PRO Preseason Week 3 DFS Player Pool Cheat Sheet – Saturday Night Slate

Here is a tool to use if you are playing the Week 3 Preseason Saturday Night Slate on DraftKings and Fanduel. You will see in the shared sheet a tab for each game where certain player options are listed, along with a front page listing core plays. Use your favorite core plays on the first sheet and mix in other plays from the individual game sheets to put together your favorite roster.

* – REMINDER: This is the last preseason DFS cheat sheet, we will not have preseason content next week as we ramp up for regular season, but let’s keep it rolling tonight!

Please check the sheet up until lock to see if any changes are made as news comes out very late about playing time and inactives that could open up value or change the outlook for players recommended here.

Click here to go the shared spreadsheet.


  1. Any def/st dart throws for tonight’s games?

  2. I have my draft Sunday afternoon, do you guys foresee any changes to the ppr draft cheat sheet ?

  3. Why is desean Jackson not on the standard cheat sheet?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      What do you mean?

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        He’s above Anthony Miller

  4. PPR. Keep Curtis Samuel or Ballage in the 11th round?


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob Samuel

  5. Good morning,
    Aaron Jones still not on the field; any concerns? I can keep him with a 14th round pick or go for with Kerryon Johnson in the 4th round or Golladay in the 11th round. Should I stay with Jones? thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob stick w/ AJ- don’t mind a pivot to KG in 11- rd4 isn’t killer value on KJ- all are fine options though

      1. Have a draft in a few hours, will u have updated draft sheet to reflect luck/lamar miller/duke Johnson

  6. Have a draft in a few hours, will u have updated draft sheet to reflect luck/lamar miller/duke Johnson

    1. of course, they were updated last night about the Miller news, this AM about Luck

  7. Have a draft in a few hours, will u have updated draft sheet to reflect luck/lamar miller/duke Johnson…..

  8. Well I got the dreaded 4th pick in my upcoming draft should I bite the bullet and take Zeke or play it safe and take David Johnson Le’Veon bell or d hop thanks for the advice ppr

  9. hey Alex, Byron and/or Trashman!

    have my first ever 10 man dynasty draft tonight where I’m drafting 6th and I already asked a question in a previous post on how to use the cheat sheet for dynasty which a fellow RW Nation shared his thoughts on and said to obviously prioritize age when using the magical cheat sheet but I asked a follow up in terms of how to handle draft 17 bench spots!?

    once again the format is:
    8 starters, 17 bench players (no DEF or Kickers) so it’s 1 QB ( 6pt passing TDs) 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX, 1 TE

    I’m finding that in rounds 17+ the cheat sheet will suggest QBs and TEs since they are ranked higher than RB/WRs available so I’ve been trying to use discretion since at point I already have a QB and TE, but should I just ignore drafting a 2nd or even 3rd QB or TE and keep taking the highest listed RB or WR? like how should I be handling this huge bench!

    hopefully ya’ll can give me some insight before 830pm tonight

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes, keep drafting until the skill players are total garbage- don’t “need” more than 2QB and 2TE – but getting a 3rd w/ dynasty upside late isn’t a horrible idea either if you are stacked elsewhere

  10. 12 team .5 pt ppr league. Drafted Lamar Miller Friday night only for him to tear his ACL. My remaining RBs are S. Michel, D Freeman, and Breida. Should I pick up Ito Smith who’s on waivers or one of the top remaining guys on the sheet: Pollard, Justice Hill, Mattison, or Ty Montgomery?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d pick up one of those RBs- prob Hill but close call, luckily Michel and Freeman are still solid. You must have some sick WR and / or QB/TE

  11. Guys need some help. Full PPR Jamison Crowder was dropped already. What percent FAAB would you bid? Need some WR depth. Thanks.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      around 5%, give a take a bit

  12. Post By

    Hugh props for your cheat sheet:
    12 team .5 ppr
    Qb Big Ben
    WR Tyreek Hill
    WR mike Williams
    Rb Gurley
    Rb Dalvin Cook
    Flex Chubb
    Flex fournette
    Te Andrews
    Bench L Murray
    Bench C Kirk
    Bench C Samuel
    Bench Darwin Thompson
    Bench A Mattison

    You guys are the real deal! What ya think?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      What an absolute monster! Welcome to the RWNation! Get ready to feast!

    2. Post By

      Was this a keeper league??? It is a total monster!!! I am just trying to figure out how the hell you pulled it off….lol

      1. Post By

        Yes it is a keeper. I kept hill cook and chubb

        1. Post By

          I figured…. Have a great season!!

  13. Post By

    Dalvin Cook
    David Johnson
    Leonard Fournette
    Chris Carson
    Jaylen Samuels

    I can start 2rbs and a flex.

    Would it be smart to drop Jaylen Samuels and stash Alexander Mattison on my bench since I have Dalvin Cook?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      HATE to drop Jayeln- but prob yes—-try to drop a backup QB or TE or WR5 instead

      1. QB’s
        Jamis Winston
        Ben Roethlisberger

        Mike Evans
        Tyler Lockett
        DJ Moore
        Calvin Ridley

        David Johnson
        Dalvin Cook
        Leonard Fournette
        Chris Carson
        Jaylen Samuels

        Kyle Rudolph


        Would dropping a defense be ok as well? 10 team standard. 2rb 2wr and 1 flex

        And thanks for the cheat sheet! Draft felt great!

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          Outstanding draft brother! Yes, dropping a defense is ok

  14. Post By

    Hey guys,

    Looking for a little strategy I should use for my draft on Labor Day. Have a 14 team, 0.5 PPR. Minimal lineup is 1QB, 1RB, 3WR/TE, 1Flex, K and DST. This is the first year we are adding SuperFlex to the lineup, so I have no idea what chaos will ensue and I’m drafting 9th.

    While I plan to follow the CheatSheet and zig while others zag, being near the middle of the draft order, should I stretch and grab players before their typical ADP? Current plan going in is to draft a QB in the 4th as I think Mahones is going to come back down to earth.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      You should stick to the sheet, maybe keep an eye on the QBs. Is the superflex the 1 flex your are listing, or in addition to? Looks like light RB requirements

      1. Post By

        We have both a flex (RB/WR/TE) and superflex.

  15. Trade offer should I take he offered OJ Howard I would give up Julian Edelman my other receivers are Keenan Allen, Lockett, Allen robinson, Sammy Watkins, Tre Quran smith, devin funchess. My current te is jimmy graham.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Would rather send Graham plus one of your lesser WR.

      Or, can you do it for Watkins instead of Edelman straight up?

  16. hello,

    aside from the cheat sheets, do you have rankings for skill positions and def/st and kickers? thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yes, in season- updated weekly

  17. Ppr I pick 4th should I draft Zeke or play it safe with one of these guys Davis Johnson Le’Veon bell or d Hopkins

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Depends on your risk tolerance- if you aren’t confident feel free to pass on zeke for next highest player on the sheet

  18. Looking at the cheat sheets showed me how much Luck will be missed. Thanks for the work guys 🙂

  19. Post By

    We are starting a new Dynasty League, what Cheat Sheet should I use for the initial draft?? Subsequent drafts will be rookie only, but not sure which one to use for our first one. .5 PPR

    1. .5 PPR uses the standard and means more emphasis on yards and touchdowns as the .5 will go to everyone. PPR Machine for Miami Jarvis Landry ’16 with 6.7 yards a catch and 116 catches with 3 touchdowns would be an example of PPR mainly. Mike Evans with his 6’4 frame and 110+ target share is an example of the upside for touchdowns and still getting great usage you tend to look for as an example. Dynasty league means you go for talent that slips in the first few rounds and younger upside later in the draft. If you can match talent with age (JuJu as an example) then that is beautiful. But if a player like Julio Jones is still around the end of the 2cd or later you jump on him if he is at the top of your boards, despite being 30. And at the end of the draft it is cool to go for upside guys but don’t hesitate to grab older guys who should be great this year for you. Every year is about winning and if you have a nice youngish core you can replenish with rookies every year.

    2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      They don’t have a dynasty sheet

      I use their cheatsheets as a guideline, then drop guys with a lot of miles or up there in age significantly
      (Julio, Leveon, rivers, ben, brees)

  20. Post By

    Need advice Nation,

    12 team full ppr. Couple of big names already off of the board as keepers:
    Aaron Jones
    Marlon Mack
    Robert Woods
    Davante Adams

    I will be keeping Thielen for sure (7th rd and last year to be kept) and Wentz (10th rd) or Christian Kirk (11th rd)

    I have the 1st pick and have been offered a trade to swap 1st and 2nd rds (6th spot), and get an extra 8th rd pick (our keeper round). With this bunch I expect the 2/3 turn to be brutal. Good move or stay put?

    1. Post By

      Preciate ya Trashman

  21. In a 10 Team .5 ppr league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE (RB/wr/te), 1 k, 1 D/st

    Just drafted and ended up with Ertz & Brady (2nd to last round).. Received a trade proposal for these two guys and in return would receive Mahomes & OJ Howard.. What ya think?

    1. Post By

      I dunno what Alex or Byron would do, but I’d probably be all over that trade.

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