GARBAGE GRAB (Video): Trashman’s Rookie QB Breakdown


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    I have Question about the cheat sheet and rules. How do I factor in the Kicker and Defense into the mix?

    1. Take them last!

    2. Then watch the waiver wire. I always get a top 5-7 kicker and defense in the first few weeks of the season. Even in some leagues that require teams to carry two defenses.

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    i go D in the last 3 rounds
    BUT if the top 5 are gone I wait then take one in the 2nd last round (use NEP or falcons as a fail safe, and stream)

    kickers suck
    last pick

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    Play the matchups with DST. I personally think Dallas DST is a nice early play with 3 projected soft matchups. Other lower ranked DSTs i like are Greenbay, Atlanta, and Denver with defensive guru Vic Fangio now the HC. Kickers I’m ok reaching in round 13 for the difference makers, especially if they have a late bye. The conventional wisdom is kicker and DST should be your last 2 picks, but I don’t always agree with that.

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      Totally agree with you on Dallas & Denver (the way most people are looking at D’s so far, you could even say they’re Sleepers), but let’s see first if Hotlanta Def can turn things around.

  4. Why does this message board stink way worse than the others?

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    Hey guys- big thumbs up on your PPR cheatsheet! Shot you an email with a more detailed endorsement. And, yes Def & K last 2 rounds (usually)!

  6. I’m in a Half a PPR and have to keep 2 of these 3; Joe Mixon, Adam Thielen or Keenan Allen. What yall got?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Joe and Adam

  7. Damn you be ugly.
    I will never hear the garbage grab the same way again lmao.

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