PRO Cheat Sheet Updates and Important Special Instructions Regarding Ezekiel Elliott


EDITOR’S NOTE: With this big weekend of fantasy football drafts ahead, please rest assured that we — as always — will be diligently updating all cheat sheet products to ensure that the structure and integrity of the sheets are fully optimized to put you in position to draft an expert-quality roster while keeping a good positional balance. We can’t thank our PRO members enough for their unbelievable continued support.

For the first time ever, we’re going to need to add a caveat to the three simple rules at the top of the sheet which have, since our inception, stood totally on their own in determining how the sheet is to be used and hence creating its structure.

This is because Ezekiel Elliott is still not back with the Dallas Cowboys as of this posting on early Wednesday August 28th, and with each passing day, the likelihood that he will miss games grows greater. The hope is that, very soon, we can take this post down and not even think about it again. However, with the majority of our users having drafts in the latter part of this week, and certainly the weekend, we need to make sure that none of you are put in a position to take on any greater risk with your important early-round picks than you are comfortable with.

Here is how we need to handle Ezekiel Elliott in fantasy drafts until the point in time when he returns to team activities: (And we mean actually returning to team activities — the time is over for trusting reports from beat writers that a return is imminent or even statements made by team ownership or Zeke’s representation).

If you don’t feel comfortable taking Elliott where he is slotted on the sheet, then don’t take him.

Just move on. Your draft will still be just as viable as we have tested this method and it makes zero difference on the overall makeup of rosters outside of, of course, excluding Elliott from the player pool. Your first-round pick is a big decision, just ask those who gambled on Le’Veon Bell last season. From our side, though, to keep with the integrity of the structure, we simply can’t leave him off if we see value at a certain point while also baking in the risk associated. Elliott has moved down in the most recent updates to the sheets that will be rolled out through the day on Wednesday. With each passing day heading into the weekend, he could slide further. Rejoining the team would, of course, put him squarely back in the crosshairs as a consensus Top 4 value at the least across formats, so perhaps this window of uneasiness among the drafting masses causing him to fall in most simulations may represent a robust buying opportunity. We have to also realize that the risk may be too much for many to feel comfortable taking on.

In the meantime, if you do take Elliott, make sure you prioritize Tony Pollard later in your draft. The newest updates of the sheets are structured to point you toward drafting him when appropriate anyway, but those who do take Elliott can feel free to reach a little bit in order to handcuff the situation, whether it’s to have a player to ride for a small absence or an extended one.

Here’s hoping the situation works itself out in time for the majority of our drafts this weekend. It’s a bigger pain in our ass than it is for you because we care about so many thousands of your drafts as opposed to just our own. Have fun and rest easy knowing that the sheet is still just as magic as ever, just with one big question mark down in the Heart of Texas .. for now …

With this said, enjoy your drafts and thank you.


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market.

All sheets (Standard/.5 PPR, PPR and 2QB/Superflex) have been updated with up-to-the-minute news in mind, and may continue to be updated through the weekend depending on news. Please always make sure you have the latest version.

The Cheat Sheet is a sheet of paper you print out, then mark off names as players go off the board. A few years back, we added the online tool with functionality to be used in the same way — either on your computer or any mobile device you’d like. If you follow the three simple rules (even a toddler would have no problem understanding them), you are, as always, GUARANTEED and expert-quality draft.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the sheet.

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***The cheat sheet will be updated frequently through the NFL preseason. RosterWatch PRO users will have access to all cheat sheet updates, so PLEASE check to make sure you are using the most recently updated version before utilizing the tool in real drafts.

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  1. About to trade Cooks and Godwin for Julio, what do you think? It’s only a 2 WR 1 Flex league. I have Hill, Julio, Gordon, Hardman, Goodwin, and Free Agency.
    Receivers aren’t as valuable in 2 WR league IMO

    1. I would have* that WR group. I currently have Cooks and Godwin.

      1. that’s typically not a move I would make early in the season as you’re trying to consolidate a little later on, but you are getting the best player in the deal by a fairly substantial margin and one of the premier options at the position, so given your positional slots, I think the trade is perfectly fine.

  2. If your league gives 6 points for passing touchdown, what impact does that have on where you draft Mahomes or other top QBs? 12 team .5 PPR

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      It will not make a difference because the change is relative and impacts all qb’s.
      -Flex Shane

  3. Post By

    You guys thinking there will be an update to the standard sheet before 6pm tonight? I’m drafting from the 3 hole so don’t have to worry about Zeke, but interested to see how the rest of the sheet would shake out with an update. Thanks for all you do!

    1. yessir it’s beeen updated.

  4. Really looking for a high upside receiver in .5 ppr. You guys seem a little higher on trequan smith than many others. Is that due to potential or because of his high ceiling? Trying to decide whether to keep him and Marquise brown or just grab both Brown and Boykin to see which one emerges.

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      I like Smith… another year in the system, Bree’s number 2 WR option and just in a great offence. He had some great games last year and you have to think he will build on that.
      Love Boykin and brown but give me the guy with experience in a Drew Bree offence.
      – Flex Shane

  5. Solid work Alex, Byron, & of course, Trashman!!

    1. the Trashman never does good work! 😉

  6. Rule 4 will forever be known as the Zeke rule when used in the future! Great work & radio show guys!


    1. haha, hoping that we can just delete this post and stupid rule ASAP. It’s a giant pain.

  7. Thanks for the cheat sheet, it’s magical as always, Full pt. PPR league guys. I got Jameis in the 11th and Kyler is still available. Would you drop J. Crowder and pick up Kyler with the expectation that the air raid rains havoc? Got Hill, Cooks, A Rob, Alshon, D.J. and Corey D. as my other WR’s.

    1. I’d drop Crowder just to make sure that I have Kyler just in case.

  8. Glad to be part of the Rosterwatch Nation!
    Cheat sheet question:
    Would I use the PPR cheat sheet any differently because my 10 team league plays 3 WR
    1QB. 3WR. 2RB 1TE. 1 Flex.

    Do I bend toward WR to make sure I have enough? How many WR should I draft 5+?

    Thank you

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      most leagues rock out with the same starting line up requirements as yours, so I would imagine Alex and Byron would say to “just trust the magic that is the cheat sheet”

      Go to your host league site, to do some mock drafts
      follow the sheet and look how your team winds up if you lean wr vs if you follow the sheet true to the letter.
      then assess and decide from there, sometimes certain sites ( yahoo has gurley in the late 2nd for example) have player dropping significantly, so maybe it works out in your favor (whether that be wr or rb heavy).

  9. Just finished a 12 team PPR draft, rolled with Zeke and ended up with this team. Thoughts?

    1. Davante Adams
    2. Ezekiel Elliott
    3. Damien Williams
    4. Brandin Cooks
    5. Tyler Boyd
    6 O.J. Howard
    7. Latavius Murray
    8. Christian Kirk
    9. Kyler Murray
    10. Tony Pollard
    11. Jamison Crowder
    12. Darwin Thompson
    13. Anthony Miller
    14. Jameis Winston
    15. Titans D/ST
    16. Mike Badgley

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock


        1. Lol, thanks guys. That cheat sheet is magic.

    2. MONSTER!!!!!

  10. Post By "Dirty"(Shaunanigans1980)

    Hey yall keeper options im pick 13 of 14
    Kenny golladay rd 10
    Courtland sutton rd 12
    Joe mixon rd 1
    Amari copper rd 2

    Was leaning golladay but wanted to know what ya think

  11. Post By "Dirty"(Shaunanigans1980)

    Also you higher on dalvin cook or lev bell this year in my other league which is 10 person i get better keeper value with bell but i have concerns for him, called the jets

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      If those are your only keeper options, I am locked on golladay, and everyone else beyond Sutton seems to be poor value.

      for the 2nd question
      me, personally feel leveon is due to be hurt, no science behind it, beyond when a player sits out a year they seem more likely to get hurt, and he is aging.
      On the flip side cook isn’t the picture of health either
      I guess go with the bloke with better keeper value.

    2. a little higher on Lev, but we also love Dalvin. If you have major concerns, it is understandable.

  12. Post By

    10 team dynasty
    Trade Breida and Lesean McCoy away for AJ Green?
    We start 2 rb 4 wr and a flex.

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      That is tough man

      if you need wr help in 5 weeks – maybe
      but breida could be the best player in this mish mash

      Anyway if greens body isn’t needed on your roster, you can work a 2nd in 2020 into the deal ?

  13. Whats up I have a question on a deeper draft for some of Rosterwatch Cast Off favorite wayward sons. In a 35 Round draft when do I consider drafting Josh Doctson and Perriman

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Former Golden sent out to pasture too soon indeed
      Sigh I owned so much of these guys in dynasty 🙁

      with that said

      they’ve broken my heart for the last time !
      id rather target guys on good offenses before washingtons 5th wr

    2. I have no idea where you would target those guys. Maybe early 20s round-wise, would go with Perriman first unbelievably.

  14. Post By

    I have a question for you concerning a salary capped draft I have this weekend. I can keep Saquan Barkley, it would count as my first round pick. The salary cap is $105, he would be $38. In my opinion he would need to produce like 3 good players for that price every week. Most people in the league keep at least one player, you can keep up to 3, each keeper costs your top draft pick (keep 1 lose your 1st round, keep 2 lose first and second, keep 3 lose first second and third.) I will not know who was kept until the day of the draft, keepers are due in the day before…

    A little about the league:

    Standard league with no bonuses on yards

    Starters: QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1WR/TE, 1TE, 1K, 1Def

    You must carry 2QBs, 2Kickers, and starting this year we only have to keep 1 defense but the prices per defense were raised $5 (none are $0). There are 3 bench positions.

    I have attached the current values sheet, it is possible it may change slightly but not much by Saturday.

    My question to you is should I keep him? Each year the top RBs are usually kept unless they were on IR last year or not on a team I.E. Leveon Bell.

    Any help is appreciated!!

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      That IS a cockamamie league !
      you must carry 2 qbs even if you only start one ?


      I cant see what you attached, but it sounds like all other teams will be keeping top guys as well so you’re kinda locked in there. Only other option would be to trade for a guy who is a 1st or 2nd round talent with less keeper $ associated ( maybe chubb or conner )

  15. Post By Byron Lambert

    Thanks Baron!

  16. Post By Byron Lambert

    Guys- Just a reminder: Please upload an avatar for your profiles. Here are the very simple / quick instructions:

    Go to- and create an account, that has same email address as your RW PRO account- and then upload an avatar. It’s very easy and super quick.

    That’s it, it will all work automatically on this site from there.

    If we have to pick and choose, we’ll start answering questions from users with avatars first!

    1. Post By

      Tried, something wrong with their site… Says the URL token is expired when I try to login.

    2. Done. It’s super easy…like using the cheat sheet!

  17. Week 1 Flex Allen Robinson or Duke Johnson?

    1. we’ll start talking about these cockamamie decisions next week. Need the matchup tool, etc.

    2. Duke. He should be busy against New Orleans.

  18. I am being offered 2 trades.

    Hunter Henry and DJ Moore or
    Hunter Henry and Mike Williams

    Giving up Travis Kelce

    My wr’s are horrible: Desean Jackson, Michael Gallup, Sterling Sheppard, Cole Beasley, and Bryon’s favorite- Tyrell Williams.

    I want to accept, just wondering if I should and which version I should take?

    1. Jesus those are bad WRs. We’d probably take the deal for Henry and Moore to upgrade. Don’t want two chargers.

  19. Post By

    I am drafting Saturday and got the dreaded #4 slot. Just curious if i passed on Zeke i know the cheat sheet says take Hopkins. I am very nervous to not grab a RB in the first round as they are drying up very quickly. I debating over D.J. or Hopkins. Also if i take Hopkins should i make it a priority to stack him with Watson? TIA

    1. don’t make it a priority to stack anyone in season-long fantasy football – that is a strategy for best ball, DFS and large season-long tournaments like NFFC or SFB. IT’s fine to take DJ at 4 if you’re worried about Zeke.

  20. Sorry for the long post, just interested to hear a take on this

    12 team startup dynasty draft. PPR. 2 Flex spots

    QB-Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston, Daniel Jones

    RB:David Montgomrey, Sony Michel, Derrius Guice, Damien Harris, Alexander MAttison, Dexter Williams, Adrian Peterson, Jordan Scarlett

    WR:Hopkins, Evans, Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller, Parris Campbell, Tre;Quan Smith

    TE-Engram, Ebron, Irv Smith jr

    Definitely weak at RB but feeling good about WR. Any insights?

    1. I think you’re fine, you drafted too many QBs IMO.

  21. Post By The Frugal Degenerate

    Got a real trashman question. Need to cut one:

    Danny Amendola or Travis Benjamin

    16 team PPR dynasty league.

      1. Post By

        Personally I would cut my wrists if I had those two on my team…

  22. Post By Wishfulthinking

    No RB handcuff tool this year? thanks guys got 4 drafts coming starting tom

    1. Trashman never made one this year? Shit, I’ll see about making one up for this weekend.

      1. Unleash the pervy robot genius on him as punishment!

  23. Drafted 5th in a 10 team league and had to take Zeke. This league has a shallow bench: only 3 RB can be taken (play 1 with 2 flex positions). I have Zeke, Chubb, Montgomery. I understand picking up Pollard in a deeper bench but I hate the thought of dropping Monty for Pollard. What is your opinion for this situation? Thanks!

    1. With that type of league setting, you should not have drafted Zeke in first place. You should have let someone else deal with the headache that now you have to deal with. Definitely don’t drop David Montgomery.

      1. You’re right, I didn’t think of that! I’ll remember the risk factor next year. This year I’ll keep my fingers crossed and pay attention to Roster Watch! Thanks! New to this league, yes funky settings but hooked up with some old friend knuckleheads!

  24. I’m doing a dynasty start up draft this weekend. Do I take Zeke at 4 if he’s there then just make sure I back him up with Pollard or just take Hopkins or the next highest running back and avoid the situation all together?

    1. It all depends on how much risk you want to take on and who else would be available to you when your turn comes up.

  25. In a 10 Team .5 ppr league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE (RB/wr/te), 1 k, 1 D/st

    Just drafted and ended up with Ertz & Brady (2nd to last round).. Received a trade proposal for these two guys and in return would receive Mahomes & OJ Howard.. What ya think?

  26. My last two pics were a kicker and a defense. For my third to last pick I went off the board and took a flyer on Justice Hill of the Ravens.

  27. Post By

    Could not believe it but Zeke fell to me at 11….. so I took him with what I thought was a good plan to reach for Pollard in the 8th…. wouldn’t you know it the cockamamie bastard right in front of me grabbed him!!! I can’t wait for Zeke to sign and then when this tool who is weak at Rb comes looking to trade I am going to slap him right in the poos!!! LOL

  28. Had Zeke fall to me at the 12 spot so it was a no-brainer to get him since he wasn’t gonna make it back to me at the end of the 3rd round. I did reach for Pollard at the turnaround going into the 8th round, but he was a must since my league went RB heavy

    1. Definitely ‘weak’ at RB, but feels balanced
      QB: Murray, Wilson
      RB: Zeke, Pollard, R. Jones, Bernard, I. Smith
      WR: OBJ, Cooper, Robinson, Samuel, Crowder
      TE: Kittle, Henry

      1. Post By

        Kittle & Henry????

  29. Post By

    Where’s my earlier post from today? Better handcuff Justice Hill or Malcolm Brown?

  30. Post By John Hunsberger

    Where would you rank singletary now in a .5 ppr

  31. How do you like the haul?
    12 team ppr 2 flex no kicker

    Qbs – Lamar and Winston
    Rbs – Cook, Henry, Duke, Henderson, Ballage
    Wrs – OBJ, Allen Robinson, AJ Green, Desean Jackson, Sutton, Beasley, Boykin
    TEs – Ertz and Andrews

  32. 12 team .5ppr- just got offered Ballage for my Darwin Thompson. Damien Williams is my RB2. Am I missing something here, or absolutely pull the trigger?

  33. Post By General Soreness

    Just used the Cheat Sheet for a 10 team .5ppr, picking 7th. I’m pretty happy with the results
    (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex [R-W-T], K, Def)
    Matt Ryan
    David Johnson, Lev Bell, D. Montgomery, T. Coleman, Ballage
    Kennan Allen, Robert Woods, R. Anderson, C. Davis
    S. Gostkowski
    Houston D
    & I grabbed Kyler Murray very late as a backup/trade bait

    1. Post By General Soreness

      Oh and Mark Andrews as my TE (forgot to mention there is a TE slot)

      1. Post By General Soreness

        15 rounds.
        Took Ryan in the 8th
        Gostkowski in the he 13th
        Houston in the 14th

    2. Post By

      When did you start targeting you QB D and kicker ?

      1. Post By General Soreness

        Replied above

  34. Post By

    Took Pollard late and now Zeke owner offering Tyler Lockett for Pollard/DukeJohnson. Thoughts??

    1. What else do you have?

  35. Post By

    Hey I’m a new subscriber. I know the 3 rules for the cheat sheet but I have a question about it. I’m in a 14 team .5 ppr. Do I fill the active positions using the cheat sheet ( once I fill my Wr / RB / flex) then aim for a TE QB ? Or do I start filling my bench? And when exactly should I target a K / D?

  36. Dude the auction draft cheat sheets don’t show any value… Am I doing something wrong?

  37. Hi RosterWatch, Is there the equivalent of your Offensive Line team rankings for team Defenses.


  38. Post By

    Zeke owner offering Lockett for Pollard/DukeJ…do I jump on this? I have Lev/Freeman/Guice as other RBs

  39. Post By

    Hi, assuming Zeke signs early Wednesday, would he be considered the top overall pick in my ppr draft that I’ll be doing Wednesday evening?

  40. Zeke and Pollard owner here. Interested in your wisdom on whether I hold on to Pollard. I also have Duke Johnson, Derrick Henry, David Montgomery. 8 team Standard scoring and I play 3. Waiver wire RB’s include Lat Murrey, Singletary, both LA Rams backups. WWRWD?

  41. Have to play either James Washington, Frank Gore or TreQuan Smith this week in .5 PPR deep league. Or could drop Gore to play someone like M Goodwin, Deebo Samuel, or DK Metcalf

    1. Or could play Hunter Renfrow. Not good choices but would love your thoughts (for this week but also considering ROS potential)

  42. Why have you guys been so high on Trent Taylor in the Cheat Sheet?

  43. Hi, where can I find the PPR cheat sheet for a draft? It was on the main page ( but it’s no longer there.

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