PRO Week 8 Touchdown Dependency Tool

Byron BylineAn old standby of RosterWatch Nation are Touchdown Dependency metrics. Every season, we begin tracking these in Week 4, and the numbers are in for Week 8. Overly touchdown-dependent players offer unsustainable and unpredictable long-term production. These players are good candidates to sell high on in our season long leagues. And, are players to consider fading in our DFS lineups on efficiency sites.

View the spreadsheet here


  1. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    Do we like dropping golloday for John Ross? Other WRs are AB Julio Allen Jeffery and c Davis. Looking forward to the show soon

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close, call – but yeah we prob would

  2. J Ross, P Richardson, and M Williams are available. Should I drop McFadden, Martavis or both to pick up someone off waiver wire?

    How do you rankings the prospects?

    Thanks for all you guys do.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yep- if we needed a play this wk- we’d roll PRich. But, as pure stash- we’d grab Ross and Williams

  3. DeDe is also available.

  4. Need 1 PPR. Mckinnion, sanu, Or White

  5. Post By yeagermeister

    Full pt ppr, need 2 rb n flex: Freeman hunt mixon cmc ty hill Doug Martin. Jameis or cam at qb?

    1. freeman, hunt, hill, cam

  6. Post By yeagermeister

    Qb: rivers or wentz

    1. Post By


      1. Post By

        Care to make a wager Trash??? lol

  7. Watson or McCown?

  8. Prescott or Stafford?

  9. Post By

    16 team bye week blues. Gillislee, Booker, or Foreman. PPR

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