Byron Lambert’s Week 9 TradeCast

Byron Lambert gives his weekly thoughts on the trade market in fantasy football and advises users on who they should be targeting and looking to deal in trades while lending game-theory expertise.

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    Just on outside chance that both Melvin Gordon and Sony Michel both sit (have Fournette and Yeldon on bye) which FA RB would you take a chance with for a spot start: Theo Riddick @ MIN, Ito Smith @WAS, Devontae Booker vs HOU, Mike Davis vs LAC or Trenton Cannon @ MIA? I know, dumpster diving…

    1. Prob Ito or Booker

  2. Which RB would you pick up for insurance when they come back?

    Elijah McGuire or D’onta Foreman?


    1. Insurance, meaning handcuff?

      Prob Foreman. McGuire a little higher on current WW radar.

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    Was offered either Sony Michel or dalvin cook for Aaron jones in a PPR. I would have to start the person I trade for because mixon is on bye.

    1. Prob hold AJones and play him this wk

  4. Trade crowell and burton for gronk?

    1. Think we answered this elsewhere previously- yes, probably so

      1. Sorry, did not see previous answer. Thank you!

  5. Do we expect Fournette to play after the bye and how much should we give up to get them? I am kind of in need of an RB (currently only have David Johnson, Lamar Miller, Nyheim Hines, and Ito Smith). I have a guy interested in trading Fournette or Dalvin Cook. I know he’s interested in Gronk (OJ Howard is my other TE) from my team, or I may be able to float WR his way too (my WR Roster: Michael Thomas, Wakins, Goodwin, Boyd, Godwin, Sutton).

    I was considering offering Gronk for Fournette straight up if there was high confidence that he’ll be back after the bye.


    1. Yes we expect him back. Yes we would trade Gronk for LF straight up if we had Howard. Ideally you would use some combo of: Miller, Hines, Ito, Watkins, Goodwin, Boyd, Godwin to acquire LF.

      Offer Watkins or Boyd straight upon throw in Ito or Hines if you can. Maybe Miller + Ito or Miller + Goodwin/Godwin for LF. Or OJHoward + a RB or WR

      Start low. If it results in Gronk straight up that’s fine.

      1. *straight up, or throw in…

  6. .5 ppr

    Chubb and Kerryon for Mixon? I’d be getting Mixon.

    My RBs: Gurley, Chubb, Kerryon, Ingram, Drake, McCoy.

    He countered with this after I offered Chubb and Drake.

    1. Oh I also own Fournette as well.

    2. That’s a lot to give up, don’t think so. I’d rather do Ingram + McCoy or Drake + McCoy. Might even do Ingram + Drake

  7. Post By Electricwessel

    Trade question. We have two pissed off guys in our league after we vetoed a trade they wanted to make last night. First they are both really good friends. Team one is 1-7 and was trading A Brown and Gronk to team two who is 6-2 for Cohen and Ridley. Were we wrong to shut that down?

    1. Yeah, we don’t usually subscribe to the veto system or interfering with two grown adults doing business, but this one is especially egregeous and was exactly what a veto system was designed for- to prevent collusion and to protect the integrity of the league

      1. Post By Electricwessel

        Yeah that was our thought. We don’t veto we have had a lot of trades go through but this one just seemed way too crazy.

  8. Amazing Tradecast Byron. The Peterson comment was spot on; I immediately started laughing when I saw him break loose too. Little hitch in his giddy-up but he still has it.

    More importantly lol I was able to trade the “allure of the unknown” by getting JuJu for Amari.

    Question is I have a monster trade possibly and not sure about it. Would you do my Barkley and Njoku or Doyle for his Conner/Bell combo and Zack Ertz. Non-PPR. My other Rb’s are Mixon, Chubb and Michel. Not a must win this week but at 5-3 the Bye weeks and Michel being injured are hurting me.

    Thank you so much as usual!

    1. Very nice, sir. We’ll take JuJu all day. That’s the perfect way to describe it- “hitch in his giddy-up”

      I don’t think so. In standard this is a lot closer of a call, but even there Barkley is just too reliable to ship off. Continue matchup playing your TEs, they are good. And let, SB lead you to the promise land. He looks like a league winner.

      I might counter w/ a deal involving Chubb and/or Michel

      1. Perfect. Really appreciate it. I had to strike while the iron was hot the other night and traded Hilton, Greg Olsen and Doug Martin for Chubb. I had some depth to work with and probably overpaid but your thoughts? Feel like what I gave up is not take me to the promise land material and Chubb could be! He has a nice ROS schedule. Although the Hamster did look good lol.

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    Should i move Melvin Gordon for James Conner and Son/Fournette/Hill?

    1. Yeah, I prob would. For Conner and LF if I could start them both without kicking somebody awesome to my bench

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        i have mixon, miller, collins, josh gordon, edelman as flex. FYI your info is amazing been winning most of my cash games because of you knowledge bombs!!!

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  11. Aaron Jones and Josh Gordon for David Johnson? I’m getting Johnson. 14 teamer half ppr

    QB NEwton
    RB Carson
    RB Chubb
    WR J Brown
    WR J Gordon
    TE Dickson BYE
    FLX A Jones

    D HEnry
    DJ Moore

    1. No

      1. Should have listened to the whole podcast. I also have Beckham not that it matters.

  12. You guys are fucking maniacal

  13. Trade was offered
    Trade away mike Evans for Arron Jones and Ertz

    I have sanders , Keenan Allen , juju as my wr
    And cook as te

    AP , Deion Lewis and zeke as my Rb

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Don’t think so

  14. I’m in a PPR league and own Golladay and Tate. Would you drop either of them for Marvin Jones, who is available on the waiver wire?

    I’m thinking of dropping Golladay, since I don’t want two Lion WRs on my roster.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close call, might drop Tate for Marvin and just own both Lions

  15. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Need a gutcheck validation.

    I was offered Doug Martin and Alshon Jeffrey for Joe Mixon. I would be receiving Martin and Jeffrey.

    My team:
    RB: Mixon, Zeke, Kerryon Johnson, TJ Yeldon
    WR: Josh Gordon, Golladay, Watkins, Cooper, Kirk, Sutton, Lockett

    Gut reaction is no way. Just need to know I’m not overlooking anything 🙂

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  16. I was offered Aaron Jones for Kupp….would you do that? He also has Mack or the muscle hamster. 10 team half point ppr league.

    I have
    RB – Hunt, Lindsay, Yeldon, Kerryon
    WR – AB, Evans, Kupp, Watkins, Fitz, ARob

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would rather send Watkins / Fitz / Arob + Lindsay for Ajones or MMack

      1. Ok I’ll give that a try… you have a preference of the 2?

  17. 4&4 standard 12 teamer. Had Winston/picked up Fitz. Team has been projected to win every week but underperforming a bit.
    Offered A. Rodgers and S. Michele for my Gurley.
    Would leave me with:

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hard to give up gurney. Better play- ship Howard off for a QB

  18. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    In quite a pickle this week. I’m in a 12 team league with extremely high scoring (a great week is 400-500 points). I’m currently second to last by a lot and down thousands of dollars in sidebets. I need some help. You get SIGNIFICANTLY more points for longer TDs. Here is the basic scoring you need to know:

    Receptions = 2 pts
    1-20 yd TD = 15 pts
    21-40 yd TD = 30 pts
    41-60 yd TD = 45 pts
    61-80 yd TD = 60 pts
    81+ yd TD = 75 pts

    You get 5 points for every 20 combined rushing/receiving yards, starting at 50 yards (you get 0 pts for yardage if your player doesn’t get 50 total yards).

    Having said that, this is where I need help: I have to fill ONE (1) RB slots, TWO (2) WR slots, and ONE (1) Flex spot with the following players:

    Cooper, C. Davis, Crowell, L. Miller, Goodwin, Golladay.

    Please provide some input and reasoning! Thank you!

    1. miller, golladay, cooper, davis. unless you’ve already played goodwin, this is easier for you. crowell is the sit, as he rarely catches passes, and his offense is often playing from behind so they take him out of the game to throw it up.

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    Standard scoring trade, which side

    Julio and Mark Ingram


    David Johnson and Juju

  20. Love the Tradecast Byron! Trying to collect some nuclear weapons for my team and I was thinking of offering a team that has some bye week and running back problems JuJu+Michel+Barber for AB+Dalvin. Your thoughts?

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    Sitting at 6-2 thanks to RW! Trying to make my starting lineup as nuclear as possible.

    RB: Gurley/Kerryon/DalvinCook
    WR: AB84/MThomas/AJGreen/Cupp

    just got offered David Johnson for Cupp/Kerryon. This should be an accept right?

  22. Weak at RB, I have a trade scenerio, sending out Michael Thomas and Fournette for Lindsey, Golladay and Mack. Leaving me with Manny Sanders, Robert woods and Boyd as my WRs. Im 4-4. What do ya think RW nation ?

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    Got a trade offer Hilton and njoku for gronk

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