PRO Trashman’s 2019 RB Handcuff Tool

A few years back, one of our PRO members asked in the comments section of an article for a running back handcuff tool to use in drafts as a supplement to the cheat sheet. Since, we have made this little sheet every year as a quick reference. Here, I’ve taken the top 25-or-so running backs and assigned each one a “level” of handcuff viability. The sheet should be pretty easily understood, but it basically lets you know if the running back you are considering has a “handcuff” you should aim to select at some point during the draft, and the general level of importance in aiming to secure that handcuff. The three levels are “must handcuff,” “might want to handcuff,” and “low priority handcuff,” along with a section with notes if there is no true handcuff. As with all supplemental draft tools, this is not a substitute for the cheat sheet and is merely reference material to aid in identifying whether or not to handcuff players. If you must “reach” a small bit for certain players in the “must-have” handcuff cell, you are allowed to deviate from the sheet at the appropriate time to make that happen.

PRO MEMBERS: Click here to access the shared google spreadsheet


  1. 12 team ppr league
    Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 1 Def
    5 bench spots

    I picked in the 12th spot tonight using the magical cheat sheet.

    QBs: Kyler Murray, Jared Goff
    RBs: Le’Veon Bell, Derrick Henry, Duke Johnson, Latavius Murray, Darwin Thompson
    WRs: Davante Adams, Brandin Cooks, Tyler Lockett, Allen Robinson
    TE: Mark Andrews
    K: Justin Tucker
    Def: Ravens

    The two best RBs, WRs, and TEs available are Ronald Jones, Jaylen Samuels, DeSean Jackson, John Brown, Eric Ebron (I thought he was already drafted), and Dallas Goedert.

    Is there anyone on my roster worth dropping for any of these players above or should I stay put for now?

    1. I would stay put. That’s a great looking team

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    1 QB dynasty. Trade a 2020 2nd (late) for Lamar Jackson? I roster Brees and dak right now. Thanks RW Nation.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      That’s a fine trade

  3. Trade Demariyus Thomas and my 7th round pick for James Washington and an 11th in return

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


      Washington and 11 aren’t even worth your 7

      1. Thanks for fast response

    2. Full PPR

  4. Holy shit Mccoy released and I just sniped Singletary on a 1$ waiver claim last night after the owner dropped him yesterday. Some luck !

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    Used the magical sheet again last evening… 12 team PPR with two keepers… I didn’t keep any but keep in consideration when commenting:


    D. Johnson
    L. Fournette
    D. Williams
    L. Murray
    K. Ballage
    B. Hill

    K. Allen
    B. Cooks
    C. Godwin
    J. Crowder
    T. Boyd
    C. Samuel
    A. Miller


    Start QB, 3RB, 3WR, Flex, K, D

    Thanks again for your great efforts! Already looking forward to the first waiver wire sheet! 🙂

  6. I have the fourth pick in a 10 team .5PPR and am tempted to take Zeke. Is the cheat sheet set up to be able to snare Pollard ahead of the crowd? alternatively, if I skipped over Zeke are the next three in about interchangeable. Leaning towards bell or chubb

  7. In a 10 Team .5 ppr league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE (RB/wr/te), 1 k, 1 D/st

    Just drafted and ended up with Ertz & Brady (2nd to last round).. Received a trade proposal for these two guys and in return would receive Mahomes & OJ Howard.. What ya think?

    1. Jump of this offer … fast!

  8. With McCoy news We dropping justice or Royce Freeman for Singletary?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      So close to call- prob Justice if had to but DO NOT want to. Can you drop your K for now?

      1. I don’t have a kicker yet haha. I’m sticking will Hill. Buffalo stinks! Did you get my email?

  9. 12 Team .5 PPR

    [1] QB: Winston
    [2] RB: McCaffrey, Mixon (Henry, Howard, Barber, R. Jones, Mattison, Pollard)
    [2] WR: Ridley, Landry (Fitzgerald, Coute)
    [1] TE: OJ Howard
    [1] W/R/T: Fournette
    Bench total: (6)

    Drafted with the standard cheat sheet on Wed and obviously I’m RB heavy but is my WR situation bad?

    1) I think I should flip one or two RBs for a WR upgrade so some teams who need RB help have guys like K. Allen, Edelman, Evans, Thielen, Godwin, M. Thomas, J. Gordon, JuJu, OBJ, Adams, and/or Julio so what pieces would you move and who are realistic targets? One offer on the table already is my Mixon for Edelman which I thought about countering with Henry for Edelman? Please advise!

    2) Also I didn’t draft a Kicker or DEF so how would you order my first THREE cuts?

    3) Lastly, instead of dropping, which pair of players will make a good trade package in a trade proposal and who would you target?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Could live w/ Henry for Edelman if that’s what it comes down to. You should not be worried about WR to begin season, but you have the right idea – a trade is looming.

      You will need to trade Pollard to Zeke owner- and ditch whichever Bucs RB you can get most for (hopefully Barber). That’s a good place to start- we like the WR you are targeting

      1. Okay I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the help! Appreciate it Byron

  10. How do I apply the cheat sheet to this scoring system – I am joining this league for the first time this year?
    8 team PPR 4 points per TD QB
    1QB 4 WR 3RB 1 Flex (WR.RB/TE) 1 Flex (RB/WR) 1 TE 8 bench spots
    – so its an 8 team league but drafting and playing a similar amount of players as a 10 team would
    There will be 19 rounds to draft the above

    Use the Magical Cheat Sheet the same way? or do QB and TE have lesser value given the number of WR and RB I need to play.
    Do I load up on RB and WR and don’t even worry about QB and TE until RB and WR fills + some backups 14+ rounds
    – I play with a few of these guys in another 12 team PPR and they have a tendency to take QB and TE earlier than they should and then take a 2nd of each a few rounds later

    I have pick 1

    Thank you

  11. I have duke Johnson as a Rb in my league 10 team ppr we have $500 for bids on waiver wire. Someone dropped Carlos hyde is he worth a bid and if so how much? Thank you.

  12. CMC, AB, Amari from the third spot…it is a keeper league so Kerryon in the 6th…but my favorite was when we were putting the stickers on the board someone accidentally took Leggy Blount with the first pick of the 2cd round by mistake by putting up the wrong sticker(think Lev Bell) And as a keeper league with 14 round it was sweet taking a blank sticker and writing Darwin Thompson on it and watching the knowledgeable ones groan as they though he had been taken. Someone didn’t get his name on the sticker and I have a hopeful steal for next year if I can manage to keep him stashed. Boyd,Hunter, Tevin and Breida and Will Fuller were my late addons and hope for the best. Also correlating Cam with CMC and Dak with Amari and had a great week 1 matchup with the Seahawks defense get another pass rusher today. 500 dollar payday incoming.

  13. Looking at this spreadsheet. I have Dalvin Cook in a 12 team 0.5ppr. Would you trade Lat Murray for Mattison? My keepers were Chubb and Kerryon (7/8th rd) so rbs are pretty strong. Thanks guys

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    Team name: TD LuvR
    Record 0-0
    2nd year on the Pro staff, u guys are the best, but I got a dilemma, maybe. I committed the sacred sin and bastardized the cheat sheet somewhat. FFPC scoring ppr, TEs get 1.5 ppr. Picked 4th got Zeke. Then it’s Derrick Henry, Robert Woods, C.Kirk, Hunter Henry, Greg Olsen (flex), and Ertz (flex). penny and Crowder on bench along with trash. Am I ok? I pledge to never bastardize the sheet again!!!

  15. Where you you draft McCoy now that he’s with the chiefs?

  16. How much FAAB would you spend to get Yeldon in the NFFC? We are considering anywhere from 50-100.

    1. Dollars not percent. So about 5-10% of our faab.

  17. How much faab would you bid on Lesean McCoy in a PPR league out of a $100 budget?

  18. ###Trade Alert###

    10 team standard. 2rb 2wr 1te 1flx 1qb 1te

    Currently have
    Ju Ju
    Mike Evans
    Brandin Cooks
    Curtis Samuel

    Sony Michel
    Josh Jacobs
    Miles Sanders
    Alexander Mattison
    Darwin Thompson

    He wants
    Josh Jacobs, Sony Michel and Brandin Cooks


    Dalvin Cooks
    Devante Freeman
    Larry Fitz.

    Don’t wanna get hosed before the season even starts

    1. Yes- If I could get Dalvin + Devonta + Larry for Jacobs + Michel + Cooks- yes I would do that

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    I’m have a 14 th pick in a 14 team half point ppr
    3 wr
    2 rb
    Wrt flex

    In mock drafts the running back I consistently get with my back to back picks is Mixon paired with OBJ/Thomas/Julio Jones. Would you go WR/WR first two rounds or draft Mixon with one of these WR’s. Let me your thoughts draft is Tuesday .

    1. I’d follow the sheet- and if in doubt I’d split the hairs by balancing my roster – ie: taking RB + WR

    2. But, if WR x WR are the highest picks on the sheet- go for it

      1. Post By

        Thx bro love the show on Sirius you guys make it fun to listen to . Oooo that smell !

  20. 12 team full point ppr league
    Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1 Def, 1 K with 5 bench spots

    Current Roster is as follows.

    QBs: Kylar Murray, Jared Goff
    RBs: Le’Veon Bell, Derrick Henry, Duke Johnson, Latavius Murray, Darwin Thompson
    WRs: Davante Adams, Brandon Cooks, Tyler Lockett, Allen Robinson
    TE: Mark Andrews
    Def: Ravens
    K: Justin Tucker

    With LeSean McCoy signing with the Chiefs, I am not sure I want to roster Darwin Thompson stuck in a committee. According to the latest cheat sheet the best available RBs are Devin Singletary, Ronald Jones, Justice Hill, Frank Gore, Jaylen Samuels, Alexander Mattison, and Kareem Hunt.

    All of these RBs are in a committee with the exception of Samuels, Mattison, and Hunt. I am wondering if it is worth dropping Darwin Thompson for Samuels or Mattison. I could also pick up T.Y. Montgomery to handcuff Bell. I am trying to not overreact to NFL news. However, I am not sure how to manage a short bench of 5 spots.

    1. Yes- I would drop Darwin for Samuels, Mattison, Hill, and Jones for sure— also for TyM if I were a Bell owner

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    RW Nation! Please rank the RBs as to who I should pick in dynasty draft non-PPR draft:

    Lat Murray
    Justin Jackson

    1. Prob:

      1. Post By

        Thanks, Byron!

  22. Should I make a move to beef up the RB position by moving Odell? I’m in a 16 team league, PPR.

    Aaron Jones
    Ronald Jones
    Sterling Shepard

    I can start 4 wrs.


    1. Nope, especially not when you can start 4 wrs. Wait and see if there are some adds you can make after the first couple of weeks before making a drastic move like that

  23. What do you suggest doing with the KC backfield after the McCoy signing? I currently have D Williams and D Thompson. Would you attempt to acquire McCoy? My other RBs are Fournette, Jacobs, Sanders, J Jackson, and Mattison.

    1. No you’re deep enough to avoid having to do that. Let’s wait a wk or two before panicking. If anything I’d offer one of those guys to the McCoy owner

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    Followed the magical Cheat Sheet a T and here is my team. 10 team PPR. Let me know what you guys think!

    QB -Goff
    RB – McCaffrey
    RB – Fournette
    WR – Edleman
    WR – Lockett
    WR – Laundry
    FLex – Joe Mixon
    TE – OJ Howard

    B – Guice
    B – Samuals
    B – Sutton
    B – Crowder
    B – Geo Bernard
    B – DK Metcalf
    B – Ito Smith
    B – Tre Smith

    R –

    1. Looks like a ppr monster. Love guice and crowder on the bench

  25. 12 team, no PPR. Pick one of Darwin, Justice, or Jaylen Samuels.

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    Malcolm Brown is available in my 12 team PPR league. Not a Todd Gurley owner but I’m wondering if I should scoop him up? My bench is:
    C. Kirk
    W. Fuller
    J. Gordon
    D. Guice
    M. Valdes-Scantling
    A. Mattison

    Personally, I don’t see anyone as being droppable but I’m curious what you guys think.

    1. Henderson would be the add in ppr. I don’t think you need to do it

  27. I have 12 team 0.5 point PPR draft tonight. Is there a reason the draft cheat sheet QB rankings are quite a bit different on the Standard/0.5PPR sheet vs the full point PPR sheet? Both were updated the same day.

  28. I drafted D. Williams in the 4t round, thinking of making an offer to McCoy owner.

    What do you think I can offer?

    My team:
    QB – Newton, Darnold
    RB – Cook, Ingram, Williams, Singletary, Breida, Mattison
    WR – Adams, Godwin, Curtis Samual, Gallup
    TE – Henry

    1. I really don’t think you need him.

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    Just did a 14 team standard drafting from the 13th spot using the magical cheat sheet:

    WR-M. Thomas, Landry, Marvin Jones, Shepard, Sutton
    RB-Conner, Fournette, Montgomery, Howard, Ballage

    What do you think? Anything I need to address?

    1. You’re set. Impressed you were able to accrue this lineup in a 14 teamer

      1. Post By

        It’s my work league and they let in a few noobs. Thanks to the magical cheat sheet I will be laughing to the bank! 😉

  30. I drafted 12 of 12 teams in a PPR. I think I’m solid, but I have a concern about owning Evans and OJ Howard. Should I trade one of them?
    QB – Murray
    RB: D. Johnson, D. Henry, T Coleman, L. Murray, K Ballage, A. Mattison, J. Hill
    WR: D Adams, M Evans, C Samuel, M. Williams, A. Robinson
    TE: OJ Howard

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    Have a dynasty 1/2 point PPR..
    I have Allen robinson,Antonio brown, Kennan Allen, MVS, keke, Sutton , and deebo Samuel, and Anthony Miller the golden son from last year. for my WR we start 3 WR and 2 flex..
    I was offered next year 1st round for Anthony Miller not sure if I should accept it??
    I can pick up Daniel jones QB for the giants and I have wentz right now and would of course keep him and stash Jones ….
    Just not sure with having 2 bears on my team…
    What’s your Guys thoughts. And thanks
    It’s a 12 teamer also

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    Hey did my draft tonight using the half point sheets

    It’s a fourteen team league

    Thinking of trading Mack and Lockett for Fournette and Fitzgerald my other receivers are Evans Samuel and I have Miller Parker Deebo on the bench . I really want Fournette you think it’s a good deal

  33. Trade away Mike Evans for Antonio Brown and Pollard? I have Zeke

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