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PRO Week 15 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through: The BLITZ (Premium Video and Podcast)

Alex Dunlap, Derek Carty and Will Preister walk through the Week 15 Main Slate on DraftKings and FanDuel.


  1. PPR need to pick up a TE, who do you like this week and/or rest playoffs? Seals-Jones, Moreau, Conklin, Everett, Uzomeh, Kmet, Trautman, Njoku

    1. Probably Moreau and maybe Everett at the moment

  2. PPR. Is it crazy to start Marvin Jones over Julio this week?


    1. It’s not crazy and you can probably do it if you want although I would lean Julio. Maybe that is me being stubborn though. This spot screams like a good one for Jones.

  3. .5 PPR. Have to pick up a defense. Can drop Carter or Swift. Thoughts on Swift? Think they will shut him down?

    Thanks again.

  4. Obj, Gab Davis, Gibson, Javonte…Need a WR and a flex in ppr? Got 30 from Mahomes and 40 from Kelce.

    1. Update: opponent got 23 from Taylor and I got 9 combined from Stevenson + folk.

  5. In some COVID trouble – 0.5 PPR – don’t think I can wait for Lockett but my other options are not very good. Going to play either Theilen or Osborn on Monday as my WR1 but for my WR2 my options are Golladay, Shepard, Tyler Boyd or do I pick up Albert Wilson? Any body else worth considering over these guys. Thinking Boyd!

    1. God I hate Boyd right now but I don’t want to play any Giants. CAn you pick up Gabriel Davis or maybe like Braxton Berrios? This all feels very gross. Maybe Albert Wilson is better than Berrios. Wish you the best man, hope you can take down a wild card win with some Trashman gold.

  6. Michael Carter, Penny, or Edmonds PPR?

    1. I think I go Penny but damn that is hard. Good luck

  7. Ppr Pick 2. Michael Gallop , Gabriel Davis, javonte Willams, and Donte Foreman

    1. Javonte and D’Onta for me, good luck this weekend

  8. Need 2 of following

    Chase Edmonds ( I was hoping Connor would sit)
    Miles Sanders (they have all the backs back to confuse things)
    Craig Reynolds ( Did well last week and will lead backfield again but it’s the Lions)

    1. I would sit Reynolds. GL to you this weekend

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