Senior Bowl Spotlight – Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

Senior Bowl Spotlight – Tyler Wilson
Byron Lambert,

Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 220 lb
Age: 23

NFL Comparison:

Kevin Kolb, Ryan Tannehill

NFL Fit:

Kansas City Chiefs


Teams will definitely be talking about Wilson’s background in a Bobby Petrino pro-style offense. He’s been a very respectable 63% completion passer. Accuracy is on the top of many scouts’ lists. He hasn’t been a prolific touchdown thrower, but has exhibited a very healthy touchdown/interception ratio. His arm strength is good, not top tier, but very serviceable.

It can be argued that Wilson’s accuracy is in large part due to all of the short and underneath routes he throws. There are some nice NFL throws on his film including: short outs, crossing patterns at all depths, the intermediate back-shoulder sideline route, and the occasional deep dig/dagger route.

Many of Wilson’s throws downfield sail high. The biggest questions about Wilson are his footwork and decision-making. He is a long strider in his drop and has an unusual hop. The ball does not come out when his back foot hits the ground on his final stride. He also throws some really bad interceptions.

Wilson should put some of the best mobility on display of any of the quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl. His athleticism has helped keep him upright, having only been sacked 40 times over the last two seasons.


I’m not sold on Tyler Wilson yet, which means Andy Reid will be. His footwork needs a lot of work, and he has to get much better at making multiple reads and better decisions. I currently see Wilson as a developmental prospect with upside to be a starter down the road. He is slated to be selected in rounds 1-3, which is too high for my taste for now. A lot could change though in Mobile—as I see some really good characteristics in Wilson. Intelligence, character, and work ethic will be big factors in my post-Senior Bowl analysis of Wilson.

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