PRO RosterWatch Week 2 Big Tool: Snap Counts, Touches and Targets – Every Player in Fantasy

alex byline Here you can find Week 1 snap-count percentage data, targets and touches for fantasy-relevant players across most every offensive-scoring format. Simply click on the link below (PRO membership required). The Big Tool is updated through the start of the week in-season as information becomes available from the league office.

We’ve updated the spreadsheet to a new format which will hopefully make it easier to compare snap percentage, target and touch numbers from week-to-week. The rows are ordered by week of the NFL season. Once inside the shared document, find the team you are interested in, then click the link within the week you are interested in.

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  1. I have #2 waiver priority, should I put a claim in for Tarik Cohen? I have Jordan Howard.

    If the answer is yes, would you drop D’onta Foreman or Zay Jones for him?

    1. Other RBs: Gurley, Howad, T Coleman, Henry, Kamara

      Other WRs: Cooks, Jeffery, Keenan Allen, Martavis Bryant

    2. use the waiver wire cheat sheet, it will be up soon- you can drop Zay for any of the top players on there.

  2. Similar Question: Looking at drop priority in PPR. Perine, Foreman, Z. Jones.

    Other WR – AJ Green, K. Allen, M. Bryant, D. Parker, Maclin
    Other RB – Murray with Henry cuff, Ingram, Perine, Foreman.

    I’m thinking it’s Jones. Need all the RB depth I can get…

  3. Post By SullyFromHouston

    Hello fellas, A Roster management question I have: 14 man ppr. 5 td for qbs. Flex is WR/tE. Team balled out this week but going forward do I need to make moves?
    Jags Defense

    Bench: Zay jones, forte, reddick, Corey Davis, Kupp, d’onta foreman
    Thanks! SullyFromHouston

    1. yes you’ll want to use the WWCS and take the best players you can on there at the expense of Zay and Forte.

  4. Post By SullyFromHouston

    -5pt for Td for qbs

  5. Post By

    Trade question. Thinking of trading and stashing David Johnson for playoffs (if I make it). Guy who’s got him is desperate. I would likely have to give up aj green and tevin Coleman. Would you do it? My remaining WR of note would be Evans martavis &diggs. Remaining rb’s of note would be hunt crowell & mixon. Any other combo of players you give up? Thanks

    1. WTF?! Give up AJ Green for an injured DJ? NOOOOOO!

      1. Post By

        Good man!! Thanks Alex

  6. Do I drop Brandon Marshall and pick up K. Golladay or Jeremy Macklin. Both are on waivers. Have Tyler Eifert also.(Hunter Henry as back up) Suggestions

    1. I’d want to pick up all those guys – no need to have a backup TE if those options are avail on your waiver wire. I’d drop Marshall and whoever your backup TE is for those two WRs.

  7. Hey Guys, I had a couple questions about streaming defenses. First, I might be crazy but I seem to remember you guys having a tool for the best streaming options by week, or maybe i’m crazy. It would be kinda cool to have something like that because I’m sure a lot of RWN uses this strategy.
    Second who do you think I should try to pick up this week? Bal vs Cle, Cinci vs Hou, or LAC vs Mia?

    1. To add to the streaming DEF Q — Would you hold on to the Vikings D or start streaming — Bucs, Panthers, Raiders are available. (Raiders can feast on Jets in Week 2, right?)

    2. streaming Ds will be on the WWCS today.

      1. okay – but was wondering if the Vikings D is good enough just to stick with them all year.

  8. Post By

    Standard scoring. I have Thomas Rawls on my roster. Should I drop Alvin Kamara or Rex Burkhead and claim Chris Carson on the waiver wire? If so, which one should I drop? My other RB’s are dalvin cook Danny woodhead and Doug Martin.

    1. You’ll want to make some pickups this week, drop Rex and use the WWCS to prioritize who you grab.

  9. I currently have DeAndre Hopkins as my #4 wr in my 16 team ppr. I usually start him as my flex. Would it be wise to try and trade him for rookie Corey Davis? The qb situation scares the heck out of me

    1. No, he was targeted 16 times. Watson will get better.

  10. Trade offer

    C.J Anderson for D Thomas or A. Thielen

    Current RBs Freeman, Ajayi, Mixon, Henry, Kamara
    Current WRs: K. Allen, Garcon, A. Jeffery, M. Bryant, K. Wright

    12 team, PPR, 2RBS, 2WRs, and Flex

    1. You don’t specify which side you’re on.

      1. anderson side

  11. Hey guys, the earlier you can get waiver priority list up the better, we run them overnight into Wednesday, so have to have claims in by midnight Tuesday on CBS standard set up

    1. We can only work so fast, but you’ll always have it in plenty of time.

    2. Calm down son.

      1. They get these things out in plenty of time before you have to put your claim in.

  12. Post By

    Drop Zay Jones for Golladay?

  13. 2 questions fellas:

    1. I lost Johnson!!! Who should I pickup instead? (is there a ranking?!)
    2. Is there a tool who to pick up off probable waiver wire available players?

    1. use the Waiver Wire Cheat sheet – it will be out by early afternoon,.

  14. Post By

    I have D. Hopkins, K. Allen, T. Hill as my WR. Can only start 2. Who to start?? 🙁

  15. Who would you recommend from Hurns, Agholor, or Golladay? My other WRs are Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Randall Cobb, Cooper Kupp, and Zay Jones. Would be dropping Zay for one of those three. Thanks!

  16. What’s up RosterWatch crew? i’m a loyal follower; both on Sirius and your Pro membership. Decided that this year would be the first to totally depend on Roster Watch and so far it was a wise decision….even though i’m a diehard Eagles fan and most of you guys are Dallas homers…no one can be perfect, lol. Just from your draft cheatsheet; i’m so much better than the rest of the league… thanks guys, greatly appreciate your hard-work! Ok, enough brown nosing. With the first wave of waivers coming up; would you drop either: D. Foreman, S. Perrine or M. Wallace for M. Mack, A. Ellington, T Cohen or A. Kamara and do you mind ranking? i’m in a 12 team, .5 ppr; i do not have the handcuff for Perrine or Foreman so i’m not bound there. Just scared to drop Foreman or Perrine and then regret it down the road. Thanks guys and sorry for the novel.

    1. You could probably drop either of those guys and pick them up in a month honestly. I would much rather have cohen over both of them. I drafted perine and dropped him before the season even started to pick up ted ginn after the Snead suspension.

  17. I’ve lost DJ…my team stunk in week 1…I have Marshawn, Hyde, and CJ Anderson at RB…

    I have Dez Bryant, Martavis Bryant, Tyrell Williams, and Maclin at Wr

    I have Eifert and Cook at TE…

    What can I do to upgrade my team…I’m currently 4th in waiver order because other teams stunk as well and I’m unlikely to get Cohen…

    Need help!! Thanks guys!

    PS. I have Wentz and Luck as QB

  18. I forgot it’s a full point PPR league with 2 RBs 2 WRs and a flex

    1. If you want to get a little shady you could try a package trade with Tyrell Williams and either a TE or RB for s upgrade (2 for 1). Then after you free up a spot to pick up mike Williams for the chargers. He should be back in the not so distant future and is more talented than Tyrell. He should also take over the role as the number 2 in that offense. Just a thought if you can pull it off. That way you can save your waiver, upgrade, and have a potential WR2/3 down the road. I am guessing with your options you would probably not play Tyrell very often to begin with.

      1. Thanks for the tip!

  19. So. I survived Irma here east of Tampa. lots of debris, got everything picked up within 5 hrs. Can’t complain at all. Definitely fortunate compared to others that got hammered literally 10 miles further east of me where apparently they had multiple Twisters TD and just Fed everything up. trying to stay calm and do my thing. Offering help to others with no power or a house.

    Finally got around to checking all my fantasy crap today and wow..this week was dreadful. I actually won in my primary (Must win) family league with a score of 87! lol. Wow! It’s a full ppr too. any who.. My question which I’m sure has been asked five million times already..

    Is Kerwynn Williams worth a damn?
    …and Should I be going after D.J. Foster in a Dynasty that I have Johnson in? ..
    or is it Tarik Cohen all day over all these bums, no matter the format? thanks Guys.

  20. Post By

    So im assuming we use the WW cheatsheet the sams as the draft one.. highest name is best value… my question is should i be putting in claims everyweek for players? Or should i let my waiver priority build up if i dont see anyone i like/need?

    1. Post By

      Listening to the pidcast as i type this… answered all my questions you guys are the fuckin balls awesome stuff guys

  21. 10 team standard

    I have been offered to trade my K. Hunt and J. Maclin for J. Jones

    I have E. Elliot, Freeman, and Gore as my RBs and S. Watkins and K. Benjamin as my other WR
    just had A. Robinson get injured.

  22. I’m not able to view any of the Links in the google docs file. Is anyone else having this problem or is this user error? Thanks.

  23. Proposed trade:
    I get: M. Bryant & Beast Mode
    I lose J. Ajai & T. Williams
    I have Gurley, Coleman and Mixon @ RB but after Julio and Keenan my WR crew thins out a bit.

    Thanks for all you do.
    Stay woke.

  24. Who should I drop to pick up Kerwynn Williams – Theo Riddick, Tevin Coleman or Joe Mixon. I also was the unforturnate owner of David Johnson, but Im guessing I should hold on to him if I have room right?


  25. So I used the magical cheat sheet (very please with my draft). 1 PPR league I am short on RB talent Bell coleman henry kamara and just picked up B.allen . I am loaded at wr bryant crabtree hopkins m.bryant. I was offer hyde for hopkins should I take it or not?

  26. What is your feeling about dropping Hunter Henry for either Cook or Clay? 12 team 0.5ppr. He is my only TE.

  27. Post By

    Do I play Ingram as flex or replace him with Ertz, Corey Davis, , Decker, or Tyrell Williams? I hate what NO is doing with their backfield!

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