RWi Week 11 RB Touchdown Dependency Ratios

Week 11 RB Touchdown Dependency Ratios
Byron Lambert,

By now, you know what they are. So, without further ado here they are. Two charts as usual. One sorted by total points on the season. One by ascending dependency ratios. Oh, and I threw in average points on the season. I think we’ll keep that for some context.

+ Chart 1 – I highlighted players in red that were pretty far off the average for one reason or another. Same as usual, Arian Foster is a freak and his ratio is not be discussed.

+ Chart 2 – The pocket for value relative to base production is right in the Chris Johnson – Adrian Peterson range. This group of studs is in green and what a group it is. Productive, high upside guys, that have a bright future this season.

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