PRO Week 9 Touchdown Dependency Tool

Byron BylineAn old standby of RosterWatch Nation are Touchdown Dependency metrics. Every season, we begin tracking these in Week 4, and the numbers are in for Week 9. Overly touchdown-dependent players offer unsustainable and unpredictable long-term production. These players are good candidates to sell high on in our season long leagues. And, are players to consider fading in our DFS lineups on efficiency sites.

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    Byron Alex or Trashman…. Got a trade question if you guys could get back to me when you get a chance I’d greatly appreciate it. You guys haven’t let me down yet this season
    Standard Scoring 12 man
    Record 6-2
    QB: Russell Wilson
    RB: Doug Martin, Alvin Kamara, Buck Allen, Danny Woodhead, Rod Smith
    WR: Mike Evans, Micheal Thomas, Doug Baldwin, Keenan Allen, Corey Davis, Josh Doctson
    TE: Travis Kelce

    So a guy in my league has Carlos Hyde and Mark Ingram as his running backs. He wants to move one of them for a wide receiver (Prolly gonna have to give him buck allen maybe danny woodhead as well…. no teams in my league are really loaded at RB so its tough to make trades for them)

    How do you guys feel about an ingram kamara stack? think it could work? or should i keep kamara and go for hyde ( also make him give me brieda)

    Basically I’m just trying to figure out how to go about this… Doug and keenan for ingram? or Evans or Thomas with buck allen and danny woodhead for ingram? what do you guys think is the best way to go about it?

    Sorry this wasn’t the most concise but this trade could really help me win my league. any feedback is appreciated. thanks guys

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      obviously wouldnt trade evans I dont want thomas kamara and ingram thats just ridiculous lol

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        1. Micheal thomas and keenan allen for ingram?

        2. Micheal thomas buck allen and danny woodhead for ingram? would you do both which one is better? you can scratch the other trades i mentioned

        Sorry guys this thread got a little out off hand got a little too excited I’ve been trying to get another solid RB for like 4 weeks now lol

        1. I wouldn’t make any of those trades, we don’t want Ingram and Kamara on the same team and Allen + MT and stuff like that is ludicrous. If you want to move those guys, look to another owner who has a player besides Ingram and/or Hyde

  2. Guys,

    Cockamamie scoring. 1pt/10 yds, 10 pt TD. 10 pt bonus at 100 yds

    T Ginn or P Rich??

    Love the show – Love the site


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