Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 1

Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 1


Welcome back ye divers of dumpsters and finders of filth. The Garbage Grab is here to bring you hope where once there was none. It’s week 1, so you shouldn’t be in dire straits, but just in case, here are a handful of productive players you can get for a pittance on opening weekend…



Sam Bradford, 23% owned: If Bradford had started 16 games last year, it’s likely he would have topped 4,000 yards in 2016 – he finished with 3,877 yards over 15 games(he had a 259 yard average). At home against the high scoring Saints this week, Bradford gets the additional boost of a back who catches passes in Dalvin Cook, in addition to the unassuming but efficient trio of Diggs, Thielen, and Rudolph.  

Brian Hoyer, 12% owned: If there’s one thing Hoyer has going for him, it’s that he’s playing in a Kyle Shanahan offense in San Fran – Shanahan was the architect of Matt Ryan’s record year in 2016. Hoyer’s never had trouble putting up yards, but he has had turnover issues in the past. He did manage to go 6 starts last season with the Bears without throwing a pick, so I have reason to think he’s largely rectified that issue. His opponent this week, Carolina, is middle of the pack against opposing QBs so Hoyer has a good chance to start the year off right at home.


Running Back

C.J. Prosise, 33% owned: There are plenty of questions about who the lead back is in Seattle, but we’re certain that Prosise is the 3rd down back in an offense that we know is going to throw the ball a lot this season. His role is certain, and he’s as healthy as he’s going to be this year in an expected shootout with Green Bay.

Chris Thompson, 16% owned: Thompson caught 49 passes in 2016, and there’s no reason to think that number won’t improve this year behind a lackluster Rob Kelley and rookie Samaje Perine who is still learning the position. He’s got a solid matchup with the Eagles this week.


Wide Receiver

Kendall Wright, 14% owned: Wright hasn’t been useful in some time, but he’s going to approach a career year if he stays healthy in Chicago this season as Glennon’s most reliable option in the passing game. Desmond Trufant is going to handle Kevin White this week, leaving Wright to soak up targets over the middle.

Paul Richardson, 14% owned: The starter opposite Doug Baldwin, Richardson is a speedster who can take it to the house on any given play. He’ll get plenty of run in a game against the Packers that has a 51 point total prop.

Marqise Lee, 16% owned: Lee was arguably the most productive WR in Jacksonville for most of the season in 2016, and now he moves to the outside, where before he was in the slot. Houston’s secondary is going to work at containing Allen Robinson, so Lee should have a little breathing room.


Tight End

Evan Engram, 23% owned: Engram looked like an oversized WR the Senior Bowl this year, and the Giants are treating him like one. He’s going to move all over the field and be especially viable in the red zone, where his size is going to make the difference. No training wheels on this rookie.


  1. Good morning, you may have missed this Q —

    Who do you think has the best chance to take over RB job — Prosise, Kamara, d foreman or Smallwood. — or someone I have not mentioned and is likely still a free agent. Thanks

    Also, Prescott or Wentz? Concerned about Zeke getting the ball in the red zone.

    1. Prob Smallwood in the short term, but we like Prosise this week if Rawls sits. And, we like Foreman the most of them all – personally. Kamara is a solid keeper pick or dynasty play.

  2. Standard league…Do i wait for obj news & pick up T Williams if necessary?
    Play Mike Wallace at 1pm?

    1. I’d prob wait, and make a pickup

  3. Morning boys! The only reason I pay for a Sirius radio subscription is because of Rosterwatch!

    I lost Ajayi & DeVante Parker due to the cancelled game and I need to play 2 of the following players in a .5ppr:

    Lynch, Garcon, Zay, Cooper Kupp & PRich…already rolling with Melvin Gordon, Larry Fitz, & the alien Martavis. If it factors in to the decision I am down in the matchup 57.78-0 because my opponent had Kareem Hunt & Tom Brady on Thursday night…my QB is Russell Wilson so I will hopefully make up some of the deficit there.

    Thanks fellas and best of luck to all today!

    1. I’d go with Lynch and Garcon. There’s an argument for Zay due to his upside and matchup though if you really want to swing for the fences. good luck

    2. I’d roll Lynch and Garcon. Best wishes.

  4. No Cooper Kupp on the list? I guess i’ll need to start Paul Richardson over him in PPR..

    1. I considered it strongly. I wouldn’t hate it in a ppr. I just wanted to see a game out of him before recommending. I’m not afraid of rookies, but I am afraid of suspect QBs.

  5. Need 3 zay jones, Perriman, J Dochtson or Blount 1/2 point ppr. I’m trash picking let me know thanks

    1. Zay, Blount, and Perriman

    2. Zay, Blount, and Perriman.

  6. Post By Longhornfireman

    Standard league
    I have K Allen as backup plan if Beckham doesn’t play.

    Who should I use as flex between T. Coleman, A. Abdullah, J Jones?

    1. Post By Longhornfireman

      Correction Zay Jones not J Jones

    2. J Jones? If that’s Julio -def him.

      Otherwise- Abdullah.

  7. Need 1
    Tyrell Williams
    Kevin White
    S. Sheapord


    1. Wait on news for Odell – if out roll Shep. If he’s active, pivot to Twill

  8. Also… My WRs are

    M. Thomas
    M. Bryant
    T. Williams
    K. White
    S. Shepard

    Should I swap Stills for Goodwin? Or I dont have a backup QB. Should I grab one of these in place of stills.


    Yea.. Pretty slim on the WW for Qbs..

    Keep it up. Best content out there!!! #ROSTERWATCHNATION

  9. Post By

    Pure garbage trash man- love it

  10. Prosise and Foreman are available on waivers. Should I drop someone on my bench to pickup either of them or both? My bench: C.J Anderson, Jamaal Charles, Jamaal Williams (I have ty Montgomery starting) Golladay, Theilan…. 12 team 1 point PPR..

  11. Thank you for the responses to my earlier question on point as always gents…One additional question for the same team (12 team / .5PPR)….for my last bench spot should I be carrying PRich or Deandre Washington (Lynch owner & Washington’s Charlie Garner like potential—I remember the Pod where Byron made mention of something along those lines )?

    Thank you again gents.

    Current team:

    Russell Wilson
    Melvin Gordon
    Jay Ajayi
    Marshawn Lynch
    D’Onta Foreman
    Samaje Perine
    Martavis Bryant
    DeVante Parker
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Pierre Garcon
    Zay Jones
    Cooper Kupp
    Paul Richardson
    Jack Doyle
    1 Defense
    1 Kicker

  12. Post By Nebraskan Assassin

    Sterling shepherd or paul richardson in standard this week?

  13. Post By

    Engram, hooper, or Ebron? .5 ppr

  14. Keenan allen or b marshall today? Standard

    Also, keenan allen, b marshall or deandre hopkins (pick 2)


  15. Keenan Allen or Corey Coleman 1ppr?

  16. ROS P Rich or K Wright?
    Also, this week K Allen or P Garcon?

    1. Sorry PPR

  17. Chris Thompson!
    The trashiest of trash comes thru again.
    You make me sick!

  18. Rw nation: I’m losing by 4 and my oponent has Evan Engram and Giants Def left. I have QB, K, and Sterling Shepard. Do I roll Eli to cancel out Engram or roll with Rivers?

  19. Just got a trade offer to get Davante Parker for Jason Whitten. I would do the trade in a minute but my other Tight End is the Oftinjured Jordan Reed. There is not much on waivers for TE. What do you think?

  20. Galladay, T cohen are free agents but I don’t know who to drop or if I should stand pat. I have wilson/rivers for Qbs; cook, freeman, gordon, hunt, coleman RBs; and M Bryant, crabtree, M thomas, Parker, C davis and J Maclin for WRs Any thoughts on this? thanks

    1. and what % of the FAAB should be bid for these guys?

  21. Having a problem getting through. Need advice on wr/te. Would you drop Brandon Marshall for K Golliday or Jeremy Macklin( Eli looked ridiculously bad) I also have Tyler Eifert and Hunter Henry. Any moves there?

  22. Post By Longhornfireman

    I play in an 8 team standard format league
    This site is great-I crushed the draft with your cheat sheet.
    I have Gordon, Hunt, Fournette, T Coleman and Abdullah as RBs
    I have Brown, Beckham, K Allen, D Parker and Zay Jones as WRs.
    Kelce is my only TE.
    Barring injuries I don’t ever see playing Jones and am concerned with only 1 TE.

    In my league Hooper, Engram, James and Clay are all available on waivers although I waiver last this week, what order do you think I should sequence the waivers?

    Contrarian question – should I hold onto Jones because Kelce’s bye is week 11?

  23. What time will the waiver wire cheat sheet be available today?

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