Trade Talks: A Brandon Lloyd Owner’s Perspective

Trade Talks: A Brandon Lloyd Owner’s Perspective
Byron Lambert,

So Denver is trying to ship Brandon Lloyd out of town. What should Lloyd owners or potential Lloyd owners be thinking?

First and foremost, you are hoping the Bronco’s don’t find any takers. Just rounding in to form after an early season hammy Lloyd is looking pretty good the last few games. He produced well when he played with Tim Tebow last year (13 pts./gm) and Tebow was looking for him last Sunday. This is the best situation for owners to get the value they were expecting.

You are nervous about a trade for several reasons. Mainly the overall transition involved and which QB he ends up with. The system will matter too. In general I expect a trade to diminish Brandon Lloyd’s fantasy value especially in the short term. Sometimes it does seem like a guy that has been traded has a good first game then quiets down. He could come on given the proper situation as the season progresses.

The teams I think he could go to and maintain status quo or close to would be Tennessee or St. Louis. Hasselbeck is a solid veteran in TEN and he looks great this year. The Titans are also throwing the ball a lot this year and CJ2K always takes pressure off the passing game. One drawback is there are quite a few other options in TEN.

St. Louis seems obvious because of the Josh McDaniels connection and the glaring need for a legitimate play making WR and red zone threat. Lloyd would be the clear cut #1 in St. Louis, Bradford is good, and already being familiar with the offense in theory would lessen the transition.

No matter what, QB-WR chemistry takes time. So the best bet is for Lloyd to stay put in Denver. Crossing my fingers!

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