PRO Trashman’s 2018 Week 2 Flex Rankings: RB, WR, TE

Trashman HeaderOften times, there is nothing tougher (or more important) than deciding who your weekly flex-plays are. It can be a mind-numbing experience having to make cross-positional projections.

This season, our RosterWatch PRO community will have personal and exclusive access to our very own disgusting Trashman, who has carefully curated his personal weekly flex rankings in order to help you in gaining input about your roster decisions.

PLEASE Keep in mind, these are not our official RosterWatch Week 2 rankings, but we’ve learned over time to pay extra-special attention to what the Trashman might have up his filthy sleeve – and where he stacks up players against one another for the coming weekend’s slate cross-positionally.

Our OFFICIAL rankings page here on the site will continue to be updated through the day Saturday and Sunday morning as more information comes in and we become more comfortable with player slotting. In the meantime, have a look at how the Trashman sees the Week 2 slate shaking out – as his inputs to our formula are a key (albeit disgusting) component.

(Based on .5 PPR scoring).

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  1. 12 team 1/2 PPR…

    I have Stafford as my QB (didn’t love that I ended up with him). Should I try to trade for Mahomes (they already have Brady) by offering Chris Hogan? I already have Michael Thomas, Josh Gordan, Nelson Agohlor, and Keenan Cole on my roster. Other backup QB options on other teams are Luck, Keenum, and Ryan.

    I’m not one to carry more than one QB, but I’ve never been confident in Stafford.


    1. You are fine. Don’t even hate Stafford this wk. Obv understand feeling goosey after WK1, but Stafford is still a solid fantasy QB.

      Giving up Hogan is fine. Hate Matt Ryan, wouldn’t give a wooden nickel for him. If you can get Case for cheap for this week, or Luck on the season we are fine with that. Not worth giving up much or losing too much sleep over.

  2. Guys use the rankings for your sit/starts!

    1. Post By

      Which rankings?
      The flex rankings has J. Gordon over Demarius Thomas but your flex rankings has Thomas over Gordon

  3. I’m not sure who to start on my flex I also have a question on my running backs let me know who to start or sit…

    10 team PPR 1 Point

    Should I start Joe Mixon or Adrian Peterson

    I also have a flex question only start ONE!
    Josh Gordon
    Brandon Marshall
    Adrian Peterson
    Allen Robinson
    Rex Burkhead
    Rashaad Penny
    T.J Yeldon

    Here’s my current lineup Open to any suggestions..
    QB P Rivers
    RB T Gurley
    RB J Mixon ?
    WR D Adams
    WE A Thielen
    TE G Kittle
    RB/WR/TE J Gordon ?

    Thanks guys!

    1. i’d play mixon and peterson. i’d maybe fade adams as he’s questionable and so is rodgers, and they’re going against minnesota. you have robinson or gordon in that case.

  4. Post By

    Standard League

    flex spot- pick one
    J. Gordon/ Amari Cooper/ Royce Freeman/ I. Crowell

    .5ppr league— pick 2 Wrs:

    Amari Cooper / J. Gordon/ Cooper Kupp/ K. Golladay

    Thanks guys

  5. Post By Dickson The Goat

    Thoughts on Coleman vs. AP if Freeman is out?

    1. i’d do what i can to get both of them in. i’d give the edge to peterson though

      1. Post By Dickson The Goat

        Thanks! Tough to get them both in with Kamara, Evans, and Juju already locked in. 16 team league but only 1RB/3 flex spots

  6. Post By

    When are the regular start/sit rankings coming?

    1. The rankings are constantly updated. Fire that bad boy up on Sunday morning to finalize your picks.

  7. Post By

    Ppr league Chris Thompson or Alex Collins

    1. Gotta go CT for sure.

  8. Jamaal Williams or Peyton Barber? If Rodgers doesn’t play?

  9. Post By

    RW Nation! where do we stand with D. Freeman?! I work in the ortho/ pain field and this knee relapse has me worried. Someone drafted Coleman out from under me in the 5th round. Not looking forward to this headache all year. 12 team ppr. I want to offer him in a trade for James white and Alex Collins.. idea is I’m buying low on Collins after that fumble/ big lead led to less production week 1. Plus injuries in NE end Baltimore backfields…

  10. Stick with Jags defense against Tom Brady or go with the Saints who got torched by Fitzpatrick?

    1. i’d roll jags. the texans def actually had a decent day last week against the pats.

  11. Post By

    Trashman! 1 Pt PPR. For my flex, should stick with Collins, put in Coleman in hopes Freeman doesn’t play?

    1. if you’re feeling pretty good about the rest of your lineup this week, i’d stick with collins. he was rested in the buffalo game cause of the blowout. if freeman sits, you should still be able to find a way to get coleman in

  12. Most teams that foolishly drafted Martavius Bryant have dropped him. The Raiders signed him back and the other WRs aren’t the over the top guy really. Do you think Bryant would be a good dart throw in deeper leagues?

    1. decent, but the looming suspension doesn’t help.

  13. 1) Stick with Stafford @SF this week or drop him for Keenum vs. OAK or Tyrod Taylor @NO? Carrying a 2nd QB isn’t option. Ranks have STafrd below both those best available options… since I didn’t scoop up Alex Smith in time

    2) Also rostering both the Chargers DEF who literally cost me a Win last week and the Bears DEF who I burned a waiver claim on so which should I start and which one should I drop?

    3) Similar dilemma in another league where I have the Bears DEF and the Ravens DEF? Which do I start and which gets dropped since I never carry two defenses.

  14. Post By

    Hey guys are we posting player ranking every week? if so, when?

  15. Do you I play mixon over Collins tonight if o have them both? Ppr. Thanks if you guys see this

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I’m on the Mixon train.

  16. Curious as to why the rankings don’t have std or PpR change this year? There’s no bar to change it?

  17. Trade offer to me in Yahoo std .5 per:
    I give away Clement I get Ertz

    my rb’s = Gurley Devonta F APeterson Clement
    My te’s = Engram and Doyle
    My wr’s are d Adams a Robinson j Gordon c kupp and Doctson

    Post trade I would try to trade Evan + maybe Doctson for an rb2????

    Should I accept the trade and try executing the second?

    1. Clement for Ertz!!?? You can Ertz?? I would it! Lol

      1. I would take it*

        1. Fat fingers on keyboard alert: it is Alex Collins, not Cery Clement…

          1. I would make the trade and flip the other te’s for an upgrade in your wr corp

  18. Fat fingers on keyboard alert: it is Alex Collins, not Cery Clement…

  19. Post By

    Flex question, full pt. PPR. 2 flex spots, going to start Tate in one. Need one from E. Sanders, R.Cobb, McCaffrety,

    1. 2 flex spots I would probably take McCaffrey and Sanders but if you must start Tate I would go with McCaffrey on the other

  20. Post By Getting Schwifty

    1/2 point ppr. Amendola, Lindsay, Richard, brieda or miller for my flex?

    1. Prob Lindsay

  21. Post By

    Who to drop for Enunwa? (keeper league, half pt ppr)

    Nick Chubb (holding for keeper)
    Kerryon Johnson
    S. Watkins

    1. Prob Marshall

  22. Are your rankings a consensus of the 3 of you?
    I was confused when I clicked on the rankings tab because the format reminded me of FP.

    1. We use the expert consensus rankings at fantasy pros as a template. I do the flex rankings. Alex and byron do the position rankings with occasional input from me.

      1. I tiled them up yesterday on my big desk top and compared yours with FP and saw that they were different.
        I like & respect your guys’ opinions & I’m glad they are different from FP’s.

        Trashman, Thank you.

        p.s. I miss the robot genius.

  23. Who topick up and drop
    PPR play 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) 1 TE
    Kamara, MGordon III, JConnor, JMixon, JWilliams, CThompson
    THill, JuJu S-S, CHogan, MJones,Jr., NAgholor, AMiller

    Weaker in WR
    Available as free agents to pick up right now:
    MBrieda, SMichel, Ekeler TLockett, Enunwa, CGoodwin, MartBryant and TE JCook and A S-F
    Drop AMiller for any of these – those RB are tasty but leaves me with 4 WR in play 3 WR league

    When should i trade JConnor?

    Thank you!

  24. Who topick up and drop?
    PPR play 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) 1 TE
    Kamara, MGordon III, JConnor, JMixon, JWilliams, CThompson
    THill, JuJu S-S, CHogan, MJones,Jr., NAgholor, AMiller

    Weaker in WR
    Available as free agents to pick up right now:
    MBrieda, SMichel, Ekeler TLockett, Enunwa, CGoodwin, MartBryant and TE JCook and A S-F
    Drop AMiller for any of these – those RB are tasty but leaves me with 4 WR in play 3 WR league

    When should i trade JConnor?

    Thank you!

    1. I think you’re set at RB. I may try to package a Hogan+Agholor for a better WR and pickup Lockett or Enunwa. Overall your WRs are good. Hogan and Marvin should come around. I have both in one league and have my fingers crossed on them. Good luck.

  25. Would it be permissible to try and make this trade?

    Send: Conner and Larry Fitz

    Receive: Julio

    1. I would prob do it

  26. Post By

    Not flex but QB question. Assuming big ben plays, I’ll likely keep him this week. But if not, tyrod or keenum? Both are on the waiver wire.


    1. I would probably roll Keenum out. I don’t think you can go wrong with Tyrod either.

  27. Post By

    2QB league……
    Luck, Garopollo or Taylor?

    1. Luck prob

  28. Post By

    I moved Fournette from RB2 spot in lineup to Flex (late game, allows me to replace with RB or WR). I did add Yeldon this week. If Fournette doesn’t play, will you move Yeldon up in your ranks and if so, to about Fournette’s current ranking?

    Luckily I have lots of other late game options including Shepard, Cooper, Hogan, Michel and Miller.

  29. Post By

    Would i be crazy to pick up M. Bryant and drop Hogan, I have Cobb, Sanders, Tate, Diggs, and Evans at WR. Have Kamara, Fournette, McCaffrety, Conner, and Crowell at RB

    1. I would not do it.

  30. Thought I’d share with RW nation this idea utilizing the IR position of your league when you’re short on bench spots. This idea is nothing new and I’m sure its been discussed before. This is just something that might help out the guys in leagues with an IR spot and would like to stash a guy that might be able to help when coming off IR/PUP, but still be able to fill their entire bench with active players.

    My league only allows 4 bench spots. I went ahead and picked up Donta Foreman since he is still in PUP, stashing him in my IR spot, and picked up Chris Godwin. Hopefully this might work out if Foreman comes back somewhat decent (hopefully), but I still get to utilize 4 active players in my bench.

    Not sure where to post this, sorry if this is shady and I apologize ahead of time if this isn’t something RW likes to see (I won’t post stuff like this anymore). Thought this is an interesting way of utilizing the IR spot at this point in our young FF season.

  31. How do you guys feel about Dante Pettis? Im super intrigued by him, and thinking about buying in Dynasty…what would you pay to acquire him?

    1. I like him. jimmy g seems to too from the practices we saw. He’s still not on a lot radars so he should be pretty cheap. If goodwin doesn’t play this wk and he pops that will change. I’d treat him like a future wr3 in the making. Don’t know if you’re talking about auction or trade, so I’ll leave it at that

      1. Thanks! Yeah I was playing around with the idea of trading a future pick for him…the owner wants a first…id consider a 2020 first but seems like im overpaying a bit for current value…although i think he could be worth it longterm for sure.

  32. Post By

    Should I pick up breida . Drop ware but I also own hunt. Ppr. Thanks

  33. How long does a guy hang on to K. Johnson my RB5 or Anthony Miller my WR5 before he starts looking to WW Cheat sheet for the next OBJ.

    From what I hear is the talent is there with both these guys – I’m just concerned with their situations. The Lions are always terrible and never get RB right and Chicago doesn’t throw much.

    1. I have more faith in kjs situation than Miller’s right now. Miller’s success is attached to trubiskys arm, and he isn’t thriving right now. If it’s not a dynasty league, I’m ok moving on from miller for now

      1. I can get behind that 100%. But where’s the move – would need to be WR/TE/QB

        I have Emmanual Sanders – reasonable to grab Courtland Sutton in case he goes down? He’s my WR4.

        WRs are Green, Evans, Hilton, Sanders, Miller
        RBs – David Johnson, Hyde, J. Williams, D. Lewis, K. Johnson and Edmonds (Cuff)
        TE – Kelce – QB – Watson.

        Can’t be RB due to roster restrictions and I had a lot of early picks with keepers to come up with this.

  34. Post By

    who is the better addition out of dorsett, mike williams, ginn, djax? standard league

    1. If you’re talking about a consistent floor then probably ginn. Dorsett should fade when edelman returns. Williams is always a threat to score and I’ll think he’ll start to get more reps eventually. Djax is the upside play. I think it depends on what role you’re looking to fill in your lineup

  35. Post By

    I just got a trade offer: I would be getting McCaffrey in exchange for Mike Evans. 1 Pt ppr. I like the deal, but what do you guys think?

    We start 3 WR, 2 RB and a Flex. I currently have M. Thomas, Evans, and Ju Ju as my WR’s. Mixon and Conner as my RB’s with Le’Von Bell on my bench. If I lose Evans though, I would have to plug either Crowder or Garcon as my 3rd WR. Is it worth the risk of thinning out my WR’s to get McCaffrey?

    1. I don’t love it. McCaffrey didn’t get the touches they said he would get before the season. I think he only got 3 more than Anderson last week.

      1. Post By

        Thanks man, i’ll reject it!

  36. With Fournette a game time decision, I have Yeldon. But, with the potential of either or both getting playing time would you suggest bailing and starting Hyde??

    1. That’s a safe play for sure, if you have the luxury to do so.

  37. Trade offer to me in Yahoo std .5 per:
    I give away Collons I get Ertz

    my rb’s = Gurley Devonta F APeterson Collins
    My te’s = Engram and j Doyle
    My wr’s are d Adams a Robinson j Gordon c kupp and D Parker

    Post trade I would try to trade Evan + maybe Doctson for an rb2????

    Should I accept the trade and try executing the second?

    1. Post By

      I think I would try to strengthen wr if moving collins if I was you. Then see what you could package for a rb2/3. Your te’s are serviceable.

  38. 1/2 point PPR – Already had AJ Green go off in one WR slot, but can’t decide who to bench among my other 3 WR. Feel like I can’t bench Mike Evans but its so hard to bench either Emmanuel Sanders or Josh Gordon.

    1. Post By

      Gordon for me. Landry is target vacuum, and qb situation is shakiest.

      Evans-td upside, Sanders-target and td upside

  39. Post By

    Cobb or fuller standard league

    1. Post By

      Cobb or fuller standard league ?

  40. Post By

    Drop pettis for golladay?

  41. Which 2 receivers would you keep for the rest of the season in a full point PPR league?

    D. Parker, J. Ross, R. Grant, A. Miller

  42. Trade offer

    My -TJ Yeldon & P Rivers


    His -Tom Brady

    What do you think?

    1. meh, brady finished with only 1 fpg more than rivers last year

  43. i have j conner and ekeler. the Bell owner wants ekeler.

    should i trade ekeler for bell? does anyone realistically think bell is coming back.

    my qbs are dalton, jimmy G, and carr. he has cousins and brees i could maybe make a play for.

    1. i think you should. did you even draft ekeler? it’s not that much cost in the grand scheme. bell has to sign a tender by wk 10, so you’d get 5, maybe 6 games from him worst case, during the playoff run. i’d probably do it, unless you really need ekeler.

      1. Just picked up ekeler on waivers actually, so yeah, not cost on him. Just didn’t know if he might be more valuable than bell since it’s looking like bell isn’t less and less likely to play this year at all, IMO.

        Thanks for the opinion.

  44. Post By

    Team Name: RubMyBelly
    Need to drop one
    A Thielen
    C Thompson
    C Kupp

    Also QB start one
    T Taylor
    A Smith
    C Keenum
    I have Jarvis Landry starting

    1. Post By

      Team Name: RubMyBelly
      Need to Bench one in Standard league
      A Thielen
      C Thompson
      C Kupp

      Also QB start one
      T Taylor
      A Smith
      C Keenum
      I have Jarvis Landry starting

    2. depends on your team strengths. if you’re strong at rb, drop thompson, if you’re strong at wr, drop kupp. or drop thompson if it’s a standard league. start smith

  45. Shady McCoy/Dez for Kupp/Kirk… Burkhead is my RB 2 right now and Kupp was my WR4, but Doug Baldwin is hurt. If I did this deal, I would be starting Anthony Miller as my WR3 this week.

    1. i don’t love it, but if you can afford to lose kupp and need the rb help, i guess. as long as it’s not a keeper or dynasty league

  46. Few thoughts/questions:

    (1) How do we feel about Derrick Henry at this point? At this point, I almost feel like I have to start Keelan Cole over him this week, no?

    (2) I have Trubisky in my QB superflex slot at the moment – if Burkhead remains out w/concussion problems, does that vault James White (ppr) into consideration instead of Trubisky?

    (3) BMarsh, Watkins, or Kerryon in the flex? They’re close enough on the rankings to where I’d feel better hearing some good feedback from y’all. BMarsh has some opportunity w/Baldwin’s absence, Watkins is perennially intriguing but you just don’t know if he’ll get fed on any given Sunday, and Kerryon’s getting more touches while playing SF & Blount banged up. What do y’all think?

    Thanks in advance! #RWNation

    1. 1. i think they lean on him and lewis with the qb trouble
      2. i wouldn’t sit trubisky just yet, but you need to find a way to start white
      3. b marsh

      1. Thanks trashman!

        Yeah would love to find a way to start James White, but my starters are Keenan, juju, Mixon, CMC w/Trubisky as my superflex. RWproblems with so much depth haha

  47. Post By

    Team name: Turn Down For Watt, PPR league. I have Fournette, who may or may not play Sunday. I also have TJ Yeldon, and other RBs on bench are Carlos Hyde and Sony Michel (two starters: Gordon and Lewis). Should I play Fournette at flex *if* he plays, or should I start Yeldon? Or should I avoid the JAX RB situation and start Hyde vs NO, or should I start one of my bench WRs (Cooper, Hogan, or Shepard)?

  48. Trade Crowell for Devonta Freeman in 1ppr?

    1. i prefer devonta in a ppr. i’d do it unless you really need the rb help this week

      1. Unfortunately I have Mixon, so do need the certainty at Rb.

  49. Thanks RW. Used the cheat sheet and am in a Fournette delimma.
    10 team .5 pt ppr
    RBs: Fournette, K. Hunt, L. McCoy, Royce Freeman, K. Johnson
    WRs: T.Y. Hilton, Josh Gordon, Marvin Jones, Emmanuel Sanders, Alshon Jeffries
    TE: J. Reed, D. Njoku
    Yeldon is still available and so is Millertime. Do I drop Reed or Njoku or Jeffries for Yeldon and Millertime?

    1. njoku for yeldon. don’t need to pick up miller yet

      1. Thx, Trashman.

  50. Post By

    Glad to be a new member of RosterWatch nation! .5ppr question

    Just heard about Joe Mixon and he’s my RB2 behind Zeke. On my bench, I have Tevin Coleman and Duke Johnson. I’m worried Mixon is going to be out for a month or so, on the WW is Kerryon Johnson, Matt Brieda, Alfred Morris, Sony Michel, Austin Ekeler, and Marlon Mack. Gio is also available on waviers but I probably won’t get him with my waiver order. Any of those guys worth dropping Duke for to help pick up the slack?

    Thanks guys!

    1. johnson, morris, brieda, ekeler, ha. michel, but he won’t play this week.

  51. .5ppr

    Trade my P Barber & TJ Yeldon for his C Hyde? He is the Fournette owner.

    1. hyde and barber are about even overall, so i’d say no

  52. What do you guys make of Alex Collins through 2 weeks? I thought he made a couple great plays last night but he’s not getting the volume. Baltimore seems set on splitting the backfield even in non passing situations.

    1. in the first game, they didn’t really need him. in the second, they were playing from behind so they went with allen. he’ll have better days

  53. Collins seems to be stuck in a bad timeshare and getting less snaps than buck allen? hopefully this isn’t a sign to whats gonna happen all year I am heavily invested in him because of the cheat sheet

  54. I have a running back predicament. I have fornette and TJ as well as James white ( on my bench) I was thinking of starting TJ if Fornette is out . But if Leonard is active should i start White instead of either tax RB? I feel like White could have a good day if burkhead is banged up especially? thanks

    1. either *Jax RB

  55. Question re: QB’s: I got jammed up on my QB selection this year. I have Matt Ryan and Jimmy Garoppolo, neither helped me this week in either of my leagues. Is Tyrod Taylor a viable option to either or those two? If so, who do you keep? We have a 2 QB minimum roster spot so I have to have 2 but only play one.


    1. taylor has a high floor because of his running. i could drop jimmy g for him, but i don’t think there will be much difference overall, and i think jimmy has the higher ceiling.

      1. thanks for the feedback…

  56. forgot to mention: PPR league….

  57. I own both parts of the Chargers and Broncos running attacks. Is it trashy to sit Freeman and start Gordon and Eckler? Or should I go with Freeman and Gordon?


    1. i lean freeman on account of his goal line usage

      1. Thanks! I hope I don’t see Lindsay or Eckler in the garbage grab! Don’t tempt me lol!

  58. 12 team half-PPR

    RBs: Zeke, Mixon, Howard, Drake, Kerryon, Peterson
    WRs: Gordon, Kupp, Watkins, Jordy, Miller

    Trying to upgrade my WR and package 2 guys in a trade 1 player deal so I’ looking at teams who need RB help since I have depth there and we only start 2 or 3 since there’s a FLEX. Looking at 2 different teams with Julio on one and Hopkins and HIlton on the other. In a bubble what’s the most you’d offer for any of those WRs? I know both owners like Howard.

    1. Would obviously attempt to trade Drake if possible. Not sure if you own Gio, but you might tread lightly on giving up Howard until we know more about Mixon.

      Your WR are fine BTW, but you are feeling the pinch this week because of Gordon’s last minute injury status. If you have to play Kupp Watkin and Jordy. Otherwise, ideally I’d give up maybe Drake + Watkins for a really good WR. Would Drake + Gordon for somebody really really good as well.

  59. Post By Lexington Lactators

    1 point PPR
    Im leaning towards playing Crowell over Davante Adams in my flex. I don’t think Crowell will match last week but am concerned about Adams’ matchup. Or do you think Crowell is garbage this week?

    1. Post By Lexington Lactators

      in the past I would just trust rankings but I have to be a little more ballsy because people in my league are finally competitive

    2. No, I tend to agree. This is a solid thought pattern. I’m not stoked about Adams at all if AR sits, and still don’t love him even if AR goes. Crowell could get solid run in this one.

  60. .5 ppr
    Would you move Emmanuel Sanders for Mccoy?
    I’m shallow at RB with Hunt, Burkhead, Ingram, Cj Anderson and Jaylen Samuels on the roster.

    Wr i currently have Julio, Hopkins, sanders, watkins, Anthony Miller and DJ moore.
    Thanks guys

    1. Yeah, we’d probably do it. Although, hate giving up Sanders and would prefer to offer something like Watkins + Burkhead for McCoy. But, push come to shove- we’d prob do it.

  61. Post By

    Ppr league, should I play will fuller, if he goes, over one of these 3 because my opponent has Deshaun Watson?
    T.Y. Hilton
    Emanuel Sanders
    Ju Ju

    1. Post By Lexington Lactators

      If it were me I’d play for the points. I’m high on Sanders and ju ju this week at least when I was setting dfs lineups. Sorry I’m just commenting. I’m no expert

      1. Post By


    2. NO! That is a cockamamie strategy and faulty rational under virtually every scenario! Don’t ever fall victim to it! Just make your best plays every week. Use the rankings to help!

      Love Sanders and JuJu this wk, not so sure on TyH but no way you can sit him for Fuller.

      1. Post By


  62. Just a philosophical question for you guys. Where do you draw the line on opportunity vs matchup? Does a player need to be getting a certain % of the workload to be considered whether it’s a difficult or easy matchup? Obviously the higher the volume the more likely you are to rank a player higher in order to start and vice versa, but curious how you analyze this. Would love to hear you touch on this from a high level. Thanks, you guys are the best in the biz keep up the high level work!

    1. Thanks Born2Beast. Yes, it’s kind of cocktail of talent, circumstantial factors, matchup, opportunity, game script, Vegas lines, and other data from Vegas.

      Certainly Talent, and Volume / Opportunity are the two highest indicating factors- but there will be a lot of guys you rank closely based on those traits alone The other factors are substantial and provide the separation between the great plays, good plays, and bad plays.

  63. Just checked out the rankings, is T. Coleman ranked higher now that Freeman is out? If so, should i go D. Thomas, G. Tate or Coleman at Flex?
    Thanks in Advance..

    1. Coleman! Trashman Doesn’t update his rankings!

  64. Hey RW Nation – What do you think about this. I’m a Bell owner and am getting offered Christian Mccaffrey\Ju Ju Smith for Bell\Marvin Jones.

    What say you?

    1. We’d take the deal. Cheers brother!

  65. Alex Smith or Jimmy G.? And I was offered jack doyle and burkhead for AP. My RBS are Fournette Miller Crowell AP TE I have Njoku 12 team ppr. I’m stacked at wr. M Thomas TY JuJu ARob A Miller. Thanks to the cheat sheet..

    1. Alex Smith, for this week. I would keep AP. Sounds like Doyle is his backup TE, might offer something small for that. Wouldn’t lose to much sleep over it. Njoku deserves a chance.

      1. Thank you! Let’s do this!!

  66. Hi guys, quick question.

    Standard league, I have mixon ( that hurts a little after I lost Olsen and Walker last week) and I’m considering picking up either Crowell, Kerryon, Brieda, or Lindsay before Sunday as a flier for this weekend. Which player do you think has the most season upside, or at least the next 4 weeks?

    Thanks allot!

    1. Has to be Crowell Like Kerryon a lot as a stash.

      1. Thanks Buddy!

  67. Flex question (0.5 PPR) Right now I have Fournette in the Flex but worried with the late start and him not playing. Should I roll the dice and hope he plays or I have R Cobb, K Benjamin and R Penny on my bench to sub in. What would you do? I would lean Cobb as long as Rodgers plays.

    1. Completely agree. I’d roll Cobb is AR is a go. If not, roll the dice on LF if he plays. If both are out of play, I don’t entirely and completely hate KB and RP. Obviously way less than ideal, but both should get some action this weekend. How much, we’ll see.

      1. Thanks!!!

  68. Post By

    r freeman ,j white or d funchess in flex 1 pt ppr have kamara and d cook in rb thielen , enunwa and golladay at wr now brees qb

    1. if burkhead or michel sits, then white. if not, freeman

      1. Post By

        ok thx

  69. Post By

    Hello! Full point PPR. Would you sit Hogan for Funchess, Golladay or Marshall? THANKS

    1. i could go golladay

  70. I was going to go with Flash Gordon at flex but not anymore… NONPPR I’m starting Gurley, Howard, D Hop and K Allen. My options for Flex are D Henry, Alf Morris, B Marshall and Golladay. I see they’re very close at the rankings. Who would you guys go with? Thanks!

  71. Post By

    Lost, Mixon, Freeman, Gordon, and Fournette need bodies in Full PPR. Barber or Michel?

  72. Hi Trashman,
    I have a few questions. The first two are for a 12 team standard league that is a Superflex league.

    #1. Rodgers or Tannehill. I am thinking of going with Tannehill just to be safe. Even if Rodgers plays he might only play one half possibly right?
    #2. I need to fill out my flex. Tyler Lockett, Chris Thompson, Bilal Powell(I am starting Crowell already), or Peyton Barber.

    My last question is for a 12 team Superflex league. I have Bradford as my second QB as I wait for Winston to come back. Do I play Bradford or Jamaal Williams. I am worried that what Washington did to him, the Rams will do twice over.


    1. Tannehill is the safe bet. I’d probably go barber in standard. Yeah, they’ll probably lean on williams with Rodgers hobbled

  73. Post By

    I am in a 9 team 1 pt PPR league and we have to start 2 RBs and 3WRs and a flex spot, need help figuring out who to start, at RB I have Crowell, Connor, Burkhead, J. White, and Henry. At WR I have Cooks, Crowder, Godwin, A. Miller, Golladay, M. Thomas, Pettis and already played Green. So I know I am starting Connor and Thomas and already played Green just need help figuring out my 2nd RB and 3rd WR and my flex please.

    1. burkhead,crowell,cooks. White if no burkhead

  74. My league is a Standard Scoring League.

    Since their ranking is so close this week I’m wondering if the .5 ppr vs a standard scoring system will affect Juju or Emmanuel Sanders rankings. Feels like a coin flip to me. Who would you start?

  75. PPR

    Manny Sanders
    Demaryius Thomas
    James White

    Start which two? I’m trying to move a Denver WR but no takers yet.

  76. Post By

    I’m being offered AP for Edelman should I take it? My RBs are Fournette, Mixon, Crowell and I picked up Bernard

  77. Are the fantasypro rankings on here what I should be looking at as a Pro Member?

  78. Standard. M. Breida, Kenny Stills, or Corey Davis in flex

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