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PRO Week 11 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through: The BLITZ (Premium Video and Podcast)

Alex Dunlap, Derek Carty and Jordan Cooper walk through the Week 11 Main Slate on DraftKings and FanDuel.


  1. Full PPR
    2 RB, 2 WR and 1 Flex
    JT, Mixon, Ingram, Collins, CEH, Miss
    Godwin, Gallup, Bateman

    Please help

    1. JT Mixon Ingram Godwin Gallup

  2. Waiver Wire Question
    Alex Collins and Dan Arnold on Waiver right now 10 Team PPR
    My team play 2 RB 3 WR 1 Flex 1 TE
    RB: AKamara, JRobinson EMitchell MIngram AJ Dillon Clyde Edwards-hell D’onta Forman
    WR: KAllan JChase DHopkins AntonBrown Gallup
    TE: Gesicki

    Who could I drop to get ACollins right now?
    Drop someone for Arnold for upcoming FLEX consideration? Who to drop?

    1. I’d probably drop Foreman for Collins given Carson news

  3. I need one for a flex. Full point PPR
    -Miles Sanders

    1. Check Trashmans flex rankings but I’d personally go Aiyuk

  4. Ppr what are the chances saequon starts this week. We have to play a full lineup and have to make the decision to play goedert or saequon in the flex. Who should it be?

    1. As of tonight I think he’ll go but I’ll bet we get some news on that in the AM to help you w/ your decision

  5. Post By Colonel Jessup

    Ekeler, Swift Robinson and Jeff Wilson Jr. standard scoring need three. Thanks

    1. I go Ekeler Swift and JRob, but if you are worried about JRob’s health it is fine to play Wilson.

  6. Post By

    Please help Alex Need 3 of these 5. Jeff Wilson Mike Williams Antonio Gibson Mark Ingram A J Dillon

    1. Dillon Ingram Gibson for me. GL

  7. Sick run down

  8. Post By The Dirty Sanchize

    (PPR League) Need 1 WR & 1 RB:


    * RB: INGRAM or WILSON Jr ?

    1. I like Gallup and Ingram in those spots, but they are tough decisions.

  9. Did I make a big mistake? Traded Jeff Wilson away for Jamaal Williams

    How to I navigate Kyler Murray – Daniel Jones (gives me options if Murray doesn’t play), Jimmy G, Cam Newton (own CMC), Wentz. Also, thinking of Week 12 to cover Murray for the bye! Appreciate as always!

    1. I don’t think Kyler is going to play, I’d roll with Jimmy G, I like him versus the Jags.

  10. Post By

    Need QB help with Murray out
    Go with Garappolo or Daniel Jones?


    1. We have Jimmy G ranked one spot ahead. very tough choice but I hesitantly lean JG, gl.

  11. With Kamara and Cupp out I am scrambling. Standard league out of this group I need two WR two RB and one flex. Thoughts?

    Diontae Johnson, Chris Godwin, M Gallup, Golladay, AJ Dillon, Mixon, Miles Sanders.

    1. Godwin Gallup Dillon Mixon

  12. Alex, love listening to the show, we gotta get you better wifi!

    1. Thanks, it is not the wifi it’s my damn codec that might be fried, it is getting fixed or replaced etc. Monday. Appreciate your patience, we thought we had it fixed coming into this weekend’s shows but nope.

  13. A Ekeler or Dillion 2pt Ppr big week playoffs are on the line. Please advise

    1. We have them projected both for around 19.5 points in PPR so in 2PT PPR maybe I would go with Ekeler, but it truly is a toss up. I think I roll with my stud in Ekeler, hope you pull it out.

  14. PPR flex pick 1
    Darrel Williams, Theilen, Gallup.

    PPR WR pick 2
    Corey Davis, Bateman, Gallup

    1. Thielen Gallup for me.

  15. Mike Williams or K Toney ?

    1. Williams for me, but tough choice

  16. Pittman @ Buffalo or Jeff Wilson @ JAX? Full PPR.

  17. With Lamar Jackson out & CEH back, do I start Rashod Bateman or Darrel Williams in ppr?

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