2019 In-Season Content Schedule

alex bylineThanks to all the new members of the winning family we call RosterWatch Nation. Now that we have mostly finished with our drafts and are set to begin a new season, here is an overview of the content schedule you can expect on the site from week to week. I encourage you to use as many of the tools as you can in order to make the best personnel moves and sit/start decisions possible. Also, please note that Byron, the Trashman and I will, as always, be periodically monitoring the comments sections of the most recent posts on the ticker to answer all of your questions through the week (excluding the final hours leading up to kickoff on Sunday mornings as radio and other last-minute rankings-related responsibilities make that time extremely busy for us), so ask away.

Remember, some of these tools, such as the waiver wire cheat sheet and the waiver wire podcast will not be available until Week 2. Byron’s TradeCast will start back up around Week 3 or 4. Otherwise, we’re now looking full-steam ahead to Week 1, even though Week 1 does not bring the full suite of tools that subsequent weeks will.

We thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for your support and reader/viewer/listenership. It is our promise and our sole mission to do everything in our power to give you the best and most insightful information we can to help you win in fantasy, no matter the lengths we must go to get it. We are a NATION.

Enjoy your football this week.

Alex Dunlap editor-in-chief


Trashman’s Fantasy Fallout Column – starting Week 2
Trashman’s Fantasy Fallout Podcast – starting Week 2


RosterWatch Waiver Wire Podcast – starting Week 2
RosterWatch Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet (PRO) – starting Week 2
RosterWatch Big Tool (Snap Counts, Touches and Targets Database) (PRO) – starting Week 2
Initial Weekly Rankings


RosterWatch Matchup Tool (PRO)
Byron Lambert’s ‘TradeCast’ Podcast (starting Week 3 or 4)


Touchdown Dependency Tool (PRO)
RosterWatch Podcast (iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or
Trashman’s Weekly Flex Rankings (PRO)
TNF Rankings Update


The RosterWatch DFS Cheat Sheet (DraftKings and Fanduel) (PRO)
RosterWatch HyperDFS Professional Lineup Generator Tool Goes Live (PRO)


RosterWatch + RotoGrinders “The Blitz” (Premium Video)
‘RosterWatch’ on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio w/ Alex Dunlap and the Trashman (7-9pm est)
The Vegas Tool (usually by Saturday nights as early player props become available) (PRO)
Trashman’s Garbage Grab


RosterWatch Gameday on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio w/ Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert (10-11am est)




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    Thank y’all for doing such a great job. Loyal customer for three years. I will be at the TX vs LSU game in Austin on Saturday. This is an official invitation to come and tailgate with The Longhorn Experience sponsored by Coors Light. Shoot me an email and I can send you the details of the location. HOOK’EM

    1. Awesome man – I won’t be able to make it tho – we have radio that night and I have the Vegas Tool to make, etc. during the day + the RG show. But enjoy it dude! Watch out for all the new “campers” around campus. 😉

  2. Drafting this evening!
    How do I apply the Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet to this scoring system – I am joining this league for the first time this year
    8 team PPR 4 points per TD QB
    1QB 4 WR 3RB 1 Flex (WR.RB/TE) 1 Flex (RB/WR) 1 TE 8 bench spots
    – so its an 8 team league but drafting and playing a similar amount of players as a 10 team would
    There will be 19 rounds to draft the above

    Use the Magical Cheat Sheet the same way? or do QB and TE have lesser value given the number of WR and RB I need to play.
    Do I load up on RB and WR and don’t even worry about QB and TE until RB and WR fills + some backups 14+ rounds
    – I play with a few of these guys in another 12 team PPR and they have a tendency to take QB and TE earlier than they should and then take a 2nd of each a few rounds later

    Are Rivers, Roethlisberger, Garappollo, Allen, Prescott. OK to have as my QB#1 if I wait and wait and collect RB and WR?

    I have pick #1

    Thank you

    1. just use the sheet as you normally would!

  3. 12 team, no PPR. How would you rank Darwin, Jaylen Samuels, and Justice? Trying to figure out who to drop for a kicker to round out my team

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Drop Darwin. Shady killed his value and Kc said DW and him will both play a role.
      -Flex Shane

    2. Like Justice best outside of injuries in front of those others.

  4. 10 team PPR, where QB’s go early as they get 1 point per completion. I’ve used the 2 QB cheat sheet in the past to reflect the higher QB values. I’m picking 7th in a snake draft. When should Mahones go?

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      If it is just a single Qb, then I wouldn’t adjust your draft from a Normal one qb league. Every qb gets the added points to it lifts the relative value for all qb’s. This basically means that there is still a ton of options late in the draft. It does lower the relative value of rushing qb’s so a rookie like Kyler would take a hit.
      -Flex Shane

      1. Thanks Flex Shane!

  5. Ive always been confused with the weekly rankings. Are these just the fantasy pros rankings or do you guys adjust them to your specifications?

    1. Also are they based on PPR or .5 ?

    2. they haven’t been updated yet. the feed gets pulled in and we usually start messing with the rankings around TUES after we’ve gotten an idea of how the matchup tool, etc. will look.

  6. Smashed my rookie draft:

    2.4 Parris Campbell
    3.1 Tony Pollard (zeke owner bonus)
    3.4 Damien Harris
    4.4 Kelvin Harmon

    Officially a Kelvin Harmon truther now and it feels oh so trashy

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Crazy how far Parris has fallen. Still a great prospect!

      1. people have short memories.

  7. Hey Guys, need some advice for my draft tomorrow night.
    12 team, PPR. I’m picking 5th and keeping Kerryon in the 6th round. I have an extra pick in both the 3rd and 5th rounds (I don’t pick in the 11th and 14th).

    With this set up should I lean RB or WR in the 1st? (If the cheat-sheet gives me the option) & In addition to the Cheat-Sheet should I make sure I lock in a top TE with one of these extra picks?


    1. Post By The Flex Network

      If there is an Rb then I would still lean rb early other than maybe Hop or Adams. I always feel better about my teams that have a strong rb core. Round 5 is that sweet spot for Te so if you can’t get Kittle in the third, I would target a Te with one of your 5’s.
      Trust in the cheat sheet and you will do great!
      -Flex Shane

  8. Like the haul?
    12 team ppr, 2 flexes with no kickers

    Qbs- Murray, Winston
    Rbs- Kamara, Montgomery, Sanders, McCoy, J.Jackson
    Wrs- Evans, Godwin, Ridley, Kirk, Pettis, Miller
    TEs- Engram, Hockenson
    DST- Broncos

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      That’s a hell of a team! Where did you snag McCoy?

      1. Round 9

    2. love it, you may look to trade Godwin or Evans soon because you have a little too much tied up in the TB offense. The good news is, it’s a great offense to have assets tied up to.

      1. I can do Godwin for Boyd? I like Godwin more but does this trade make sense to diversify?

  9. Drafting in a SuperFlex 1-PPR league tonight with TE getting 1.5 points. I am using the 2QB Flex Cheat Sheet, do I need to make any adjustments to TE or any positions for this scoring set up?

  10. Zeke is being inconvenient.

  11. Post By

    We started a 10 man DK league, it’s thurs-mon. I see your cheat sheet comes out Friday? Any reason Thursday is excluded from the cheat sheet?

  12. McCoy was dropped, what % of FAB would you spend to get him?

  13. Magical Cheat Sheet works! Just drafted.
    PPR 8 team but play: 1 QB. 3 RB. 4 WR. 1 flex (WR/RB/TE). 1Flex (WR/RB). 1 TE.
    QB: Goff, KMurray
    RB: McCaffrey, DCook, DGuice, MBrieda, Royce Freeman, JusticeHill, Mattison,A (HC for Cook)
    WR: OBeckham, AntBrown, CGodwin, TBoyd, ARobinson, CKirk, Curtis,S,
    TE: Kittle

    The teams I draft usually are more RB heavy and this year not, feeling weak at RB

    Available on FA now are:
    RB: RonJones, Jaylen Samuels, DarwinThompson TE Jordan Reed. WR Crowder, Brown, Gallup James Washington Tre’Quan Smith.
    QB Winston!

    Should I exchange my last pick of AMattison (HC for DCook) for any of the above to make the team start stronger? Or just leave as is for now. (note: all other teams have 2 QBs)

    Thank you

  14. Trade offer….standard
    I give up Chubb, Josh Gordon and Duke Johnson

    They send me Hopkins, Josh Jacobs and Tevin Coleman

    I have Saquan at my other RB and my other two WR are Woods and Lockett.

    At first glance It would weaken my RBs but greatly enhance my WR.

    What you think ?

    1. Pass.

  15. I drafted D. Williams in the 4t round, thinking of making an offer to McCoy owner.

    What do you think I can offer?

    My team:
    QB – Newton, Darnold
    RB – Cook, Ingram, Williams, Singletary, Breida, Mattison
    WR – Adams, Godwin, Curtis Samual, Gallup
    TE – Henry

    1. Why?

  16. Post By Austin Benedict

    Drafting tonight. Super flex PPR, but TEs get 1.5 PPR. I’m the 9th pick. 2 questions.

    1) take Kelce at 1.9 if he is available?

    2) When should I have 3 QBs by?

    1. No.
      Don’t go into draft set on when to “have” a third QB.

  17. Post By

    First year using your tools but have enjoyed you on the radio, drafts are wrapped and I am excited to get rolling!

    1. Let’s GOOOOO!

  18. Guys Dynasty question.
    I’m a Gurley owner and have been trying to acquire Henderson. I offered Penny and it was turned down.
    I then offered Trubisky and the Henderson owner countered that he would do it for Trubisky and my 1st Round pick next year. My team is setup well this year would probably be a late 1st Round pick. Am I being held hostage here since I’m the Gurley owner? Would you do the deal? He is rebuilding his squad currently.

    1. No.

  19. End of bench question

    Who would you keep at the end of your bench:
    T. Mclaurin, Preston Williams, John Ursua or Miles Boykin

    Choose 1

    1. For me it’s Boykin but who knows really ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  20. Post By

    Have a dynasty 1/2 point PPR..
    I have Allen robinson,Antonio brown, Kennan Allen, MVS, keke, Sutton , and deebo Samuel, and Anthony Miller the golden son from last year. for my WR we start 3 WR and 2 flex..
    I was offered next year 1st round for Anthony Miller not sure if I should accept it??
    I can pick up Daniel jones QB for the giants and I have wentz right now and would of course keep him and stash Jones ….
    Just not sure with having 2 bears on my team…
    What’s your Guys thoughts. And thanks

    1. Post By

      This is a 12 teamer keep all players

    2. I most likely take that in your situation.

  21. Trade Question for 10 team standard
    1Qb 2Wr 2Rb 1Te 1Flx

    QB- Dak
    RB Dalvin Cook and Chubb
    WR Mike Evans and JuJu
    TE Hunter Henry
    Flex Devonta Freeman

    Curtis Samuel
    Miles Sanders
    Alexander Mattison
    Ito Smith
    Justin Jackson
    Larry Fitzgerald

    Got offered a trade for Travis Kelce. I’d have to give up Mike Evans and Hunter Henry.

    I feel like I may be giving up too much for Kelce.

    1. Pass.

  22. Have Tony Pollard, Trade him to Zeke owner for Ty Montgomery, M. Brown, D. Henderson, Malcolm Brown or Pettis (have trent taylor)? Pick one

    1. Aim higher…

  23. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Drop Darwin Thompson for Justice Hill?

    1. I would personally.

  24. Post By

    Trade Question- I have Tony Pollard and person with Zeke offered Sterling Shepard. Standard 12 team. My rb are Fournette, Cook, & Conner. But at wr I only have Edelman, Davis, Lockett, and Sutton. With Zeke potentially coming back sinner rather than later-should I make that trade?

    1. Eh seems fair enough but I’d ask for more. How desperate is he? Does he a a decent week 1 starter if Zeke doesn’t play?

      1. Post By

        I would assume desperate- Singletary & Montgomery are his starters. (I originally had reached for Mike Thomas which he obviously turned down) he does have Watkins & Landry

        1. If you asked me to trade Thomas for pollard I’d still be laughing.

          1. Post By

            There is an owner with Zeke and Gordon. Is it crazy to offer Pollard for Gordon?

  25. What’s up guys. In a full ppr Justice Hill was dropped and I was curious how much Faab to put down to try to get him. $100 budget. Thanks for the help.

    1. $7… how many teams? How deep are the benches?

      1. 12 teams sorry. 7 bench spots. My bad.

  26. Can I pay extra to have the trashmans content blocked for me?

    1. God would we ever. Thank you for pitching in Frank Grimes!

  27. Hey RW…thanks for all you do.
    Wondering how G.Allison fits into your 0.5 cheat sheet ver 7.0? I am high on him this year…wondering your thoughts on picking him up from my waivers for either Will Fuller, Kirk, or Samuel? 0.5 PPR
    I already have Edelman, Boyd, Mike Will as my starters.
    Your thoughts are appreciated.

    1. I’m not dropping any of those three for him until I see how they all look after week 1.

      1. Great. Thanks

  28. Post By

    Get on Sirrus more, only reason I have it…lol
    On the serious note, first time user. Followed tool, no cheating. Not going to list the roster, just a quick couple questions.
    First, my team ended with D Jackson, I think. I drafted P Rivers,3rd to last pick…no other QB. Tom Brady still on waivers. Eight man bench. Too early or grab him now and drop a late flyer?

    Second…no tool to load my roster to help with starters?

    1. Lol- Make sure to listen to every podcast! Also, let the SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Channel know you want us on M-F! You will simply use the rankings for your sit / starts. They are updated Wed-Sun am every wk. Flex rankings will also be available.

      Yeah, I’ve got some mild interest in Brady again. Wouldn’t be bad to own him and Rivers and matchup play the two.

    2. Also, thank you very much for your support. And, welcome to RWNation!

  29. kallen ballage or peyton barber..
    10 team .5 ppr league

    1. Probably Barber- but make sure to check rankings closer to time

  30. When does the DFS Tool update on Fridays?

  31. Where is the DFS tools?!?!?

  32. So not Friday for DFS?

  33. Post By


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