PRO Week 7 Touchdown Dependency Tool

Byron BylineAn old standby of RosterWatch Nation are Touchdown Dependency metrics. Every season, we begin tracking these in Week 4, and the numbers are in for Week 7. Overly touchdown-dependent players offer unsustainable and unpredictable long-term production. These players are good candidates to sell high on in our season long leagues. And, are players to consider fading in our DFS lineups on efficiency sites.

View the spreadsheet here


  1. Ppr Trade (2-4)

    Giving : Allen and snead and D. Robinson
    Getting: Dez, Lockett and jj. nelson

    Wrs: Allen, snead, m. Bryant, kupp, doctson, m. Williams, Robinson, Zay Jones

    1. Weird trade. Basically, you are getting Dez for Keenan Allen. We’d look at the upcoming schedules. We def like DEz more this week.

      1. Allen and snead for Dez basically. Dez already had his bye and his schedule looks easy for multiple weeks.


        1. Snead doesn’t move my needle.

        2. Allen has a slight advantage in post-season schedule (after week 13). fyi

  2. Thoughts on whether Leo F will play tomorrow?

  3. Questionable tag- I think he plays. You obviously run risk of reduced workload.

  4. Guys- I’ll answer in here for the next hour.

  5. Drop A. Ellington for Mike Williams? PPR. Can play up to 5 WR. Have Evans, Dez, Cobb, John Brown, Doctson, Corey Davis. Collecting your RW golden children. I’d be left at RB with Freeman, McKinnon, Buck Allen, and D. Henry. Thank you!

    1. Oh God, that warms our heart. Yes, I would.

      1. Done. Consider my league f’d as of this point. The golden children shall rain fury and brimstone upon the helpless non-RW believers.

        1. This week feels like a week for the golden child Zay Jones to go off

  6. Post By

    Should I pick up Marlon Mack and cut Mike Williams? Also do you think Aaron Rodgers plays again this year? It’s a 2qb league.

    1. Probably- and no on Rodgers.

  7. Rankings have me in a weird space right now. Thankfully I had Hill and Cook play well Thursday so I feel I can be a little risky. Need 2 RBs and a Flex out of Anderson, Martin, Tevin, and Allen. I have fear of missing out on the shootout with not playing Coleman against that horrid defense. I also have Hilton but him against that Jags D is very scary so I didn’t even put him in that list. Thanks guys. Have a great show tonight and tomorrow morning!

    1. I like Tevin

      Tough calls on the other- prob Anderson and Martin. Thx for all.

  8. Post By

    Lost Rodgers. Trade kamara for cousins? Other RBs are Ingram, McKinnon, buck, Mixon, Henry. PPR.

    1. Prob not, if Ingram goes down Kamara would be a sick freak. Who is on your wire?

      1. Post By

        Picked up Tyrod for this week. Carr, Dalton, and rivers are there too. Eyeing rivers for next week @ NE.

  9. Upside play Goff or Hundley? Similar Floor??

    Also are we as high one Lewis with Burkhead now in the mix?

    1. Good question. I’d think Hundley was the “upside” play. Floors- prob gotta roll Goff. Think you start Goff, here.

      Not betting farm on Lewis, like him a lot as a desperation play.

  10. Pick 1 standard scoring:

    T Coleman, D Baldwin, Kamara

    1. Baldwin or Coleman.

  11. 1. Is this the week to unleash Mixon? Need a WR, RB, and Flex. Choices are CJ Anderson, Mixon, T Coleman, Darkwa, Ivory, K Allen, Garcon, and Funchess. Half point ppr.

    1. Don’t love the matchup, but can def play him if need be. He is always a threat.

      User our rankings and TMan’s flex ranks.

      At a glance- Garcon + Mixon + Coleman or Anderson.

      1. Thanks a lot Byron, that’s the way I was leaning. I was thinking Mixon had a good matchup this week….

  12. Post By

    Mixon, Henry, or Ivory in non-PPR?

    1. If Murray sits- prob Henry. Otherwise, roll Mixon.

  13. Post By

    Which player do I cut. Breida, foreman, lat Murray?

    1. Prob Murray.

  14. When today do you think you will see props for Nfl week 7 and put them in your mixer for DK flexes? Also where do you go for Nfl props? Thanks for all your help 🙂

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob start coming in this evening.

  15. Would you flex Sanu over Mixon?

    1. Don’t see Sanu on Trashman flex list

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      No, that sounds cockamamie.

  16. Lost Arod at QB and now I’m scrambling. “We’re on to Streaming QBs”

    Standard League. 4 points per Passing TD. 1 point per 25 pass yards.
    Start Brissett or Siemian this week?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Haha- ok Belirshnx!

      Prob Siemian.

      1. Thanks. I like it, Belirshnx.

  17. Need one for my FLEX (PPR): Tevin Coleman, Buck Allen & Derrick Henry are all about even (rankings are all close). Tevin has the best match up though. Or do I roll Chris Ivory if Fournette is a scratch? Thanks.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If DeMarco sits- I’d roll Henry or maybe Ivory if Fournette sits. ( I think LF will play, even if limited)

      Really like Coleman this week, but not over a full blown starter. Prob chill out on Buck this week.

  18. Any chance Treadwell finally amounts to anything with another run as the #2 guy and who to flex in a ppr between him Mack, Lewis, and Collins.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      A chance about as big as my, well you know……not very big.

      Crazy close call- prob Lewis.

  19. If Fournette doesn’t go, where do you have Ivory? Drop Mack for him? And Corey Davis is available, is it worth dropping Martavis or ESanders? Thanks! You guys rock

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would be a high end RB2 or low end RB1. Close call, I’d prob drop Martavis if I could afford the stash. Very close, though- Martavis could start going off any minute. I trust Davis more, though.

  20. Which DEF do I play between Rams vs. ARI or Saints @GB, in a league with these scoring settings:

    Points Allowed 0 points: 25
    Points Allowed 1-6 points: 20
    Points Allowed 7-13 points: 15
    Points Allowed 14-20 points: 10
    Points Allowed 21-27 points: 0
    Points Allowed 28-34 points: -3
    Points Allowed 35+ points: -7
    Sack: 1
    Interception: 3
    Fumble Recovery: 2
    Touchdown: 6
    Safety: 2
    Block Kick: 0
    Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6
    Extra Point Returned: 2

    1. Saints is a sharp pick. Been playing well and rookie qb to go with new tackles. Could do worse.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Crazy close- I’m interested in both this week. Maybe a slight edge to NO, when I split the hairs.

      1. Thanks guys!

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          See what Vegas thinks on the matchup tool.

          1. Post By renourka

            I did already and they’re both super close! Probably gonna grab the Saints since the Rams have a BYE next week anyway, and this dumb league limit us to 4 adds every week.

  21. One league,PPR: Need a flex between D.Henry, K. Allen, or Mixon

    Another league, Standard: Need a flex between: D.Henry, K. Allen, or T. Coleman.

    Also thoughts on K. Allen and Demarco Murray. Think either will play?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob Henry if Murray sits. Otherwise- Mixon is the solid play here. Can live with Mixon either way.

      Henry if Murray is out- Coleman otherwise

      Will just have to monitor. If they are ruled out it just makes your life easier.

  22. Oh also I’m debating between the Rams vs ARI and the Bills vs. TB in another league. I know you have the Bills ranked higher but it sounds like Winston is starting now so does that change anything?

    1. Also who do you think will be the primary beneficiary of seeing the most of Bethel,Kupp or Woods?

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Maybe Woods.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      I like BUF

  23. Post By Byron Lambert

    Thx guys, it was fun. Best wishes this week.

    1. Thank you.

    2. Thanks Byron!

    3. Man I hate when I miss these hours! Big missed field goal. Hook em horns

  24. Bone Daddy

    I made a trade to help my WR depth. I moved Jeffery/Miller for D-Jax and Cooper. I have already played both Hunt and Cooper this week so I started out good. I was thinking that I would start D. Thomas and A. Jones as my other WR & RB. Who would you start in the 2 Flex positions

    D. Murray
    Buc Allen
    D. Thomas
    A. Jones

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Mixon + Ivory (if Fournette sits) – if not – then Mixon + DJax probably.

      1. Thanks as always

  25. One more please sir: Gore, B. Allen, or A. Collins at RB2 in a PPR

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Jeez – that’s Trashy. I’d roll with Trashman’s flex ranks on that one. He’s an expert in the smut.

  26. Post By

    if you guys get to this by the start of games tommorow i need 3 of these guys in a standard league. 1 has to be a wr. t.coleman, d.henry, kamara, k.allen, r.woods, c.ivory, m.bryant, j.doctson. pro subscriber. thanks!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I like Coleman, Henry (if Murray sits-if not maybe go Ivory if Fournette sits- but I don’t think he will) + I’d say if Keenan is a go- you have to roll him at home. If not- the Trashman feels very trashy bout Robert Woods right now.

  27. Send Keenan Allen and CJA for Jordan Howard 1PPR?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Wish it was standard- we would say definitely. Depends on the current construction of your roster in PPR.

      1. The draft and WW cheatsheets have me stacked, to be honest. I’m really just looking to tinker and upgrade my RB corps: CJA, Ingram, Mixon, and Mack.

      2. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Looking forward to 3 hours of radio gold tonight.

  28. Post By Byron Lambert

    Prepping to go on-air now, thanks folks!

  29. Post By SullyFromHouston

    Ok Fellas I need some help. 14 team ppr, 5-1. Do I trade Jimmy Graham for Ty Montgomery? Having trouble deciding ? Team below. Thanks,
    Jimmy Graham
    j. matthews
    mike williams
    corey davis

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close call, maybe so if you want / need an RB- will answer on air.

  30. Rivers or Dalton?
    1 PPR Derrick Henry or TY Hilton?
    1 PPR Derrick Henry or Funchess?

    Thanks guys.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      See our QB rankings- will try to discuss DH in a second on the show

  31. flex full pt ppr:buck Allen, John brown, m bryant or derrick Henry if (Murray out)?

    I may have to play brown in Keenan allens spot as he’s questionable game time call, so it’d be between the others if so. Sorry my flex spot players are always bunched together in rankings and in Trashmans rankings.

  32. Full point ppr need flex from: Blount, Doug Martin, kupp, agholor? Trashmans flex ranks have Martin higher but I don’t see it that way going on road vs bills def. I am Leaning Blount

  33. need 2 of 3 for wr full pt ppr and took a 0 due to Mr Skittles being ejected: m bryant, doctson, or kupp?

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