RWi Week 5 – Running Back Touchdown Dependency Ratios

Fantasy Football Running Back Touchdown Dependency Ratios
Byron Lambert,

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RW Touchdown Dependency Ratios. The first priority in fantasy football is scoring points. The second is reliability.

You want to be competitive every week. Some players’ production consists heavily of points from touchdowns. Touchdowns are contingent on so many factors out of anyone’s control.

These type of players make for a roller coaster of a season, and can be very hit or miss. The safer option is always the guy who will get their points on the ground or through the air regardless of the scoring opportunities that may or may not present themselves throughout a game.


Ray Rice
and Jamaal Charles have ideal ratios. Producing on the ground and through the air. Touchdowns are the cherry on top.

Arian Foster, looks more touchdown dependent than others. He’s not, he just scores a ton of touchdowns on top of his prolific yardage. This is what makes him the #1 player in fantasy.

Cedric Benson
was expected to produce at the goal line. Quite the contrary, and he has still been very solid. If he starts scoring, watch out.

Marshawn Lynch, MJD, Adrian Peterson, and Reggie Bush are scoring surprisingly well based on yardage alone. This is a very positive sign of good things to come.

CJ Spiller, Alfred Morris, Michael Turner, Trent Richardson, Michael Bush
have been overly touchdown dependent. Setting owners up for inconsistency.

LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, DeMarco Murray, Doug Martin, and Chris Johnson have been TD deficient. McCoy is the only one that has been decent in the absence of the scores.

+ Chart 1 is sorted by total fantasy points on the season.
* Blue indicates low relative touchdown dependency, which is good for consistency
** Red indicates guys who may be overly touchdown dependent

+ Chart 2 is sorted in ascending order of touchdown dependency
* Green is good, like money. These players represent reliability and value. They are not overly touchdown dependent.
** Yellow is alarming. These guys are either touchdown deficient or dangerously touchdown reliant.

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