Charting the WR Waters

With 2011 Fantasy Football WRs, the buck stops at 22.Fantasy Football Drafts take preparation. After you go through enough of these mock drafts and projections, you start to get a lay for the land. Just like a fisherman, we know where the drop offs happen in the draft. Where the water gets a little deeper and starts cooling off the big action from the surface. The good news is your league mates have to navigate the same waters in search of their fantasy fortune, too. Some will get stuck bad, I guarantee you.

There is a small drop after the 6th WR goes off the board. This isn’t danger territory yet. Picture it like that first drop off when you walk out into the ocean. You’re waist deep at this point. Those 6 elite WRs are: Calvin Johnson (DET), Andre Johnson (HOU), Larry Fitzgerald (ARI), Hakeem Nicks (NYG), Roddy White (ATL) and Vincent Jackson (SD).

There are still many high quality receivers left, but the 6 listed are usually gone by the end of Round 2. So, if you want a true “elite” Fantasy Football WR in 2011, you’ll have to use one of your first two picks on them.

Let’s talk about the next drop off- The big one. This one comes after all your “#1” WRs are generally off the board. Many solid slot guy/”#2”/Z-receivers are off the board as well. Basically any WR who can realistically and honestly project as having Top 10 fantasy production is now gone. After this drop off, at WR22 going into WR23- you will find a player or two in the deep waters who will end up getting Top 10-12 Fantasy Football Production at the WR position. That is the nature of the game and is likely-to-certain. The problem is- you’re in too deep and you don’t have anything back near shore to anchor onto while seeing if that develops. You’d like two of these guys by the end of the 4th round in 3 WR leagues, but whatever you do- make sure you have AT LEAST one of these anchors in back closer to shore before venturing off into the deep like one of those fat little seals on Shark Week.

Check my updated rankings to see where the drop happens (I’ll say this- Austin Collie woke up from his last concussion at spot #1 in the deep end til proven he can stay healthy.)

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