The Trash Man Comes on Sundays

My given name is Dorian Darnell Colbert, but my FFL friends affectionately call me the “Trash Man”. It’s a moniker I’ve learned not just to live with but wholeheartedly embrace. Why? Because it pretty much sums up my style of play.  Instead of targeting the big names in drafts or for trade offers, I prefer to sift through the dregs of waiver wire fodder and free agents to find slightly tarnished or overlooked players that look and act much like their pricey counterparts, when you squint hard enough. Often times, these acquisitions are only useful for a couple weeks, but sometimes you find that diamond in the rough you can go deep into the season with, if not straight to the championship. Here are some players that, if dusted off and used properly, can turn from trash to treasure on any given Sunday:

Ricky Williams, RB: The stalwart running back was extremely valuable in Miami even with a healthy Ronnie Brown in the backfield, and should continue to produce as Ray Rice’s backup in Baltimore. Ricky will be filling the roles of Willis McGahee and Le’ron McClain, so he should get plenty of goal line looks. Instead of overvaluing some unproven “stud” rookie, try giving old reliable a look.

Jordan Shipley, WR:  A Bengals starting outside receiving corps that is as green as it gets, and a novice QB under center signals one thing; check downs. And who better to be the recipient of said throws than the poor man’s Wes Welker? Shipley was a star at UT, and has the skills to have a breakout season. When other squads are busy amassing extra defenses or *gasp* kickers, pick up this jewel.

Mario Manningham, WR: Manningham will most likely be the Giants starting slot receiver this season. Who was in the spot before him? That’s right, Steve Smith. Look for Manningham to pick up where he left off as Manning’s go-to guy.

John Beck, QB: Redskins camp observers seem to think Beck is the shoe-in to go under center for Washington this year, and I’m obliged to agree. Rex “Glassman” can keep you in games sure, but I think that Beck might actually be able to win them. If he does indeed get the nod, feel free to roll with him, and make your friends feel like idiots when they’re offering you someone they picked up in the second round for a free agent afterthought.

Mike Tolbert, RB: True, Tolbert isn’t exactly what you might call a trashy pickup, as the fourth year RB is technically the starter in San Diego right now over gimpy Ryan Matthews. But, one important aspect of the true garbage grab is that the player can be substituted for a much more expensive player. Tolbert should have plenty of touches, a good chunk of them goal line, so much so that I would value him up there with the likes of Shonn Greene, Knowshon Moreno, etc.

Vince Young,QB: Call me a homer but, chances are that Mike Vick isn’t going to stay the picture of health getting shot out of a cannon every week. In the circumstance that he goes down, VY has all the tools to take the Eagles the rest of the way.

Fred Davis, TE: I was on the Davis bandwagon last season, but it didn’t pay off like I know it’s going to this year. The only thing in his way was Chris Cooley, who now looks to be sidelined by an injury for the near future. He may not be gone for long, but it should be just enough time for the ‘Skins to realize why they drafted Davis in the first place.

Marion Barber, RB: “Marion the Barbarian” will fill much of the same role in Chicago that he did in Dallas. He’ll score touchdowns and steal carries from much more talented backs. Pick up someone sexy in Matt Forte’s stead, and then scoop Barber up when no one is looking. He’ll be just as useful as his Bears counterpart.

Bernard Berrian, WR: Two years ago, Berrian was THE deep threat in Minnesota and a great player to have on your fantasy squad. I’d like to think last season was an anomaly, and he’ll be back in the mix as someone McNabb can air it out to. Don’t be afraid to go with Berrian over someone like Jeremy Maclin or any one of the 49ers receivers.

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