please help me get to the finals !!

  13. Coutee + Diontae !

  14. PPR

    Embarrassment of riches need 1 RB and a Flex

    Montgomery, Akers, drake, Dobbins, Swift, Aiyuk.

    If Aiyuk doesn’t flex does it make sense to start him over Jefferson? Jefferson smashed Chicago last time, but Aiyuk has such a juicy matchup…

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Got to ride the hot hands here. Swift and Akers. No bad choices. good luck!

  15. 1 pt ppr flex:
    Lenny F, Keke, hollywood (I’d a stack with Lamar at Qb)

    Thanks Boys!

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      I like Fournette’s setup today but there is a lot to be said for the stack of HW and Lamar. Good luck!

  16. lost Kittle earlier this year, still made the playoffs but struggling with this week’s lineup.
    Logan Thomas, Jonnu Smith, Irv Smith, or Schultz – what’s the right play?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      “what is the right play” at TE is STILL unanswered in 2020. Unless you have Kelce or Waller, you are constantly gambling . Even if you get 4 receptions for 40 yards you are happy at TE. Irv is the hot one right now. I’d likely play him, but any of the guys you named have a chance to be the right answer. Good luck!

  17. Post By

    Ppr need one, hollywood brown or Antonio brown?

  18. 1/2 PPR Flex spot: Devante Parker, Fournette, Edmonds, Coutee?

  19. Post By Alan Seslowsky

    I like AB, his prop on the Vegas Tool this week is promising.

    1. Post By

      Thank you

  20. Std flex spot: Pittman or Gus?

    1. Sony Michel is also on waivers

      1. Byron loves gus, but in PPR I’d prob go Pittman. In STD would go Gus GL

  21. .5 PPR

    Who do we trust to hold down the WR2 spot in the semis?

    Coutee, Gage, Bourne, Hollywood?

    1. All of those guys are in a similar bucket this week. HW is starting to heat up. I would use him.

  22. .5 PPR

    1 RB , 1 Flex, 1WR

    G.Edwards, L, Bell, C.Lamb, T.Lockett, E. Sanders, S. Michel, A. Brown.

    1. I should say I am already down big. 45pts He had Jacob’s, Diggs, and Tonyan

      I had Adams.

    2. Edward, Lockette, and Lamb for me. I would say Antonio Brown is popping on the RW Vegas tool.

      1. Swap lamb for pollard?

  23. Jaquizz in my pants. .5 ppr
    Kenyon Drake or Cooper Kupp?

    1. Both in good spots today. I like Drake more, but Kupp could destroy the Jets…run wild today.

  24. RW, I keep mulling over this option for my FLEX SPOT (1ppr):


    1. Both nice starts. Dobbins is ready for that monster breaout. go for it . Good luck!

      1. Thanks Allen!

  25. 1 point PPR Mostart, Emmanual Sanders, or Pollard ??? Thanks !!

    1. Pollard is pushed to the top 15 RB starts this week I like him to catch 5-6 passes.

  26. Post By

    Pollard or mckissic. PPR?

    1. I like Pollard better. Good luck!

  27. Post By

    Is Bowden an option instead of Antonio brown in a ppr? As my wr 2?

  28. Post By

    Late swap outs?

    Ahmed or White as RB2?

    Arnold Ertz or Sheehan now TE?


  29. You guys usually rock it but you guys haven’t been updating the rankings for multiple days and you don’t respond to our messages in chat rooms ? What’s up RosterWatch? I love the shows but this year has been a letdown from your site need to step it back up?? Especially during this pandemic there should be nothing but time on your hands to update and respond?

    1. GTFO
      These guys kick ass for your peanuts.
      I just went 4-0 today. I’m in the bowl for all four of my leagues.
      Rosterwatch and the nation is a big part of that but
      If you need your hand held for every single move then call you mom green pea.

  30. In light of the latest news Conner, Edwards or Sony Michel 1 pt ppr?????

  31. Oh and how about Jonnu or Irv Smith at TE same 1 pt ppr????

  32. Hunt, Gus or Wayne PPR? THNX

  33. I knew fragile Mccaffery wouldn’t hold up in the big league. This guy will never play season without piling up the injuries. Good luck on drafting this guy in future leagues

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