RosterWatch + RotoGrinders DFS Weekly Roundup: Week 1


  1. Nice addition to the site. After listening I have a question on my standard, 10-team league. We play 2RB/2WR/1TE/1RB or WR Flex. I drafted:
    RB MGordon/DCook/TColeman/DMartin/PPerkins/DHenry
    WR MEvans/KAllen/THill/DParker/CColeman/KWhite

    The following are available; any worth picking up for Kevin White?

    Is White worth a wait and see for a couple of weeks and chancing Kamara/Richardson or another isn’t picked up by a competitor? I value your opinions. Thanks.

    1. I think White is worth a wait and see but also love the upside of Kamara and Foreman. Let’s see how White fares this week before making that move. If those guys are available now, they’ll be available next week too (barring injury to the starters).

  2. awesome show. especially that chick who is in love with matt forte. i was watching at work and halfway thru was looking around for a pillow to put over my lap.

  3. I missed the roundup and was curious to see how it went so I just watched. Damn I wish I would of tuned in on Saturday…spot on with a lot of things. Seige on the Bell fade was so money just based on the analysis of why. And yes Kendall Wright does suck. lol Not that Alex should have to explain that to everyone repeatedly. Definitely wont miss this week.

    1. Post By Ibombatomically36

      I’m having trouble finding and utilizing the awesome Hyper DFS line up generator I used for week 1. I see nothing for this week. Am I missing something? Please help

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