PRO RosterWatch End Zone Targets Report: Week 9

alex bylineHere you can find a new tool we’ve added for the 2017 season. Each week, we will maniacally go through the All-22 tape on NFL Game Pass and chronicle every time a player is targeted in the end zone. Red-Zone targets are a nice statistic, but are not as telling as being targeted in the actual end zone which is clearly a much higher expected-value event. We could not find this statistic available publicly anywhere else, so our solution was to do it for ourselves and for RosterWatch Nation. We hope the database, which will be updated on Thursdays weekly through Week 15, is one you find useful in making your critical sit/start decisions or in projecting player performance moving forward while gauging value for trades.

Click here to access the updated shared spreadsheet


  1. Davante Adams, Funchess, or Garcon PPR

    1. or Paul Richardson

    2. Funchess out of that group GL

  2. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    16 team standard
    Qb: Dalton
    RB: CJA, Forte, Foreman, Henry, Drake, jamaal
    WR: AB, Julio,Keenan, Alshon, C Davis
    TE: O Leary and Clay

    I was offered Greg Olson for Alshon.
    I am definitely not rostering 3 TEs. Owner has Kroft, Olson and Graham.
    Would you counter Alshon and Forte for Graham or just wait until Clay is back

    1. just wait on Clay he’ll be back next week.

  3. 12 man ppr…I need 1 RB and 1 flex between the following…………Forte, Powell, M/ Lynch and T. Lockett

    1. let’s wait and see what’s up with Lynch and decide after we get the Vegas props in. It’s really close and early on I’d lean Powell + Lockett but would like to see a prop on those guys first.

  4. 10 team standard. someone dropped Delanie Walker. I already have Engram & Reed. Do I Drop Reed and (a) pick up Walker, (b) pick up V. Davis, (c) pick up a back-up WR/RB from waiver report, or (d) stand pat?

    1. I would drop him for a Wr/Rb. There is no real need to carry two TEs

  5. Post By

    1/2 PPR – Need 3 of the following (1 WRs, 1 RB and 1 Flex): Sanu, P Richardson, Garcon, Darkwa, Forte, Breida.

    Also, Dalton, Bortles, Brisett or Cutler at QB

    1. Hopefully you went with Forte as one. Garcon is now on IR so he is out. I would go Sanu and Richardson.

  6. I am in a 10 team Full Point PPR league I would be trading C.J. Anderson and Frank Gore to receive L. Forunette. Do you think I need to add someone to make the deal better or should I use C. J. Anderson and Lamar Miller?

    1. Hurry up and hit accept.

  7. Hey guys, would you drop Rudolph for Vernon Davis in a half point PPR league? I also have Brate.

    Same league, would you drop Darkwa for Rod Smith? Also have Hunt, CJA, T Coleman, and Mixon.

  8. Who would be your top 3 rbs to pickup on free agency?

    Booker, J Richard, Rawls, Rod Smith, Yeldon?

    1. Booker, Rawls, Smith.

  9. Now with Watson out who should I run at WR. Fuller, Adams, Garçon or Paul Richardson PPR

    1. Fuller and Richardson. Might be time to make a deal for a WR

      1. Yeah usually I have mckinnion in my Flex just a bad week I forgot to say I just needed one lol but would you trade Kareem Hunt straight up for Antonio Brown?

  10. I need 2, .5 pt ppr. Fuller, Cobb, Doctson, Kupp. Thanks! I’m worried about Fuller now with Watson’s injury.

    1. Kupp and Fuller. Houston still plays the colts. The loss of Watson wont fully be felt till next week.

  11. Post By Steelnation1825

    Standard league trade. Would be getting Alex Smith and Leonard Fournette and giving up Alvin Kamara, Julio Jones, and Isaiah Crowell. Would this be a good trade? I just lost Watson and my other QB is Dalton.

  12. With Watson out should I move Robby Anderson in tonight for Fuller? Also have Ted Ginn on the bench. Thanks!

  13. Just lost Watson. Should I roll with Tyrod or try and make a trade? Only garbage on waver. Also have McCoy on the team should I try and move him so I don’t have so many Bills?

    1. I like Tyrod going forward. Its always wise to explore some trades.

  14. Watson owner just lost his ride or die and is trying to trade for a QB (I have cam and dak). He said he will give me any of his RB’s for Cam.
    His RB: Kamara, Jones, Martin, Miller and McKinnon
    My RB: Hunt, Gordon, Mixon, Mack
    What trade should I offer him in exchange for Cam?

    1. I would go for Martin.

  15. Hi, RW.
    10 team 0.5 pt PPR
    WR: AJ Green, D Baldwin, K Allen, D Funchess and W Fuller
    Corey Davis and JuJu are on the wire still. Do I drop Fuller for one of them?

    1. I would drop him for Davis.

  16. Byron/Trashman/Alex,

    Need help. Not confident in Cousins the rest of the year. I can get get Carr for Devontae Parker or QB stream the rest of the year. Here is my roster:
    Antonio Brown
    Dez Bryant
    Michael Thomas
    Devontae Parker
    Josh Doctson
    Wood head

    Should I make the deal for Carr or just stream QB’s along with having Cousins. If I keep Cousins I can trade a Big time WR for a high quality RB or 2 mid tier RB’s like Kamara and mvkinnon

    1. After this week and against Seattle, Cousins schedule lightens up a little until playoffs. If you have to make a move, then you have to make a move, but I’m just not sure Carr is really better than Cousins considering Raiders have yet to face their bye.

    2. I would not make the Carr deal. I would maybe try to move Cousins and Parker for an upgrade over Cousins. I think you need more RB help than anything else.

  17. Chris Smith,

    Thank you for the advice. I really want to hold onto Parker with Brown on his bye this week. I did pu Brissett only because Houston pass def is awful and he might be a bit of a sleeper this week.

  18. Post By ModestHippo123

    Should I start Sammy Watkins or Corey Davis?

    1. I have a feeling Sammy dominates the Giants this week. Their secondary is awful with all the suspensions.

  19. I have a trade offer on the table: Give Antonio Brown and get Shaddy McCoy.

    Here is my roster:
    Antonio Brown
    Dez Bryant
    Michael Thomas
    Devontae Parker
    Josh Doctson
    Wood head

    Yay or nay??

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Your WRs should be able to handle it. Really gives a nice boost to RBs.

    2. Considering Brown is on Bye and Shady is currently playing, I would assume this trade is for next week. I would see how Mixon does this week and re-evaluate the trade after waivers next week. No need to rush this.

    3. I wouldnt. AB is elite and McCoy isnt

  20. Post By

    Should I trade Hogan for Corey Davis? I’m 6-2 and other starting wr are Evans and tyreek, Davis would be my flex

  21. Post By

    It Ian finally the Zay Jones coming out party!!! Wahooooooooo!!!!

  22. Post By BlueDevilBoxer

    Have Gordon, Gurley, Peterson, Morris, Duke, and Lat Murray. Start 2 RB and Flex in a PPR. Really need WR help. Who would you try and move?

    1. I would start with AP and see what I can get. Target the Zeke owner and include Morris.

  23. Post By

    Standard Scoring. My keenan allen for AP?

  24. Just got offered a trade, they would give L. Miller, D. Foreman. And AJ Green. For leveon. It’s a dynasty league, the person receiving bell already has gurley, Evans, Julio, Dez, diggs, gronk. I am 4-4 with low points, sitting at 10th out of 14 right now… My concern is this trade puts him through the roof, but kinda helps me too…

  25. Would you trade CJ Anderson, Alshon, and Doug Martin for Jerick, Funchess, and Kenyan Drake? I’m the Doug Martin side

    1. 1/2 point PPR

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Close, but probably yeah- if we get Jerick etx.

  26. Start/sit standard

    1 wr and 2 flex

    Parker, Watkins, engram, Collins, Anderson, Mixon

  27. Post By Byron Lambert


    Prob Collins and Mixon

  28. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Who do you like better for ROS? Julio or Keenan Allen?

  29. Post By

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix the damn thing!!!

    Your previous EZ target tool allowed us to see the progression week to week for EZ targets. Now, we only get the season average.


    1. Post By

      As I attempt to work around yet another change I notice what appears to be a mistake.

      According to your earlier EZ targets Dez Bryant had 5 EZ targets going into week 8

      Week 1. Zero
      Week 2. 3
      Week 3. Zero
      Week 4. 1
      Week 5. Zero
      Week 6. Bye
      Week 7. 1

      Today your total season report shows that Dez has had 14 EZ targets for the season. Does that mean that he had 9 EZ targets in week 8? Seems a bit high to me. Am I missing something?

      Please let me know as I am attempting to rearrange my spreadsheets to respond to the change in this invaluable tool.


      1. how do you use this tool to make start/sit decisions? i am trying to interpret this tool .. Thanks in advance

        1. Post By

          This product used along with the targets, touches, and snap counts tool can allow you to spot which receiver is the teams’ most trusted and since you can calculate catch percentage and Fantasy points from the info as well which receiver is the most prolific. I had created a spreadsheet that allowed me to line up the weekly numbers to spot if any trend existed in a players’ favor. In fact, I spotted Robby Anderson positive trends in week 6 and picked him up off free agency and scored nicely with him at 19 and 14 the past two weeks. Robert Woods has shown up recently. But with this newly formatted table my hours of creating that analysis tool has been thrown out the window. I sure wish the guys at RW would respond. Y’all do too good a job to remain mute when an issue needs addressing.

  30. Lone Wolf 4-4

    trash man special, half of my team is on bye so here is who i have to choose from 1 pt ppr

    need 2 out of 3

    Tyler Locket
    Kenny Stills
    Vernon Davis

    and if it matters i have to start Cutler since Brady is on Bye

    if i can navigate thru week 9 i am set up to make a run

    thanks for you help


  31. Davis and Locket

  32. Post By

    Insane Clowney Posse, 5-2 (lost Watson). Which RB2: Coleman vs ATL or Darkwa vs LAR? Which WR2: Corey Davis vs BAL or Tyler Lockett vs WAS? And which of the loser of Coleman/Darkwa and Davis/Lockett at Flex?

  33. Hey guys-

    .5 ppr

    going forward, would you rather have L. Miller, Chris Thompson, or A. jones.

    And if you had to give up one of these guys, who would it be. K. Allen, B. Cooks, or A. Thielen.



  34. Post By

    PPR League and I was ride or die with DWat. Picked up Big Ben for next week, who would you pick up for this week Goff, Mariotta, Borttles or Cousins. Thanks guys.

    1. I was in a similar situation. I picked up Goff.

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