RosterWatch Goal-Line and End Zone Targets Report: Week 8

alex bylineHere you can find a new tool we’ve added for the 2017 season. Each week, we will maniacally go through the All-22 tape on NFL Game Pass and chronicle every time a player is targeted in the end zone. Red-Zone targets are a nice statistic, but are not as telling as being targeted in the actual end zone which is clearly a much higher expected-value event. We could not find this statistic available publicly anywhere else, so our solution was to do it for ourselves and for RosterWatch Nation. We hope the database, which will be updated on Thursdays weekly through Week 15, is one you find useful in making your critical sit/start decisions or in projecting player performance moving forward while gauging value for trades.

A few notes:

– RosterWatch considers an end-zone target a target where the player is targeted either in the end zone, or where a reception occurs as a player is entering the end zone. For example, if Corey Coleman leaps in the air from the 3-yard-line and makes a catch in the air outside of the end zone but lands in the end zone, we count those as end zone targets. A goal-line target is one where the player catches a pass inside the one yard line on plays designed to get him in the end zone.

– RosterWatch considers all end-zone and goal-line targets to count even if the play is nullified by penalty. For example, if Rob Gronkowksi is targeted in the end zone and the defender is called for pass interference giving New England a new set of downs at the one-yard line, the end-zone target will still be counted. This is also the case if the play were to be called back due to holding by an offensive lineman or any other penalty. As long as the play was live when the end-zone target occurred, it will be counted.

– RosterWatch does not award end-zone targets to players closest to the ball when a QB clearly is throwing away a football out of the back of the end-zone.

– RosterWatch counts all end-zone targets, including those on two-point conversions. For example, if Alshon Jeffery catches a pass in the end zone for a two-point conversion, he’ll still be awarded a red-zone target. NOT ALL TDs CAUGHT BY A PLAYER WILL BE CHRONICLED IN THE TOOL. For example, if Amari Cooper catches a ball at the 20 yard line and runs it in, it will not be listed. The only TDs listed in the tool are those that occur as a result of end-zone or goal-line targets.



  1. McKinnon, Sanu, or white? PPR need 1

  2. Post By Byron Lambert


  3. Post By yeagermeister

    Full pt ppr: Freeman hunt mixon cmc ty hill Doug Martin? Jameis or cam at qb?

    Rivers or wentz?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Rivers is the safe option if the weather turns ugly tomorrow AM. Keep an eye on it.

  4. Post By yeagermeister

    Full pt ppr: foreman, Charles, deandre Washington? If not foreman I’d have to drop him kupp, d Henry or Marty b for Charles or Washington?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Drop MB

  5. 1/2 pt PPR. Who would you use, Doctson or DHopkins

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hopkins, assuming he plays.

  6. 1/2 pt PPR. Who would you use in the flex: Blount or Tevin Coleman?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  7. Post By yeagermeister

    Rivers or wentz?

    Jameis or Cam?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert



      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Actually- go Cam.

  8. Post By

    Super flex
    Cj Beathard or Mike Thomas

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


      1. Post By

        Great thanks

  9. I’m trying to get Bell. Is McCoy & Jeffery a fare offer?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes- if you can pull that off- it would be awesome!

  10. So I have tyrod/McCoy and I have Watson/fuller. Fuller is basically my WR2 since I have Doctson, Parker, Davis, and then my WR1 mike Evans. Is Tyrod really that much better this week than Watson? In your updated rankings they are almost the same and we know Tryod’s ceiling is what 22 points as compared to 35 for Watson? What do you guys think the better stack would be?

  11. Byron:need one in PPR(1pt)
    C Thompson
    Doug Martin
    Marlon Mack

    Should I worry about Hopkins tomorrow? Doctson on the bench

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob Martin, maybe McKinnon.

  12. Need to sit 1 for a 4-3 team’ full point PPR: D Hopkins, D Thomas, M Thomas, or K Allen? Thanks, and good show tonight!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d sit DT. Can’t trust him. If he goes off, so be it. Your other options are better.

  13. Post By yeagermeister

    Rivers or wentz?

    1. Post By yeagermeister

      Never mind I saw you answered above sorry I
      Getting old and haven’t had enough wild turkey tonight!

  14. Post By Robert Braswell

    In a full point ppr do I start douggy martin or kamara and in the flex mixon ,algohlor or kamara if I plug doug inti the rb spot next to Bell…Thanks


    mixon,martin,gurley(bye),Doctson and Juju-bench

  15. 12 team .5 PPR
    Should I Trade Ezekiel for Antonio Brown? I have CJ Anderson, Melvin Gordon, D Henry, Darkwa and J Allen.
    My receivers are Pierre G, Agholor, Chris Davis, Doctson and Sterling S.

    1. yes, if that’s the offer

  16. Need 1 Wr and 1 flex
    Crabtree, Dez, Mixon, Agholor,

  17. Need a flex, half point ppr. CJA, Funchess, Garcon, T Coleman, or Brate.

  18. 1 PPR. Fowler or Lafell?

  19. Post By

    1 point ppr.. flex need… diggs or D Thomas ??

  20. Post By

    Full PT PPR: I need some serious help. Pick your poison! I love your show! You guys helped me in week three and it was a God send. I am 5-2 playing the #2 guy in the league and I want to leave no doubt that this is MY league!
    Core group of WR:
    D. Hopkins
    T. Hill
    C. Hogan
    D. Thomas
    A. Thielen
    RB Howard or Kamara! HELP

  21. Post By

    need start one. PPR. Doctson, Pryor, or John Ross?

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