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PRO Week 10 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through: The BLITZ (Premium Video and Podcast)

Alex Dunlap, Derek Carty and Will Priester walk through the Week 10 Main Slate on DraftKings and FanDuel.


  1. With Woods out for the year how much of ones FAAB would you use on van Jefferson. I have little faith in Odell making any impact. Am I wrong on this ? Thanks.

    1. depends how much you have left at this point, I’d really want Van right about now. Not quite an all-in move but a strong one. the fact is you know your league and how people bid best.

  2. Standard league and I am 7-2. With Mixon and Kamara out I am scrambling. One waiver move allowed this week. I have Dillon, Mckissic, Mcnichols, Chuba. Waiver wire still has Bolden, R Stevenson and T Y Hilton, Gage and Tyler Johnson. Anything you see that justifies my last move?

    1. I don’t understand what you mean, are you actually in a league that limits your waiver moves?

      1. Yes 5 a week I have one left

  3. Post By

    Pick up Stevenson and drop Jordan Howard?

    1. Don’t love either, but I’d give the slight edge to Howard, but ever so slight. If you want to do it, it’s fine and I wouldn’t say it is bad. I wouldn’t personally though.

  4. .5ppr 12teamer 2QB league
    Need WR
    Would u pick up Calloway (NO), Harris (NO) or Agnew… short bench of 5 and have Chase, Robinson, and AB out this week… other spots are Lance and Jimmy G… going to drop Robinson but open to ideas at this point… lol… or another WR I might be able to grab

    1. Probably Agnew he’s been so hot recently

  5. With Moss cleared to play would you start him over Gibson? And thanks for your thoughtful opinion on Van j.

    1. I think so

  6. Yes, I don’t want to run against TB, and Moss Gibson see about the same amount of touches.

  7. 10 team full PpR
    I need a RB, 2WR’s and a flex from the following.
    Diggs, Jefferson, Pittman, Jacob’s, D Johnson..
    Thanks RW

    1. impossible. Gotta go JJ, Diggs and D’Ernest but jesus.

  8. Start Dawson Knox or Rhamondre (assuming healthy) in PPR?

    1. Prob Knox if it sounds like Bolden and JJ Taylor are also going to play

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    Need a Flex
    Aiyuk TY AJ Green or People Jones


    1. Prob Aiyuk or DPJ

  10. 12 team PPR. Should I roll with Zach Ertz or Dawson Knox?

    Thank you

  11. Getting ready to listen to you all!! Thank God I am 7-2 this week is gonna be a mess! Trying to decide on my RB slots in a standard league! What would you do!

    Jalen Hurts, Cooper Kupp, Diontae Johnson, AJ Dillon, McNichols, Njoku, Godwin, Boswell, Arizona. on my bench Kamara, Mixon, Chuba, Mckissic, Logan thomas, Miles Sanders, M Gallup. Only good thing on waivers might be Bolden or Benjamin. RB is a mess but trying to throw the best darts possible!

    1. I’d go with bolden and dillon

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    TE ?
    Knox or Ertz?


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    ‘OnlyFans’ 6-3

    0.5ppr need 2. Dionte Johnson (with Mason), Tyler Lockett, D’Ernest Johnson.

    Locked in starters are A-A Ron, Jonathon Taylor, AJ Brown and Deebo.

    Thanks in advance RW4L

    1. I’d go Lockett and rb Johnson

      1. Post By

        Word thanks

  14. RB1:

    Need 4 total gents.

    Ppr pick between Gibson, Moss, Javonte, M.Carter,
    Meyers, Hopkins (most likely out at 4:05), OBJ (MNF), B.Edwards (SNF), T.Johnson(looking like Godwin is in)

    1. Carter, moss, Meyers, Gibson

  15. Superflex ppr need 1 between Mac Jones, Baker Mayfield or Michael Carter (Mike white is back)?

    1. I feel like Jones is going to have to pass a lot this week. I’d go with him

  16. Standard scoring need a RB and a flex 2 total between Michael Carter, Stevenson, James Robinson, and Keenan Allen?

  17. Ppr need a RB and 2 flexes (Need 3 total) between Gibson, J.Howard, OBJ, Hilton?

    Also pick 1 between Goedert, Higbee (short-term increase in role perhaps) and Fant?

    1. I’d sit obj in his first game. They say may only be handful of targets.

  18. Follow up to an earlier question: would you start AJ Green over Knox & Rhamondre in PPR?

    1. Only if kyler plays

  19. Post By John Hunsberger

    .5 ppr AJ DILLION or AP

    1. Tough. I’d go ap

  20. Ppr in the flex Sutton or goedert

  21. Is it still worth it to save the it spot for Julio Jones or is he Donezo?

    1. if you have an IR spot it’s fine to hold on of course

  22. With Kyler and Hopkins unlikely to play, is that enough for you to bump Carolina defense over the New Orleans defense? Can’t decide which one to go with

  23. Full PPR flex: Tyler Johnson, Hunter Henry, e. benjamin, st brown, sharpe? Thanks!

  24. Darrel Williams, diontae Johnson , Gibson I need two in a half ppr

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