RW Podcast 158: Favorite Picks and Fades for Every Round of 2019 Fantasy Football Drafts

As the biggest weekend of fantasy football drafts for 2019 approaches, Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert give their favorites picks and those they are fading for every round. SPECIAL to our listeners: Get up to $1000 as a deposit bonus at by using the Promo Code: ROSTER. My Bookie. Bet. Win. Get Paid.

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  1. KEEPER Q — Kerryon Johnson 4th round; K Golladay 11th Round or Zack Ertz with a 6th round. Need to pick one . I plan to keep Aaron Jones with my 14 th pick.

  2. Kerryon in the 4th. Having Jones and Johnson before the draft is a nice start.

    1. Thanks. Based on my league scoring the projections (rotowire) for Ertz has him a few points higher than Kerryon. Since I spend a 6th round for Ertz I’m thinking there is more value in keeping him. RW has Ertz early 4th and Kerryon late 3rd. I pick back half in round 6.

      1. I like that thought. Having your 4th round pick and losing your 6th round pick keeps you more flexible. Having a stud like Ertz in the 6th is a no brainer on its own as well. Better balance means you could go for Zeke earlier too.

  3. Trying to get some guidance here. 10 team 2QB .5ppr league 6 points all TDs plus bonus scoring. I think I need help at WR.
    QBs Mahomes, Goff, Jackson
    RBs Barkley, K Johnson, Henry, Michel, J Hill, D Lewis
    WRs Hilton, R Anderson, Dede, C Davis, MVS, G Tate
    TE Engram

    I was offered Ridley for L Jackson. Also got offered Boyd or Godwin for Michel. What should I do?

    1. Michel could be a .5 point beast as I love him in that format. Godwin though helps you out big time and Henry should also be a beast in that format. Boyd is a PPR receiver not .5 where you look for the yards and touchdowns upside. If it was me I would trade K Johnson instead and see if you could keep Barkley, Henry, and Michel and add a player like Antonio Brown or Mike Evans. Be willing even to go with Dede, C Davis, MVS, or G Tate and K Johnson for that kind of receiver. Think that would push your team to the top. Just remember 10 teams are about adding the best players and there is a ton of depth. 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 trades are king…just have your team’s depth chart in your head.

  4. Post By

    Just curious why you moved Gio Bernard much higher on the Cheat Sheet? Is it because he’s a PPR monster if Mixon goes out, or because of a potential trade to another team that would play him more? Or a combo of both?

  5. 14 team dynasty 1/2 PPR- trade offered to me. Wondering what you guys think?

    I receive:
    Tyler Locket

    I give:
    Robert Foster

    1. My team:
      QB- Dak, Carr
      RB- Leveon, Carson, Samuels, Ballage
      WR- Evans, Woods, Watkins, MVS, Hamilton, Foster
      TE- Little, Burton

      We have to start 1 rb, 1 wr, 1 te, with 3 flex spots

      1. Kittle*

    2. Seems good. 1.5 is only elite in generational drafts so pretty safe to give up. Moving up in the second and keeping a low volume and high results receiver like Lockett is a good receiver to target in .5 scoring

  6. Post By

    It’s just preseason against the giants, but is Demaryius worth a look or are we hands off?

    1. no interest whatsoever at this time. not over the guys I’m drafting in the late rounds.

  7. Post By

    10 Team/ 1ppr
    I want Kerryon and Godwin. What do you guys think?
    Thank you.

    My team:
    Qb: ARod
    Rb: Damien Will, Melv Gord, J White, Ingram, Ekeler, Darwin, Justice
    Wr: Adams, Julio, A.J., James Washington, Donte Moncrief
    Te: Ebron

    His team:
    Qb: Cam
    Rb: Zeke, Kerryon, Fournette, Coleman. Freeman, Pollard
    Wr: JuJu, DJ, Godwin, Harry
    Te: Engram, Olsen

    1. why are you wanting to mess with this team? If anything, I’d offer Damien Williams and maybe James Washington for the two and see if he’ll take it. I don’t like making a trade like that right now. Your team is good.

      1. Post By

        Lol I’m a Lions fan and I think Kerryon and Godwin have big years. I figured I’d talk to you all to see if it would I’m prove my team.

  8. Doing my first league where we start 2 wr not 3. Ten team ppr. Are WR less valuable in this format and RBs more? And if so then would it make sense to draft Travis Kelce 1st round to get a leg up?

    1. I generally worry more about drafters will draft in these drafts rather than giving extra or less “value” to certain positions. The cheat sheet will help you navigate this. But, if you would like to take Kelce early, it is a reasonable move, although not one I would personally recommend.

  9. I’m in a New Dynasty League and we’re already using $1000 FAAB. John Brown(BUF), Kyle Rudolph, and John Ross are available. What should I be looking to spend on them?

    1. fairly small amounts. Maybe around $32 for Brown, and something sub-20 for the others. If you miss on them, who cares? Save your FAAB for when a REAL opportunity opens up, ie a starting RB becomes avail due to injury.

  10. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    12 Team – Non-ppr –

    Should I trade Julio & Chris Carson for OBJ & Fournette?

    I also have Rashaad Penny.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  11. Post By

    I have a trade question. My RB’s are Kamara, Ingram, Coleman, Henderson, and Thompson. My WR’s are Evans, Allen, Boyd, Kirk, and Moncrief. My TE’s are Reed and Doyle.

    I was offered Deandre Hopkins and Hunter Henry for Kamara. It seems like good value. What do you think?

    1. Post By

      Forgot to add that it’s full point ppr. We also start 2 rb, 3 we, and 2 r/w/t flex

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      No you will have too many WR and your RB will suffer— throw Kirk or Boyd back in the deal and see if you can get a buy low RB back in return- as well- then you may have a deal

  12. In a 10 team ppr where u start 2 wr does Kelces value increase to a first round pick?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Don’t think so

  13. Post By

    big draft tomorrow at noon… should we expect a update to standard/.5ppr sheet before then? or should I roll with version 3.0?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Update coming

  14. Royce or Justice Hill? I can’t shake the feeling Hill could have a rookie Kamara type impact. I know the latest cheat sheet has Royce, is that still the play here?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hill is fine, we love him and agree that’s the type of upside he could have- have scouted him closely at OKSt and BAL. The sheet is not rankings, those players have wildly different ADPs. If you like Hill go for it. He could also be a 5-8 touch/gm Sprole type w/ upside as season progresses or injury occurs- so that’s not a horrible floor either. Has much more juice for NFL game than Royce

  15. I should say I already have Hill. My draft went sideways and I went WR heavy. WRs are Evans, Allen, Diggs, Samuel, Kupp, Gordon, AJG (will slip to IR once available). RBs are Chubb, Duke, Penny, Sanders, Hill. Gordon is another I could drop for Royce…?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      This sounds like a short league. Might drop Kupp for Royce , maybe even AJG however can see how you want to stash him

  16. This particular league is a 12 team full PPR. Start QB, WR, RB, flex, flex, flex, 14 man rosters. The draft was an auction draft, it’s fun until you realize certain players in certain leagues are disgustingly overvalued. It’s all cockamamie!

  17. Byron,

    Does my RW pro automatically renew or do I reach out in a few days to keep it going? Thanks

    1. I think it renews, but you can always email our admin Jen to make sure everything is set for you

      1. thank you

  18. Hey guy 10 team ppr

    qb – jameis
    te – howard
    wr — tyreek hill, calvin ridley, christian kirk
    rb — zeek, fournette, kerryon


    curtis samuel
    will fuller
    courtly sutton
    latavius murray
    darwin thompson

    should I drop courtland sutton and pick up justice hill?

    1. I don’t think you need to make that move at this time.

  19. Been invited into an 8-team PPR at work
    Had to join!

    Do I alter use of cheat sheet for only 8 players?
    We will only be drafting a total of 112 players off the list

    In such a small league what are some hints?
    Don’t wait on TE and QB?
    Make sure I pick a top 4 TE?
    Make sure I get at least top 6 QB?

    Best strategy?

    Thank you

    1. no WAIT LONGER at QB than the sheet suggests. You’ll get a stud with your last pick.

  20. Hey Guys – have a trade offer for an league already drafted – I would get TY Hilton and either Sony or J White for my Fournettte and Miller-time. I have Conner, Ingram, Pollard as RB’s and K. Allen, Boyd, Golladay and Kirk left as wr’s. Full PPR btw. Nothing like an early trade offer to take up my work day….Thanks in advance.

    1. Keep Fournette and Miller. Trading Fournette weakens your RB core as Michel would be a downgrade and Hilton doesn’t really provide much of an upgrade at WR for your team.

      If anything I would try to fleece the nervous Zeke owners twisting in the wind right about now by dangling Pollard out there. But I’d likely hold onto him and let that late round flier pay heavier dividends.

      1. (2) answers in one day G. I will sleep well tonight! Have a good weekend!

  21. Post By

    PPR update cheat sheet coming before 11am draft manana?

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