RISERS!Watching week 2 of preseason NFL Action, 2 players stood out to me most. Two of the most unlikely people- Players that I consider “hands off” generally.

Reggie Bush- Miami Dolphins RB
I said it on the show, he looked like Gale Sayers against Carolina in Week 2 of the preseason. The plays were scripted carefully, and he looked unbelievable; Catching passes out of the backfield and running with a very NON-REGGIE-BUSH kind of fury. Most importantly, he was in for the majority of first team snaps on both running and third downs during the first quarter. Prior to the game, Miami Head Coach Tony Sparano had mentioned getting the ball into the hands of his playmakers early and often. From the start, it became obvious the “playmakers” he was talking about were Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall who basically operated the offense.
Daniel Thomas gained more yards on the ground for the evening, albeit against scrubs. He also got the early goal line carries. He’s a big bruiser, check out my “Who Is” article from last week.
Can Reggie Bush hold up as a feature back? I have my doubts. BIG doubts.

But for now, he’s moving up my board.

Brandon Jacobs- NY Giants RB
Yes I said it, Brandon Jacobs. Mr 275 pound twinkle toes. (No, I would not say that to his face) Ugh. Skeletor Coughlin seems to have a big time split up his sleeve here between Jacobs and Bradshaw. Ahmad Bradshaw may be going too high. We love him because he can go the distance from anywhere on the field at any given moment, but it seems like they’re sticking to Jacobs at the goal line and furthermore, switching series’ between the two. We’ll keep an eye on it through the preseason, but for now

Brandon Jacobs gets a bump
Ahmad Bradshaw gets a slight downgrade

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