When Push Comes To Shove

2011 Fantasy Football Draft: WR Flexibility

While I think all positions in a twelve team draft are littered with depth questions this year, I do believe the WR group is shallow up-top while strong through a deep second tier. Although there is a complete drop off in talent after round six or seven; rounds four through eight look very strong for WR.

If the way your league is designed, the way your draft falls to you, or your own strategy dictates favoring the QB ad RB position then this second tier WR depth is a good thing for your team. Of course I would always love to find a way to work a #1 WR stud in to the equation, but I do think WR is the one position you can get away with starting a couple of high end number two’s. (Especially if you have a few number twos in your stable who have upside for #1 type value.) This is primarily due to the inconsistency of the position in general.

If you employ this strategy so you can lock down RB and QB early in your 2011 fantasy draft, it will dictate that you go on a big WR run in rounds four through eight. This will help ensure you hit on a couple of those number twos and are loaded enough to patch any potential issues. I do still recommend to draft your best starting roster in the first seven to eight rounds this year and this strategy will still allow you do that.

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