RW Podcast 232: Ronald Jones Cuckold Male

Alex Dunlap and the Trashman discuss fantasy football players who are vulnerable to have their fantasy value sapped via the NFL draft such as Ronald Jones, Damien Williams, Allen Lazard, Darrell Henderson, Tyrell Williams and others. They also give their evaluations of Arizona State rookie RB Eno Benjamin.

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  1. Would you trade Gurley in dynasty for 1.11 and tevon coleman or try for more?

    1. I’d hold Gurley unless it’s a supeflex league where CEH or Cam Akers might fall to 11.

      1. Thanks Homie.
        It didn’t feel like enough. I’ll hold for now.

      2. What about Guice and 1.11 for Gurley? It’s not superflex.

  2. Question for Alex,
    Curious to hear your logic in the XM host mock you took Gurley with your 3rd pick after going RB, RB with Cooper available? This would be a good question for a future pod!

    1. Maybe this mock was held before cooper signed

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      I will note this for the next podcast!

    3. I was going with a heavy RB approach with some of the guys around me like Ratcliffe seeming to be loading up on RD2 and RD3 WRs and was pretty confident I could get some guys to fall to me as they pivoted to middling RB types I was hoping they’d have to reach for given the WR-heavy start. It worked out to some degree. Also, Gurley was a little ahead of Cooper on the cheat sheet version I was testing in this draft so I wanted to test it out to make sure it didn’t need changes. This is an area of the sheet that I really fuss over, but appreciate the question, it will be something we discuss.

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