RW Podcast 157: Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry is the lead fantasy football analyst at ESPN and a New York Times Best Selling Author. He’s the host of the Fantasy Show on ESPN+, the Fantasy Focus Podcast and the founder of the FantasyLife app and Our listeners can get a 10% discount on RotoPass (‘the Netflix of Fantasy Football premium content’) by using promo code RosterWatch at checkout at

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  1. Post By Nathan Steele

    Our league has already drafted. I just traded Dalvin Cook and Allen Robinson for Tyreek Hill. (2nd RD pick, 6th RD pick) for his 1st RD (12th overall) in a 12 man PPR. This was the correct move right?

    1. Post By

      Personally….. I am all in on DC this season! If he stays healthy he is a top 5 rob with number 1 potential!!! Book it!!!

  2. I am drafting tonight in a 12 team PPR league with the 5th spot, every mock I have done with your amazing tool has me with a choice between Ezekiel Elliot, David Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins or Davante Adams.

    Would it be crazy to take a WR here and wait until it snakes back to me for an RB in the 2nd round.

    This will be my 3rd year using your tool and have always had good drafts, want that extra edge to make it an amazing one.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Follow the 3 rules and don’t bastardize the sheet and you will be fine brother!

      1. It’s all the edge you need!

  3. Are you guys doing the valuable RB handcuff sheet this year? Asking for a friend….

  4. I’ve been offered Brandon cooks for Adam Thielen ppr dynasty FYI I also have Julio Jones and ty hilton as my other starting wr what you think

    1. I would take Cooks. He is younger and has had a great start to his career. He may not produce consistently game to game but he is constant year to year.

  5. Post By

    First draft of the summer, 12 team PPR in a vampire league. Thoughts??

    QB: K. Murray – D. Brees
    RB: D. Johnson, Mixon, Fournette, J. Jacobs, Darwin Thompson
    WR: Tyreek, Lockett, J. Gordon, C. Sutton, Mecole Hardeman
    TE: Jordan Reed

    Stashed Darwin and Mecole late with my Chiefs bias. Will likely be early cuts anyways.

    1. Monster! Even if the Cardinals offense is below average your team is still good.

  6. Keeper league question. Half point ppr

    Chubb or Gurley
    My brain say Chubb is the better keeper. Chubb is legit and I could see him being a top 5 back but how do I let the Lambo go?? He is the reason I have won back to back championships. It would kill me to let let him go win championships for someone else. Do I really want a Lambo with a busted rim? I can’t make up my mind!

    1. Post By

      Chubb all day and twice on Sunday!

      1. I know that is the right call. Its just so heartbreaking to get rid of my beautiful Lambo.

  7. Post By Byron Lambert

    Thank you guys so much for pitching in and helping your friends from RWNation with their questions! If you guys have any- I’ve got an hour or so right now!

    1. Anytime. Its sick how much fun I have hanging in these boards.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Thx Eyak

  8. How much does a 6pt passing td league vs 4pt sway your opinion on qbs? are rushing qbs like lamar and allen still good targets late or is it beneficial to aim for a top 5 qb bc the td pass scoring is inflated?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Doesn’t change things much. A lot depends on how many teams are in your league. Guys like Lamar and Allen are still fine targets late. Overall, it might bump the top 2-3 QBs up a few spots.

      1. awesome thanks byron

  9. PPR Dynasty league. Would you trade the headache of Antonio Brown for Hilton plus 2021 1st & 2nd round picks. My other top WR are Boyd, Moncrief, Edelman, Snead, Higgins, Tre’Quan, and our boy Anthony Miller. Start 2-4 WR

    Love your analysis!

    1. If all his bullshit bothers you I would take that trade. He should still be a beast for another year or two but I cant blame you for wanting to get rid of his ass.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think I would do that, and plan for the future. AB may still have a few really good seasons in front of him, and I’m not really bothered by his BS as it pertains to fantasy. However, I think anybody realistic would say logic dictates his best days are prob behind him. Would be awesome if you could get a 2020 RD1 pick, but a RD1 and RD2 in 2021 not bad. Maybe you can squeeze one more buy low player out in the deal. I think it’s a pretty fair offer.

  10. Whats up Bryon? Chubb or Gurley for keeper? Im sure you saw my heartbreaking post about giving up the Lambo.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Chubb for sure, and I’d feel sick about it!

  11. Also another keeper league that I can keep two. I have Chubb, Gurley, Cooper, Theilen?

  12. Morning Byron. Thoughts on backups making noise prior to some early drafts? – Mattison, Thompson, Henderson, Ekeler – anyone worth the stash if I don’t have Cook, Gurley or Williams? Anyone on your radar?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      So many thoughts DJ! We have been ALL OVER this for months. All the guys you list are worth a stash, even if you don’t own the starter!

      You should also be considering: Devin Singletary, Mike Davis if you own/draft David Montgomery, Rodney Anderson is now interesting in CIN if you own Mixon (Trayveon also deserves some attention), obviously Tony Pollard in DAL, Justice Hill/Gus Edwards, Ty Montgomery, Duke Johnson- all worth a look.

      1. Thanks, Byron – great notes and advise, as usual!! Looking forward to competing in the CB league this year again!

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          Oh and Darwin!!

  13. 10 team 2QB .5ppr 6point TDs plus bonus scoring. Barkley is my keeper. Possible fraft scenarios:
    1. Start team with one of Julio, DJ, Chubb, OBJ, Adams or Juju and then one of Evans, TY or Kerryon next rd?
    2. Or start with Mahomes and one of DCook, Evans, Thielen?
    Thank you!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      In this league- I think I go Mahomes if I know I can get Cook or Evans

  14. Can only keep 1 player. Cost is the round they were drafted in last year. Full ppr. JUJU or Kelce both as 4th rounders. Do not have my 1st or 2nd rounders this year. Have 2 3rds and 2 4ths.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d prob keep Juju, and target Kelce with one of those picks if you want him

  15. Post By

    im soo screwed in my keeper league… need some RWN help. ackler in the 10th or Josh Gordon in the 9th? i know the ceiling is crazy for Josh, but the value is better with ackler… what do you think?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close call- I’d prob personally keep Gordon

  16. Post By

    you guys are the best! 3rd year being a pro member! any chance i can get in the best ball draft???

  17. Any chance that we can get some official rosterwatch swag anytime soon? I think Gutsman is still the only person with a rosterwatch shirt.

    1. I would really enjoy a shirt or hoodie with my message board king logo!

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        It’s on the radar

        1. So great to be able to listen to you guys during the week!
          Is that going to be during the season too?

    2. Post By

      Love the swag!!! LOL

  18. What are some good money league’s other than Yahoo

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      I am balls deep in RTSports right now

  19. I feel like I know the answer to this question, but I have to ask. Was just offered his 2nd and 3rd round pick (20 and 21) for my number 2 overall. It would give me 19, 20, 21 , and 22 as my first 4 picks. Appreciate the input

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      no context here qbrbwrte
      is this in a dynasty startup ?

      if so yeah I might do that deal
      though maybe try to get his 6th rounder as well ( send him back your 12th )
      I mean he is going to walk away with CMC!!

      1. Sorry about that Baron. Its actually a redraft league.

  20. Post By

    Why are you guys down on Mike Williams LAC compared to other rankings I’ve seen? I’m in mostly redraft 1/2PPR and PPR leagues.. couple QB flex leagues..

  21. Kamara is my keeper and I have the first pick in the second round, who should I go with if Gurley, Mahomes, Zeke Julio and D Hop are all keepers as well. Basically only four owners have open picks in front of me.

  22. Post By

    full point ppr should I keep zeke or davante adams?

  23. i feel safe with adams

  24. Post By

    Need advice Nation,

    12 team full ppr. Couple of big names already off of the board as keepers:
    Aaron Jones
    Marlon Mack
    Robert Woods
    Davante Adams

    I will be keeping Thielen for sure (7th rd and last year to be kept) and Wentz (10th rd) or Christian Kirk (11th rd)

    I have the 1st pick and have been offered a trade to swap 1st and 2nd rds (6th spot), and get an extra 8th rd pick (our keeper round). With this bunch I expect the 2/3 turn to be brutal. Good move or stay put?

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