PRO VEGAS TOOL – Week 6 DraftKings Flex Plays Based on Vegas Player Props

alex bylineHere is a tool you can use in your Week 6 DFS research. We’ve aggregated all the open NFL player props available to us to identify how Vegas sees the fantasy production occurring in this second round of the playoffs.

By gathering the Las Vegas over/unders on receptions, rushing and receiving yards, we can compare the projected output to the DraftKings pricing as a tool in gauging the value of players while setting our DraftKings lineups.

We can, of course, also use it as a tool in making decisions for our playoff-only leagues or for DFS use on other sites than DK.


– This is not a comprehensive list of all players, but we do our best to find as many props as we can across dozens of different sports books. Players will be added into the spreadsheet as the bookmakers get them to us through Saturday evenings in-season and later in the week during the playoffs. Please check back leading into lineup lock if you don’t see a player you’re interested in listed on the sheet.

Due to the fact that we pull props from numerous sources both online and private, sometimes props between books and line-makers can differ, especially when getting them early. If we notice a major difference between two reputable books, we’ll update the sheet to use the average of the two props given while accounting for juice.

– These are not RW official projections, but rather, an additional tool to aid our members in decision making.

– This is not the RosterWatch DFS Cheat Sheet. Cheat Sheets can be downloaded here once available.

– Players with no over/under receptions props available have been supplemented with implied associated stats based on season averages and/or recent trends.

– The “Bonus” column is indicative of the three-point bonus received on DraftKings for rushing or receiving for 100 yards. Players with organic production projected by the bookmakers at 89.5 yards (rushing or receiving – not combined) or over receive three points, 79.5-89.5 receive two points, 69.5-79.5 receive one point.

Click here to go the shared spreadsheet (PRO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO ACCESS)


  1. Trade PPR

    Giving : Aaron Jones
    Getting : L. Miller

    I Have Foreman and he has Montgomery. Which back field do you prefer?

  2. Post By Byron Lambert

    HOU side of things prob a bit more solid. Very, very close.

  3. Let me tell the Nation how I grabbed my league by the peanuts. Through maniacal trades and sneaky pickups, I turned Davante Adams into Julio Jones. Last week I shipped Adams and Martavis for a bye low Dez (with the advice of the tradecast). Some may say I got swindled but these were my 3rd and 4th wr. Opened a roster spot to pick up a one Jerrick McKinnon (truther). This week I trade Dez and McKinnon for the sickest post bye Julio Jones. Opens a roster spot up to pick up Semaje Perine. Today I get back the Alien Martavis for Semaje. Didn’t use one faabuck. Turning lemons into fantasy gold lemonade. Couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends at rosterwatch. The sweetest cheap cup of coffee I ever tasted.

    1. what a vast set of swindles resulting in a maniacal trade victory. excellent work brother.

  4. Post By

    Btw I’m the Twitter question about Howard DeMarco and Allen. Forgot to say I was a pro member. Thanks again

  5. Post By

    I am Legend. Record 2-3. Full point PPR

    What about dropping Tyrell Williams and picking up Mike Williams today as free agent? It would require me to insert Cooper Kupp as WR in place of Tyrell Williams for the weekend. I am up 6 points after Thursday game going into Sunday.

    My reasoning is that if Mike Williams goes off this weekend I wound get him off Waivers.

    1. Post By

      Would not get him off waivers.

  6. I made a trade to get me some WR help. I traded A. Jeffery and L. Miller for Djax and Cooper. So now I need to see who to start. We start 2 RB, 2WR, TE and 2 flex. I was looking to start Hunt and J. Allen at RB and D. Thomas and Djax at WR. So between 2 flex positions I have J. Charles, A. jones, Mixon, L. Murray, Cooper and M. Jones.


  7. pro subscriber
    4-1 Two in the Goo, 1 in the Poo
    1pt PPR: Martin or Abdullah
    Cooper or Pryor at WR

  8. 1) Start Kamara, Aaron Jones, Keenan Allen in my Flex ? (unfortunately started Funchess in one if WR spots, have Julio in the other) *Standard League*

    2) Start E. McGuire, Fuller or Tate in Flex spot ? *Standard League*

  9. Have to do this properly now:

    I am a Pro Member
    Milf Hunters 5-0
    1) Start Kamara, Aaron Jones, Keenan Allen in my Flex ? (unfortunately started Funchess in one if WR spots, have Julio in the other) *Standard League*

    2) Start E. McGuire, Fuller or Tate in Flex spot ? *Standard League*

    1. Allen

      Prob Tate. If you don’t like him, we are completely fine with Fuller.

  10. I need one Arron Jones or E Mcguire of Duke Johnson thank for the help.

    1. Duke.

  11. Post By

    While I have been playing fantasy football for over 10 years, this is my first year subscribing to Rosterwatch. I apologize for the long post, but I wanted to let you all know how glad I am to be a member of Roster Nation. I previously used Fantasy Guru and Rotoexperts. I enjoyed your Sirius XM show last year and made the determination to drop those two subscriptions to join Roster Nation. I am very glad I did!! The content is awesome and is so different from other sites. The draft sheet is ridiculous and I love the Vegas Props. By using the maniacal mythical draft sheet, I drafted Todd Gurley (not someone I was targeting), but you were all over him in your podcast so I stuck to the sheet and I am so pumped I did. I am 4-1 in a significant buy in league. I have never made the playoffs in this league, but because of Roster Nation, I have a shot.

    I lost Dalvin Cook, Sproles and Woodhead and Smallwood is injured so I need help for my 2nd RB from this sorry bunch in .5 PPR: Henry, Gallman, T. Cohen, Mack or Brieda. I understand if you need to punt this one to the Trashman. Should I drop one of these RBs for Guley’s back up?

    Also, D. Brees or Watson? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the message William. We are delighted to hear our your success, and cannot thank you enough for your support. Keep up the good work!

      – Man, a Gurley + Cook combo was going to be nasty! For this week- I’d prob roll Cohen – maybe Mack or Henry. For the rest of season- I’d prob go Gallman or Mack. Maybe, Brieda on the season if you’re a total trash man.

      -This week- I’d follow our composite QB rankings. To me, Watson seems pretty damn rock solid to me at home this week.

  12. Post By

    Hey pro member here and need help,
    Team name is Helen Kellers Ballsack. 2-3 1pt ppr. I have to start 1 flex and 1 wr out of this bunch. gillislee, Breida, Kearse, Pryor, smith-Schuster, or Ricardo louise.

    1. Pryor- WR
      Kearse or Ricardo Louis at Flex

      1. Post By


  13. Guys good morning.
    Pro subscriber here.

    Need some help
    12 ppr
    2 poss offers
    I get mixon sanders and Mariota for Lynch Landry and Wilson ( Watson is my other qb)

    1. i don’t see a clear improvement here, unless maybe you’re looking for a boost at rb.

  14. Standard league WR #3 question… D Thomas (Trashy matchup) or T Pryor (Trashy player). Which trash is prettier?

  15. PPR need 1 flex. hyde, breida, perine or pryor

  16. Full point PPR John Brown or Perine? Thanks!

  17. PPR, start WR 3 T Gabriel, M Williams or Doctson? Flex A Jones or Ajayi?

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