GARBAGE GRAB (Video): Trashman’s Fantasy Fallout from Preseason Week 3


  1. 10 team PPR. My Keepers are Chubb, Mack, Boyd and Samuel. Have option of 4th pick in draft or later. Kamara kept already. Looks like 4 will either be Zeke or Hopkins. Stick with 4th spot and gamble on Zeke or drop back in draft for a Julio and best available earlier in second.


    1. When I’m in this position I’ve enjoyed taking Zeke here but it depends on your risk tolerance. If you do take Zeke, move Pollard up a bit on your board, take him one round earlier than you would think. I have a friend that was just in this spot this past weekend, but he took Hop because he finished last last year and he wanted the high floor. All depends on your risk tolerance, but i think Zeke plays football in 2019.

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      Risk tolerance, for sure. I think you have a good start at RB, and getting Julio is a nice boon to your WRs.

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    Need advice Nation,

    12 team full ppr. Couple of big names already off of the board as keepers:
    Aaron Jones
    Marlon Mack
    Robert Woods
    Davante Adams

    I will be keeping Thielen for sure (7th rd and last year to be kept) and Wentz (10th rd) or Christian Kirk (11th rd)

    I have the 1st pick and have been offered a trade to swap 1st and 2nd rds (6th spot), and get an extra 8th rd pick (our keeper round). With this bunch I expect the 2/3 turn to be brutal. Good move or stay put?

    1. it’s enticing, but I think I’d stay put. Lock up a stud back at the top since you have some other positions taken care of. I expect that RB fall off at the sixth pick to be quite steep.

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        Ok thanks-preciate it

  3. RBs are Conner, Josh Jacobs, Sony Michel, Jordan howard, and J Samuel. tony pollard is still a FA. would you drop any of these guys to pick him up?

    1. I’d drop howard for pollard, but its not necessary. You do have stability at the top so I would take the flier on the high upside that pollard could possess

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Thank you for pitching in and helping out Moostermind…………

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    RW Nation – 12 tm PPR. can i drop ballage for justin jackson or j hill? it’s an end of bench type move. my roster is straight fire because of the magical cheat sheet. other RBs are CMC, fournette, white, henderson, and darwin. thanks!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Lord have Mercy! What a stable of RBs! No, you cannot drop Ballage for those guys. Sorry.

  5. Had my draft this weekend, just wanted to see how yall felt about it. RBs were flying off the board early, so I stacked WRs, by following the sheet. 10 team, half point ppr league.

    K Allen
    Miles Sanders
    J Howard
    A Miller
    Damien Harris
    Gus Edwards

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Tons of players we love! CMC is the #1! You will just have to go CMC + Howard early + all your bad ass WR. As the season progresses you will need to work waivers and trades to strengthen your RB situation. Sanders, Penny, Harris are all guys who could pop. But, yes- you have a team of sick hungry beasts. This also means some others teams got SCREWED at WR and will make for nice trade targets.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Jesus, and you got Evan Engram. Very nice work in .5 ppr – it appears your league-mates drafted like this was a standard league – they may be in for a surprise

        1. I hope they are lol. Those 2 Rbs early in the year is what I planned. Hopefully someone will come crawling to me for a trade. We changed the league up a little this year, no defense or kicker(finally) and we added another flex. So 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex.

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    Hey guys, any plans to do the RB handcuff tool again? Last year’s was extremely helpful. Keep up the good work!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Trashman made that tool last yr, but moved his attention over to youtube videos this summer. We will consider bringing it back in the mix for next year. For now- please rest easy many of the most important handcuffs have been built in pretty high to the cheat sheets.

  7. Questions to help me make the Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet make magic for me:
    I am in a 10 team PPR 1QG 3 WR 2 RB 1 Flex 1 TE
    Mock drafting following the Cheat Sheet with the 3 rules
    I am noticing that
    With 10 teams there are plenty of players, so by the time I get to the OJ Howard/HHenry/Evan Engram TE grouping, it is 7- 8th round (Because other drafters are taking Skank further down on the cheat sheet 1st). When I wait for a TE to be value (Cheat Sheet) I am obtaining Mark Andrews or lower as my TE 1.
    If this should happen in my real draft, should I reach for a better TE after I fill my 2RB, 3WR and 1 flex and maybe 2 bench spots (Round 7-9) or just follow the rules of the cheat sheet and let the magic happen and get a TE 2 like Mark Andrews?

    When using the cheat sheet, when might you decide to “reach” on the cheat sheet?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      In a 10 team- I think it’s fine to reach a bit for Howard/Henry/Engram, as long as you follow the rest of the sheet to a “T”

  8. Listening to all of you on XM fantasy, Love it!
    When Alex performs a draft – on air – while using the magic cheat sheet, if he obtains Kylar Murray, he always drafts another QB, mostly in the next round.
    I usually draft 1 QB on a 16 man roster (10 team PPR)
    If Kyler Murray comes to me on the board, should I take another QB just in case?
    – if so, just the next QB available in the cheat sheet?
    Any other QBs that I should consider backing up with a second in the draft?

    Thank you!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I don’t think this is necessary in a 10 tm league, so if you do back him up wait until very late in your draft to do it

  9. In a 1 QB, 12 team, Dynasty league, what percent FAAB would you use to acquire Brissett? I have Luck, Wilson, and Mariota. Or, do I go through the season with just the 2 QB. If this were a redraft league I’d only carry 1 QB and stream if needed. In this dynasty league there are no other QB available


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Probably 5%

      Is a guy like Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Josh Rosen available?

      1. Thanks for the response Byron. Those other QBs are not available. Only starters left are Eli and Case Keenum. I’m going to role with Wilson who should be in for some positive regression. Mariota just as a bye-week guy. Barring injury, hope I’m fine. Brissett went for $21/250. I had bid $18. Leaves room for another RB/WR stash 🙂

  10. Do the mythical power of the the Magical, Maniacal, Legendary Cheat Sheet work in 10 man best ball drafts too?? Or is there room to take some fliers and/or different picks of your own towards the end of the draft?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes- it works great in Best Ball- you do have some leeway to take more chances

  11. Post By John Trombley

    Any updates coming to the rookie cheat sheet before this weekend?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Very likely-

  12. Are there dynasty startup rankings on the site?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      There are not- but there is a dynasty rookie draft cheat sheet. If you use that in conjunction with the Draft Cheat Sheet- you will have a pretty good idea who to pursue / what to do

  13. Which draft sheet do I use for a 10 team .05 ppr superflex league?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      The 2QB Supeflex Sheet

  14. Antonio Brown
    “ Block Head”
    Perfect Name for that Haircut & Antonio Brown

    1. I like it Tom! The “podium” also comes to mind.

  15. Picking #1 in 10 team PPR. At pick 20, Fournette is always there, sometimes Chubb. Evans and A. Brown are there as well. Have real reservations about Fournette and Brown. Safer to go Evans and K. Allen and 20 and 21?

    1. I’m fine with that in a PPR. I do think Brown is going to play out the season though, so I’m fine taking him too, unless you’re just referring to his offense, which could be questionable.

  16. Our scoring system favors RBs over WRs – projections based on system show top 20 RBS out scoring #1 WR. Would you move up the first 20 RBs on the cheat sheet before taking Hopkins?

  17. That does seem to fit the format, unless it’s ppr as well. I guess it depends on how your league usually drafts. With that type of format, you might still be able to get multiple top 20 rbs in addition to Hop if you take him earlier. That is if everyone doesn’t go rb crazy early on.

    1. the league is a .5 PPR snake draft. – RBs will fly off the board.

  18. I am being offered 2 trades.

    Hunter Henry and DJ Moore or
    Hunter Henry and Mike Williams

    Giving up Travis Kelce

    My wr’s are horrible: Desean Jackson, Michael Gallup, Sterling Sheppard, Cole Beasley, and Bryon’s favorite- Tyrell Williams.

    I want to accept, just wondering if I should and which version I should take?

  19. If you’re set on making a move, i’d say williams has more upside. you do need to do something, as your wr crew is suspect.

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