Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 11

Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 11


Here’s this week Grab, full of all the disgusting vitamins and minerals a growing trashman needs. Enjoy


Joe Flacco, Ravens: Flacco threw the ball 52 times in his last game, and that was before Danny Woodhead came back into the fold. Flacco shouldn’t have much trouble finding his pass-catchers against the Packers this Sunday.


Running Back

Samaje Perine, Redskins: Perine hasn’t achieved a modicum of the success he found in college, but opportunity presents him with a chance to be the first 2-down back for Washington with Rob Kelley sidelined. Chris Thompson will be the funnel of the offense, no doubt, but Perine stands to see multiple goal line carries in what could be a high-scoring game.

T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars: Leonard Fournette is questionable, and the Jaguars seem confident that they can win without him. Should Fournette sit, previous similar scenarios indicate that Yeldon, not Ivory, is the preferred back. It won’t be an easy day for Jaguar runners, but Yeldon’s ability to catch passes helps his chances.

Eddie Lacy, Seahawks:  Lacy isn’t anybody’s idea of a primary back, but the Seahawks are trying to move away from a committee and Thomas Rawls.


Wide Receivers

Bruce Ellington, Texans: Ellington has had 8 targets a game over the last two weeks, and Fuller is out. We’ve learned that when facing the Cardinals, as the Texans are, the ball goes to whoever is not up against shutdown corner Patrick Peterson. Ellington is that guy.

Mike Wallace, Ravens: I admit that I like Jeremy Maclin more against the soft Packers secondary this week, but Maclin isn’t available in most leagues. Wallace is, and he’s a bigger deep threat.

Kenny Golladay, Lions: Golladay is back in action after a long absence, and he’s already taking targets away from a recently stellar Marvin Jones Jr. Things won’t come easy against Chicago, but Golladay is a good bet for at least a TD.

Dontrelle Inman, Bears:  Inman came into his first game as a Bear last week and led the Bears in receiving and tied for most targets(8) with Kendall Wright. Wright isn’t cutting the mustard as the top dog in Chicago and it’s Inman’s turn to give it a shot as QB Mitch Trubisky improves under center.

Tavarres King, Giants: Recent news that Sterling Shepard is unlikely to go makes King an intriguing flyer this week. Low Floor, high upside.


Tight End

Mercedes Lewis, Jaguars: Lewis has the best matchup of all Jaguar offensive players, as the Browns have a weakness covering tight ends. Lewis’ value is tied into his red-zone looks, but the Browns are 31st in TDs allowed to TEs.


  1. Post By Austin Benedict

    Standard. Keenan Allen or Engram?

    I’m down 28 after opponent starter Ben and I got Juju all over my face.

    1. Engram with Shephard likely to be out.

    2. 1/2 PPR need help need to start one of these three Cutler, Stafford or Flaco

      One out of these three for my flex
      Woodhead, Witten or Perine

  2. Post By

    GREAT CALL on Rex Burkhead last Sunday!!!! Now, everyone is using his chalky ass! Keep the trash coming, my dude

  3. 1/2 pt PPR, just curious which 4 you would choose?

    Mark Ingram, Kamara, TColeman, Melvin Gordon, or Kareem Hunt?

    1. Bench Coleman; he has the worst matchup among the 5.

    2. You can’t go wrong. I hate saying bench Coleman because he is going to have a good game. Seattle’s defense is not the same as it was two weeks ago. But you got to bench Coleman out of that group.

  4. 1/2 PPR – Which 2 to Start?

    Keenan Allen

    Thinking Allen and Ellington, thoughts?

    1. I like that call. Doctson just hasn’t done enough plus he’s playing the Saints. If you really want to be a man, you could roll Dede since he’s going to get 200 yards today.

    2. Those are definitely the two you play

    3. Agreed, thx fellas

  5. standard league, I need 2 of 3 RBs: Burkhead, Martin and Mixon

    1. Burkhardt and Martin. Mixon match up is terrible.

      1. I spell it correctly and everything and autocorrect STILL gets me. Smh

      2. Mixon gets 18 carries and torches Denver like Darkwa did.

  6. Post By

    Dropping Clay, replace with Lewis or Gresham? Will wind and weather be a big factor?

    1. I think Clay is the better player, however, we don’t know how much Peterman will rely on him. Gresham seems to be a part of Arizona’s gameplan so he’s the better bet.

      Cardinals are playing in Houston so weather shouldn’t be a factor, but in general, I don’t think it affects things too much for fantasy purposes.

      1. Play clay. They should be losing most of the game and first time starters normally lean on their te.

  7. With weather in Cleveland and Fournette’s ankle issue — would you start Lynch instead?

    1. No, the elevation in Mexico City is going to punish the Raiders for not traveling earlier.

    2. Start fournette if he plays regardless of weather. Also, Oakland plays Denver every year. Even though Mexico City is a good 2K + high than mile high he elevation shouldn’t matter much in your decision.

  8. I have the misfortune of playing AB this week. In a PPR would you recommend Keenan or Darkwa in the flex? I’m weighing upside, wind, etc. . . . and I just can’t decide! Thanks!

    1. Allen has been a fine PPR play this year. The thing that has prevented him from being a stud is his lack of touchdowns.

    2. Don’t worry about playing vs AB. Your goal is to put out your best lineup. Sometimes it’s good enough to win other times it’s not. That being said, you have to play Allen.

  9. Morning! Need 1FLX in nonppr. J. Williams , Dukey, Cj Anderson, D.Adams, Doctson or S.Watkins ?

    1. In standard leagues I favor the RB. This is Williams’ chance to show the Packers’ coaches what he’s got so expect him to be running with purpose.

    2. roll Williams out

  10. Out of these 4, I need 1WR & 1FLX.. 5ppr.
    Marvin Jones, R. Woods, Mixon & Darkwa. Thx!

    1. Woods has been hot recently so keep rolling with him. I also wouldn’t be surprised if that game scores a lot of points. For the flex its Darkwa because of his match versus the Chiefs in which he should get a lot of opportunities.

      1. I would go Woods and Jones. Stanford should destroy that bears today. I dislike Darkwa because that game could get out of hand fast. Even if the wind is a factor the giants might have to throw a lot.

  11. ‪start 2 in a standard league. J Williams/Mixion/Morris/Rod Smith/Perine/Duke Johnson‬

    1. Williams and Johnson have the highest upside out of the group.

    2. Williams and Johnson. Smith could be sneaky.

  12. ‪start 2 PPR Ameer/Perine/J Will/Dion Lew ‬

    1. Lewis and Williams

  13. Williams and Lewis.

  14. Post By

    Hey Alex/Trashman/Byron,
    Have AJ Green, Crabtree, Diggs, Sterling Shepard, and Brandon Cooks, your rankings have AJ lowest but he was my number one pick…having trouble benching him. I can play 3 WR and 1 flex…who do I sit? Team name is Lily Lizard and record is 7-3.
    Joe – Rosterwatch Nation Member

    1. i’d sit shepard, as he is unlikely to play

    2. Post By

      With the weather and Sterlings injury you should be benching him and playing Aj, Crab, Diggs and Cooks. But I guess you need Alex, Byron or the Trashman to tell you that.

    3. I can’t believe I’m about to say this. It makes me sick! But trashman has this one pegged. I’m shocked he is this up to date with his info.

  15. Post By

    If Fournette can’t go do i start cj anderson or jamaal williams in a PPR?

    1. Fournette is active. Would have gone Williams otherwise.

  16. Have to bench one, standard scoring.

    Who do I Sit?

    Jordan Howard or Michael Thomas

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      It’s pretty close, but I think it’s Thomas to sit. Howard has a slightly better matchup, and Josh Norman should be covering Thomas. Thomas also hasn’t scored since Week 4, and there are targets o’ plenty going around that NO offense.

    2. Is this for flex? What is your team that you are having to decide between those two?

      It is tough, but since this is standard I would go Howard. The way the run game is clicking for the Saints along with Brandon Coleman being their go-to guy in the endzone really limits Thomas’s upside in this format.

      1. It is flex

        Have Gurley and Kamara at RB
        And B Cooks and Baldwin at Wr

        So it’s coming down to Thomas and Howard.

        I was kinda leaning Howard too, cause of the Norman factor. But I’m nervous about the lions stacking the box

  17. Post By MichiganWolverineFan95

    Start Sexy Rexy or Keenan Allen in my flex? Standard Scoring

  18. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Yup, it’s Rex.

    1. Post By MichiganWolverineFan95

      Holy shit, thank god the final say for my starting lineup is trashmans flex rankings.

      1. I take it you still played Allen lol? Its easy to say this in hindsight but I would never play a Burkhead over a Keenan Allen.

        1. Post By MichiganWolverineFan95

          I did play keenan lol in trashman we trust

  19. Texans or seahawks DST .. 1 pt sacks, 2 pt int and fum, 1 pt 50 yrd returns 6 for td

    1. Prob Texans

  20. Half point PPR…Ajayi or Landry in the flex? Leaning towards Ajayi even tough he might get half the snaps and Landry has a premium matchup. Am I crazy?

    1. It is hard to argue with going with a guy on a team playing as well as the Eagles. His matchup vs the Cowboys is just as good as Landry’s vs the Bucs.

    2. Yeah- Landry is a safer floor, but we can’t bench Ajayi for him.

      1. For some reason I have a feeling Devante is gonna go off today or is that just me?

        1. I hope it’s just gas. I could roll with him and stick McKinnon on the bench.

  21. How much of the Cowboy’s ass-blasting last week is due to Tyron Smith being out and can we expect the same this week?

    1. Yes, Tyron Smith is arguably the best player on the Cowboys roster, he’s a certified stud and beast. We are still concerned.

  22. Drop Rod Smith and pick up Greg Olsen? I️ am a Kelce owner but considered using 1 of the 2 for trade bait before the deadline. Thoughts on strategy and do you see Olsen being able to fill Kelces shoes if I️ get a top performer for Kelce?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      If you don’t really need the RB help, personally don’t see an issue. If you don’t get a buyer, are you just gonna hold both for ROS?

      1. I️ have Gordon, Darkwa, Lynch, woodhead, Henry, Ekeler. Corey Davis, Shepard and Agholor are my only receivers. That’s where I’m hurting. 1st place 7-3 12 Team .5 PPR.

        1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

          It’s not a horrible idea trying to turn Olsen/Kelce into something at WR, especially if the FA list is barren.

  23. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    Need some more opinions for 1 WR and 1 flex. 10-Team standard.

    M Thomas
    M Evans
    J Ajayi

    Leaning the two WRs, but have been going back and forth with M Thomas and J Ayai.

    1. Go with your gut, stick with the WR.

      1. Post By

        My gut is saying steak and eggs!!! But then again it is also saying doughnuts!!! Mmmmmmm doughnuts!!!

        1. I’m literally cooking up steak for steak and eggs right now.

    2. I am in a similar situation in a 10 man std scoring. I am rolling with ajayi and evans.

      Evans-Dude is a beast… maybe Fitz will treat Evans like Hopkins with the Texans… target hog

      Thomas-Too many mouths to feed in NO and Norman would be matched up against Thomas.

      Ajayi-No Sean Lee for the boys so I like Philly feeding Ajayi

      Just my two cents…
      GL man… good prob to have I think

      1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

        Good luck, my dude.

  24. Ppr need one in both groups……Jody or Inman
    2nd group Marlin lynch darkwa or woodhead thanks in advance

    1. jordy, martin, darkwa

  25. Post By

    Stafford or goff?
    Tyreek hill in ny with wind? Have parker. To replace in one league and woods crowder and marshawn to replace in another league?

    1. stafford, not sure i follow the second question

      1. Post By

        Should i hill cuz of thr wind. I have hill in 2 leagues. Can replace him with parker in one league. And can replace him with marshawn,woods,or crowder in another. Both leagues are 1 pt ppr.

  26. 1/2 PPR need to start one of these three Cutler, Stafford or Flaco

    One out of these three for my flex
    Woodhead, Witten or Perine

    1. stafford. perine, i’m tempted to say woodhead, but i’d like to see a game first.

  27. Flex Q — Would you start K Allen or D Parker over Ajayi or Mckinnon? (playing JuJu, Thomas & Evans and T Coleman) Currently going with 3 Rbs — Coleman, Ajayi and McKinnon — thanks

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Standard scoring? I’d lean Ajayi out of those options you laid out.

  28. Post By

    possible ankle issue– fournette or peterson?

  29. Standard scoring, concerned about the gusting winds expected in NY and playing THill. Crazy to sit him for either ACooper or KAllen?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I don’t think it’s crazy, but I would lean to play Hill regardless. Too explosive once he gets the ball in his hands.

  30. Detroit def of Kansas City?

  31. Bad News Bears, 1pt PPR. With Shephard out, should i start D Lewis or risk Woodhead? Thanks so much!

  32. Need Upside here. DeDe or Paul Richardson PPR. Also Dak or Cousins.

  33. Post By Austin Benedict

    Is Brate non-startable until Winston is back?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I would estimate yeah. TB has been running a lot of dual-TE sets anyway, and Howard is no slouch as a pass-catcher. I dropped him in my league and resumed a streaming mentality for the fill.

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