Byron Lambert’s Week 8 TradeCast

Byron Lambert gives his weekly thoughts on the trade market in fantasy football and advises users on who they should be targeting and looking to deal in trades while lending game-theory expertise.

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  1. PPR got offered David Johnson and Brandon cooks for Adam thielan and frank gore? Do I do it

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If you can start both of those guys without kicking a stud to your bench, yes you should

  2. Qb- Watson and Kirk
    RB-Gurley, Mixon, Crowell, and Ekeler
    WR-Nuk, Davante, Babytron, Kirk, Alshon, ARob
    TE-Njoku and Burton

    Any changes I shoukd make via waiver or anyone you would try to ship off via trade?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Solid roster, don’t think so. Might try to sell high on Crowell w/ the Powell news

      1. What kind of player should i be targeting in exchange for Crowell?

  3. 12 team PPR (4-3)
    2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX

    WRs: AB, K. Allen, Gordon, Goodwin, Tre’Quan Smith
    RBs: Kerryon, Mack, Collins, Crowell, Buck Allen, Ito Smith, Freeman
    TE: McDonald

    Got offered Kittle and Crabtree for Keenan Allen… or

    Kittle, Chubb, and Crab for Keenan Allen, Collins, and Buck Allen?

    Take either of those deals?

    Other team:
    WRs: Cooks, Crabtree, Marvin Jones
    RBs: Connor, Chubb, McCoy, Bell, Hyde
    TE: Kelce, Kittle

    If not, I also have a team willing to trade me Jared Cook but wants a RB. Which RB would you trade straight up for him, if any?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If I was going to do it, I’d do the 2nd deal where u also get Chubb

      Don’t think you have to do this deal, I’d like to see Vance for one more wk before giving up keenan to try and get Kittle

  4. 12 team half-PPR (3-4)
    2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX

    WRs: Gordon, Kirk, K. Allen, Kupp
    RBs: Mixon, Kerryon, Howard, Zeke, Drake, Buck Allen
    TE: Cook

    1) So with Keenan Allen on bye and Kupp still out, I’ve targeted a 2-5 team who I think could use some of my RB depth. He’s got Lynch on IR, and Coleman and Lewis on bye so who would you go after WR-wise? Is Howard and Drake too much of a low ball for OBJ? Any ideas would help immensely!

    Other team:
    WRs: OBJ, Woods, Edelman, Hilton, Baldwin
    RBs: Coleman, Lewis, Lynch, Riddick, Crowell

    2) Second question (same league) I was just offered Engram and Lockett for my Drake?

    Other team:
    WRs: Thielen, Adams, Fuller, Ridley, Lockett, Westbrook
    RBs: Kamara, Jusczcyk
    TE: Burton, Engram

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      1. It’s rich, but we would do that for Odell given ur roster

      2. Just don’t think you need Engram

  5. Standard

    Trade Howard straight up for Fournette?

    Other RBs: Kamara, Chubb, Kerryon, Howard

    Or would you rather chase a Mixon?

    If so , with what RBs would you offer?

    I also have : Odell, Davante Adams, and Juju as WR

  6. Post By Byron Lambert


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Happy to land either, LF shld be cheaper

  7. The full point ppr league I’m in has a cap of 4 RBs. I have Mixon, Connor, Barkley, D Lewis. With Barkley and Mixon on bye week 9 would you rather play Dion Lewis against Dallas or I could pickup D Martin or Mostert ? Undertakers 5-2

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob Martin

  8. Team Name – Godd Turley II Record – 5-2

    Pick 2 – Drake, Edelman, Ingram?

    Thanks Fellas!

  9. Post By

    Standard scoring and my team is 5-2, team name Marshawn of the Dead. I am running thin at RB but I have some depth at WR. I am looking to make a trade with a 2-5 team that has some RB depth but is weak at WR. My roster is as follows:

    RB: L. Miller, C. Carson, E. Elliot, L. McCoy, F. Gore, M. Lynch on IR of course

    WR: M. Thomas, E. Sanders, John Brown, A. Cooper, C. Ridley, J. Edelman

    The guy I am looking to trade with has Barkley, McCaffrey, Peterson, Mack, and Ivory. He tossed out Thomas for Peterson and I said no, but then said maybe for McCaffrey. McCaffrey has a nice schedule the rest of the way but I feel I may be giving up too much. Please comment on current offer and if you agree then what should I offer instead?

    Thank you!

    1. yeah, probably too much. i’d offer cooper and edelman

  10. Post By

    Should I start Amemdola or Fuller?

  11. What are we doing with Carlos Hyde? I can’t be the only one in Rosterwatch nation that has him everywhere.

  12. Ppr 7-7 joker dynasty
    I’ve been offered Corey Davis for Calvin Ridley who you like better long term

  13. I have Jakeem Grant in a league where return yards have the same value as receiving yards, so he’s had some huge weeks. With the dolphins being down two receivers this week should I start him over Josh Gordon?

  14. I get Keenan Allen and Chubb, 10th Rounder, send Lamar Miller and Tyler Lockette and my 1st rounder, 1 player keeper, PPR

  15. 12 team half-PPR (3-4)
    2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX

    WRs: Gordon, Kirk, K. Allen, Kupp
    RBs: Mixon, Kerryon, Howard, Zeke, Drake, Buck Allen
    TE: Cook

    Tradecast inspired me to go after after Diggs from the other 3-4 team below:

    Other team:
    WRs: Diggs, Evans, Sanders, Allison, Godwin
    RBs: DJ, Carson, Michel, Clement, Barner
    TE: Njoku

    Other team says he’s interested Zeke, Mixon, Kerryon and MAYBE Howard. Originally I got offered Evans, Michel and Barner for Zeke and Kupp so looking for help on a few counter offers I could send? I know Michel was a buy low but I think I need the WR boost with Allen on bye and Kupp still out. I know I should consolidate my RB depth and Drake and Howard are my ideal sells but honestly no one is biting on Drake… Who is the most you’d give up for Diggs or even Evans?

  16. I’m relatively thin at RB: Gurley, Mixon, Duke Johnson. Should I trade Edelman + Luck for Alex Collins + Goodwin. I have Mahomes, Landry, Allen, Woods, Godwin.

    If not, what RB should I target with Edelman + Luck.

    1. that’s fair, but it’s not very appealing if this is a ppr

  17. Post By

    10 team standard league need to pick up a QB for this week only and Trubisky and Wentz were dropped this week. Who do I target for this week?

  18. Post By

    Hey guys, 10 team full point PPR, I’m currently in 2nd place at 5-2 Who would you start in flex position out of CMC, Cobb, Tate, and J Brown, leaning toward CMC. thanks for the help.

  19. Made a few trades in 1 league last week .5ppr. Traded away Bell for OBJ, Edelman/Rudolph and got David Johnson.

    Now, .5ppr, I traded away Lamar Miller for Keenan Allen. Now I need some RB help. My RBs are Ingram, Ke Johnson, Collins, Yeldon. Available on WW are Duke J, I Smith, Barner, J Allen, RoJo, M Davis. Would drop a RB, C Davis, Sanu, Ebron or J Reed. Starts 2RB 2WR 2Flex. Ended up dropping C Davis for Duke Johnson. Right move or is there a better move?

  20. .5 PPR

    Start: L. Miller, K Johnson or J. Richard

  21. How do we feel about Ebron now that Doyle is expected to return (back at practice)? Would you slot Ebron down below say, Evan Engram?

  22. Post By

    Loved the TradeCast this week! But I didn’t hear you talk about Coleman or Lindsay. Would you consider them sell high guys? I use one them for my Flex Position, but should I offer one up as a Sell High? I use Conner and Mixon as my RB1’s.

  23. Post By Robert Braswell

    Good morning Rosterwatch Bros.. if you could flip Cal ridley for Jordan Howard would you do it? full pt ppr looking for rb depth to but low on . already own at wr ..Ty Hilton , juju,Gordon, Kupp…at Rb I have mixon, connor chubb, Kerryon Johnson and david Johnson who is making me nervous…Thanks guys keep it up

  24. 12 team ppr dynasty I’m being offered M. Ingram and 2019 2nd round pick for A. Robinson. I’ve got Hunt, Fornette, and Pederson after that just scrubs. I feel weak at WR Baldwin, Kupp, Agalohr, Beasly, Ross, Miller & Robinson. I think Ingram would be a good flex/fill in, and might be in a better spot next year but, A.Rob is a beast in an ascending offense. Should I do this trade?

    1. Also, I’m 3-4.

    2. i would unless you feel like this might be a lost season. i don’t love that wr corps right now

  25. I have a very good problem. But I need some help at the moment. PPR- I have matt ryan byeweek of course but I have brees. I have hunt, connor,cohen,chubb,hyde, ekeler, WR-hill,juju,diggs,sanders. te graham,njoku. Who the hell do I start. im 6-1 i messed up the first week. But its tough knowing which way to go with the rosterwatch draft class!

    1. what and how many are your open positions?

      1. Post By AllabouttheTD

        2wr 2 rb 1 flex which can be wr.rb.te trashman it’s struggle each week thanks to your draft cheatsheet!

  26. Just got offered Gurley & Sanu for Zeke, Chubb, & Alshon Jeffrey. Should I pull the trigger or no? 10 man PPR league & I’d still have David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Dalvin Cook & Aaron Jones at Rb and that would leave me with M. Evans, JuJu, E. Sanders, & W. Fuller @ WR.

    1. i’d need an upgrade from sanu.

  27. .5 PPR, 1 pt / 7 yards receiving
    5-2, 3rd place, 10 team

    RB – need 1
    Lindsay, Kerryon, L. Miller
    FLEX – need 1
    T.Y., Geronimo, John Brown, RBs that didn’t make choice #1

  28. Byron/Alex: 1pt ppr
    I have Kamara, Mixon, David Johnson and Cook. Who should I trade and who should I target at WR?? My WR’s are: Davante Adams, Tyler Boyd, Tyler Lockett and Marquise Goodwin. QB’s are a Wilson and Mayfield

  29. Post By

    10 team standard league need to pick up a QB for this week only and Trubisky and Wentz are available. Who do I target?

  30. Post By Electricwessel

    Need a WR and Flex Golladay, Gordon and Drake standard scoring

  31. Post By

    Who has better stock ROS in standard? Pick 2 Anthony Miller, martavis, Djax, goodwin?

  32. Post By

    Winston Or roethlisberger this week?

  33. .5 ppr

    Trade Ingram for Bell?

    My other RBs: Gurley, Ingram, Chubb, Kerryon, Drake , Shady

    1. you’re deep enough to do it. it’s worth the risk

  34. Post By

    Ebron or Cook
    Goff or Wentz

  35. Got a trade offer to give up Juju for Aaron Rogers and Jakeem Grant? My other WRs: E. Sanders, G. Tate and Amari Cooper. Thank you

    1. i would not, unless your qb is terrible

      1. I’m actually good at QB (Matt Ryan) Thank you

  36. Post By AllabouttheTD

    2wr 2 rb 1 flex which can be wr.rb.te trashman it’s struggle each week thanks to your draft cheatsheet!

    1. it’s never easy TD

  37. Half PPR trade question. I was offered Ertz and Aaron Jones for David Johnson. My other RBs are Mixon, Chubb, R. Freeman, I. Smith, Geo, and Mostert. Other owner has Zeke, C. Thompson, Golladay, Boyd, Edelman, and John Brown. Anything there worth exploring and sit tight?

    1. i’d sit tight unless you’re losing games

  38. Post By

    Full point PPR. Trade away K Drake and J Gordon for K Allen?

  39. Non PPR. Got offered James Conner and Zach Ertz for Gurley. Leaning no but my TE is Rudolph and I have Crowell, Howard, Lewis and Allen.

  40. Post By

    I got offered A. Brown and J. Mixon for McCaffery and G. Tate …. 10 team Full point PPR all 4 of his Rb’s have a bye on week 9

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Oh God, if I was getting AB + Mixon – I’d instacall

  41. Post By

    Highest WR value rest of year 1/2 PPR?
    Tre’Quan, Ty Williams, Agholor, Marquis Goodwin, Corey Davis

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close call, guy Im most interested in is Tre’Quan

  42. Post By

    @RosterWatch just got a trade offer. I would be giving up Tarik Cohen and I would be getting latavius Murray and John brown. My rb are zeke and Mixon and Cohen. My wr are juju dovante and Tyler Boyd

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Alex answered this in the other thread

  43. Post By

    Trade Sanders and Miller for David Johnson?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  44. Just blew the rest of my FAAB and picked up Le’veon because someone dropped him. Now I am loaded with RB’s and will need WR help week 10 with 2 on bye and we start 3. 12 team non ppr
    QB- Brees, Winston
    RB- ingrham, Chubb, Drake, Bell, Fournette, Michel and Aaron jones
    WR- Nuk, JuJu, John brown, Corey davis
    TE- Kittle
    Who should I look to trade away and who should I target? Sitting at 3-4 fighting for the playoffs.

  45. Post By

    Opposing team is considering trading Elliot . Wants WR1 and flex Rb. I have Hopkins , J brown , JuJu , and Kupp. AP, Dion Lewis of my running back’s to consider trading. Lev bell Fournette Chilling in the bench. If I could make this happen. By the time my other two are healthy..( hopefully Justin time to have me clinch playoff ) could possibly be an unstoppable force. Should I go for the trade? And if so who should I offer

  46. Trade away Tevin Coleman and Tarik Cohen to get Jordan Howard and Ito Smith?

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