Taylor Lewan is a Meathead Like Richie Incognito

Taylor Lewan is a Meathead Like Richie Incognito
Alex Dunlap, RosterWatch.com
Upon review, Michigan LT Taylor Lewan plays football like a meathead, which we love.

What we don’t love are off-the-field issues, and we certainly view off-the-field accusations such as threatening to rape a rape victim if she tattled on his friend (for raping her) as being disgusting. When asked about the accusations at the NFL Scouting Combine, Taylor Lewan told us,

“That’s definitely a situation between those two people. I am not here to protect Brandon or the young lady. That’s not what I am here to do. I am here to talk about football. I can say I never said those things. I’ve said a lot of dumb things in my life but those are not things that I said. That is a touchy subject. I would never disrespect a woman like that. I consider myself a guy who likes to hold doors, not threaten people.”

And he seemed to mean it. Furthermore – everything we’ve seen out of Lewan through our arduous 2014 travels covering the draft has pointed decidedly to “good kid.” Respectful and communicative. Which to us, smells an awful lot like Richie Incognito.

Remember, Richie Incognito was great on NFL Network, a frequent and popular correspondent for Dolphins “team cam” features. And then, in the midst of the meat of the Miami bullying scandal, Incognito was honored for his genial nature by the South Florida Chapter of the Pro Football Writers of America with its annual “Good Guy Award” in 2012.

And it’s not because they’re both from midwestern schools—gritty, meathead players with tattoo sleeves, either. No, we see a player who has exhibited clear temper issues, a history of unscrupulous brushes with the law out of college, and plenty of silver-tongued excuses for why it was never his fault.

Warning signs.

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