PRO Trashman’s 2018 Week 14 Flex Rankings: RB, WR, TE

Trashman HeaderOften times, there is nothing tougher (or more important) than deciding who your weekly flex-plays are. It can be a mind-numbing experience having to make cross-positional projections.

This season, our RosterWatch PRO community will have personal and exclusive access to our very own disgusting Trashman, who has carefully curated his personal weekly flex rankings in order to help you in gaining input about your roster decisions.

PLEASE Keep in mind, these are not our official RosterWatch Week 14 rankings, but we’ve learned over time to pay extra-special attention to what the Trashman might have up his filthy sleeve – and where he stacks up players against one another for the coming weekend’s slate cross-positionally.

Our OFFICIAL rankings page here on the site will continue to be updated through the day Saturday and Sunday morning as more information comes in and we become more comfortable with player slotting. In the meantime, have a look at how the Trashman sees the Week 14 slate shaking out – as his inputs to our formula are a key (albeit disgusting) component.

(Based on .5 PPR scoring).

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  1. Titans d over the rams for sure?

  2. Post By

    Lost Sanders and now I’m scrambling for a Flex play in a PPR. Need one out of: Muscle Hamster, McGuire, Brate, Hines and Gallup. Really scraping the barrel here. Thanks for the help!

    1. mcguire if no crowell. otherwise, martin

  3. Guys can you let us know how much the expected heavy rains in tampa is gonna effect saints and Bucs players? It is becoming more definitive its going to be pretty bad.

    1. we’re waiting till the last minute to make real prognostications, as we’ve overreacted for almost every weather incident this season. the vegas odds will definitely help when they’re in.

  4. Post By

    1/2 point ppr need 2…cooks, ware, Hilton….thAnks

    1. cooks, and hilton if hilton goes. cooks and ware otherwise

  5. Post By

    Half ppr need 2. Ingram, D. Cook, Diggs, Edelman. Thanks!

  6. Post By

    Goff, Trubisky or Jackson this week?

  7. Fournette let me down . . . Who has most upside as my RB2: Samuels, Drake, Edwards, or Penny? Thanks gents!

    1. i’d say edwards, and i’d try to put samuels in at te if it’s yahoo

  8. Thanks Trashman! – need a flex player w Conner and K Johnson out: Edwards or Larry Fitzgerald?

  9. Post By @VeganPhoPlez

    Need to start 2 in a PPR league

    Cooper, Golladay, or Sutton

    My WR 1 is Allen. I need a W2 and a flex. My QB is Cam and RB’s are Kamra and Mixon. TE Njoku I have Reed but I’m gonna probably go with Njoku.

    High steaks league so I would lean towards probably needing a higher ceiling rather than a floor.


    1. i’d go with cooper

  10. Need to sit one of the following in a ppr: TY, Juju, Mixon, Sony, DCook. I have Barkley locked in already. Thanks guys

    1. i’d probably sit ty as he’s a risk for reinjury

  11. Post By John Trombley

    Standard need 3: Alshon, Edelman, Arob, Sutton, Humphries. Need 1: Dalvin or Michel

  12. Need to play 1 of these 3 in non PPR league : Brady, Ryan or Prescott. Please advise. ty

  13. .5 ppr — which two would you start –J jackson, J adams, M mack, A Humphries thanks

    also Brate or Njoku at TE

    1. —- or should I pick up Jeff Wilson? thanks

    2. jackson, mack, njoku

  14. Post By

    Standard scoring…ekler, Ingram, Coleman…need 1…thanks

  15. Got SBarkley and J White rb1&2 with K drake as a flex. PPR. Need 2 wide receivers out of these 4. (1) JGordon ( any concerns playing 2 Pat players with Edelman-SMichel—and Gronk looming ??) (2&3) L Fitzgerald & ZayJones (rookie QBs??) and (4) Allen Robinson (dang A Talib??). And would u change the flex??

  16. Post By Electricwessel

    Ok I am at an impass on my roster
    Justin Jackson


    Currently I’m playing

    WR Diggs
    WR Golladay

    RB Ware
    RB Ekeler
    FLEX White

    But I kind of want to play jackson and not sure if I should play Godwin over Golladay.. Humphries and Fitzgerald are available on free agency.. I’ve got a roster of underachievers. Thanks.

    1. Post By Electricwessel

      Standard scoring.

    2. i’m fine with godwin over golladay, especially with peterson covering

      1. At a crossroad – standard scoring, have Shepard or Ekeler I can play in my flex. Have Sutton and DJ Moore in WR and Spencer Ware and Samuels in my RB slots. Thoughts?

  17. Post By

    Lost Sanders, need a PPR WR rest of season… Anthony Miller, Zay Jones, or Antonio Callaway?

  18. What’s up with the love for joe Mixon this week and ekeler? The bengals offense has been terrible and they go away from the run almost instantly (coincidence since Hue cameback I think not). Also ekeler just watching last game is so obvious he can’t handle early down work for anymore than a half before he is gassed. Ekeler was completely inefficient as a runner but I can see him being the passing down back of course. Also thoughts on why Josh Gordon over Golladay?

    1. mixon has gone over 80 yards last 2 games and is a good pass-catcher even if he isn’t running it. ekeler didn’t do much last game but approaches 20 touches. golladay will have face patrick peterson in coverage

  19. Post By

    Underdog in my match up: would you play Baldwin or AMiller over Edelman and need 2 RBS Edwards Ingram Michel Mixon

    1. Post By

      Standard league

    2. no and mixon and michel

  20. Be cool if there was a general, well as general as the maniacal bastards that spend their time on this website to discuss league improvements.

    My guess is that many of you wild fantasy nerds like me might also be a commissioner.

    I have a new payout structure for a $100 entry home league I wanted to get feed back and see how others run their leagues.

    We had been awarding the final 2 of 6 spots in a 12 team PPR league’s playoffs to ‘wild card’ (most points of remaining teams). And a $10 weekly most point award. I’m making a suggestion to my league and curious of thoughts.

    Thought presented to league:

    “New pay out and only one wild card next year. Try to get one more record team on there.

    No more weekly pay out. Same $600 for playoff champ 2-$235, 3-$100, but add 4-$50, 5-$40, 6-$0, 7-$35, 8-$0, 9-$25, 10-$0, 11-$15, 12-$0.

    Every team is pushing for a winning playoff team. “

    Thoughts from this crazy community. Thoughts on a community forum page??

    Team Name: Cockamamie Business
    Record: 5-8 (1943 pts.) 5th seed


    1. Post By

      I like the idea of Wild Cards, we had two bad teams make the playoffs in our league this year because they faced soft schedules. Meanwhile, the 4th highest scoring team finished 8th out of 10!

      I’ve never been a fan of giving any money back to non-playoff teams. I mean, if 1st is $600, teams should tank.

      Take last year, if I were sitting in 8th place in your league by the trade deadline? I’m cleaning house and tanking for Saquon Barkley.
      For me, the $15-$50 payback isn’t worth hurting my $100 team next year. Especially since there’s a 50% chance I finish 8th, 10th, or 12th and get nothing anyway.

      Anyways, just my opinion. Good luck!

      1. Got similar feed back from league. Want more of all or nothing deal.

        I like the point wild card. Another wrinkle I added is .5 for rushing 1st down. Bring value back to a tough 3 yards to get a first. A negative screen pass should be worth more

  21. Post By

    Need help please, 10 Team Standard W/Flex spot . need 2 rb’s an flex outta these . Barkley ,Eckler, J Jackson, J Sameul, J Mixon and M Ingram . maybe use Samuel as TE ?

    1. barkley, mixon, ingram and samuel at te

  22. Post By AllabouttheTD

    Need a RB2 and flex spot PPR- Edwards,eckler,samuels,jackson,humphries Thx men

  23. Post By John Hunsberger

    Standard flex question

    Mack or Reynolds ?

    1. Post By John Hunsberger

      Sorry meant to make this longer .. Curtis Samuel is an option as well

      For Te do I trust reed or go with Thomas from Carolina ?

  24. Post By

    When is the dfs slate dropping and Vegas odds

  25. 6 pt passing TD….Luck or L Jackson?

    If TY doesn’t go, Ridley or Z Jones? Half ppr


  26. Justin Jackson, David Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Jaylen Samuels. Which 3 do I start?

    1. PPR

      1. Cool thanks. Do you think Samuels, Jackson, and Josh adams are going to be viable in 2019? Also, if Samuels shines with this opportunity do you see PIT being a split backfield similar to NO?

  27. Good morning. Well the playoffs have started and Leonard Fournette did me no favors Thursday night. I need some help.

    Here is my team. Question at QB and RB2. 1pt ppr and 3WR with no flex.

    QB. Goff
    RB1 Fournette
    RB2. James White, Mixon, Gus Edwards, Spencer Ware or McCoy.
    WR Julio Jone
    WR Kenny Golladay
    WR Antonio Brown
    TE. C Herndon( need help here as well in the TE wasteland)
    K zuerlein
    Def. Denver

    QB Jameis Winston
    RB McCoy
    RB Mixon
    RB Gus Edwards
    RB Spencer Ware
    WR Josh Reynolds
    TE waiver wire.,Jordan Thomas(Texans) Ian Thomas (Carolina) or Uzimah or Matt Lacosse. No clue what to do here.

    QB decision, RB2 decision and TE.

  28. i’d play winston, white and keep herndon

  29. Trash man,2 more ?’s for another league. 1pt ppr

    Mixon, Dalvin Cook or Spencer Ware and TE McDonald or Ingram with OBJ now out

  30. 1/2 pt ppr. At WR I typically start K. Allen, Boyd, and Lockett….

    Would you throw Reynolds or D. Pettis in over Boyd or Lockett this week given the matchups?

  31. Lost AJ Green and Sanders for the playoffs. I have Humphries to roll out but need 2 of these in a full pt PPR. C. Samuel, Z.Jones, B.Ellington, A.Miller

  32. ppr. need 1 rb, 1 wr, 1 flex outta: DJ, Fitz, lockett, edwards, DJ Moore, Ware, Wilson jr, pettis, and Sheppard is on the wire.

  33. Gus Edwards or Josh Gordon? 0.5 ppr. With Xavian Howard out, I am leaning Josh Gordon. Crazy?

  34. Need 1. Full Ppr James White, Sony michal, sterling shepard, Justin jackson, or Chris Godwin. Thanks

  35. Man, I’m stuck with Conner and OBJ going out this week. Standard league. What 3 backs do you go with out of:

    A. Jones
    S. Ware
    S. Michel
    J. Mixon
    M. Ingram
    J. Samuels

    Hopkins and Hilton are my WRs. Any thoughts?

  36. Post By

    Mixon or Michele?
    Trey Quan Smith or j. Gordon.

    1. I can’t decide what to do with Mixon either. I’m worried with Dalton being out, so I am leaning Sony or Ware.

  37. Help!! Long time pro member
    Going crazy trying to figure this one out

    Cousins, baker, or trubisky??

    I have chubb and njoku going and worry about too many browns

  38. Post By

    thanks for advice Trashman !!!!

  39. Post By

    Lost obj and proj. to lose by almost 20, need a late flex pettis, conley, m. Williams, or macguire?

  40. Post By

    Lost E. Sanders, and Sammy Watkins (my WR3) is doubtful. Choose 2: Curtis Samuel, Marquis Goodwin, Dante Pettis, Trequan Smith, Mike Williams

  41. Need 2. Full Ppr James White, Sony michal, sterling shepard, Adam humphries, Justin jackson, or Chris Godwin.

    Appreciate the help!

  42. Post By yeagermeister

    Ppr: zay Jones or Josh Gordon

    Luck or Lamar jackson?

  43. Last chance to hold last playoff spot…lamar or josh allen….zae jones or devante parker…

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