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PRO Update on Week 15 DFS Cheat Sheets and HyperDFS for Sunday’s Main Slate

A quick heads-up for our valued PRO members: With the uncertainty surrounding so many players for the Week 15 DFS main slate in regard to recent COVID outbreaks, we will, as announced on Twitter, be putting off publication of Week 15 DFS tools until Saturday afternoon. You will still have plenty of time prior to Sunday’s lineup-lock to get your lineups in using the cheat sheets and the HyperDFS lineup generator. This will be a different week than any other thus far, as we may have to override the “trends” as identified by our traditional model in response to volume opportunity that may or may not open up due to this week’s relatively unprecedented circumstances that the model could possibly not account for. Furthermore, we expect to have more news on Sunday morning that could impact the cheat sheets and recommendations. Updates to the sheets and HyperDFS will be logged in your uploads section, so please check back as lineup-lock approaches to make sure that you have the latest information. Thank you so much for your continued support of RosterWatch.


  1. Flex Q. 1/2 PPR need to pick three — Jones, Gibson, j Williams, r penny. T Higgins or d Knox thanks

    1. I am leaning towards Gibson, Jones and Williams — but Higgins has been a stud lately.

      also would you roll with the Dolphins over the Bills? thanks

      1. Jones, Gibson & J Will if he’s healthy and playing. Any defense that plays the Jets is the move so go with the Dolphins

  2. Good Morning Gentlemen!
    Choke Artist (9-4)

    Would love your sage advise on my flex spot.
    I already banked my WR spots with Keenan Allen and the monster from Tyreek.

    Thanks to following Byron’s advise on the trade cast earlier this year, I also have JT ready to roll. I currently have Zeke at the other RB spot and Montgomery in the flex.

    I feel like I should pull Zeke and plug Jamar Chase into the flex. Thoughts?

    Thanks for all you guys do!!

  3. Post By

    Need some help
    Dax vs the Giants or Hill vs the Bucs?

    Who has more upside?

    1. Hill has rushing upside but can’t trust that against the Bucs defense. I would roll with Dak.

  4. Half PPR need 2. Gibson, J. Williams (Denver), D. Parker?

    Full PPR need 3 Gibson, J. Williams (Denver), Penny, M. Carter, Julio, R. Moore?
    (Going against Kelce so might need upside)


    1. Gibson and Javonte.
      Gibson, Javone, Penny

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