NFL Competition Committee- Kickoffs May Go The Way of the DoDo Bird

An NFL without Kickoffs? Alex Dunlap, Photo Credit John Mara, New York Giants President, has been a long-time member of the NFL’s competition committee. In 2011, he oversaw the passing of a 26-6 vote to move the line from which the ball is kicked off from the kicking team’s 30 to the 35 yard

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RW Live Podcast! Epic First Round Mock

Alex and Byron are joined by Mike Loyko of as they navigate some through some choppy waters and big surprises in a full first round NFL mock draft round robin. CLICK IT HERE for the Mock Draft Podcast

Vikings Waffling on Kalil: Pete Carroll and Mike Mayock Weigh In

Vikings Waffling on Kalil: Pete Carroll and Mike Mayock Weigh In Byron Lambert, Photo Credit Former USC head coach Pete Carroll says he has “great length.” Draft guru Mike Mayock calls him “lanky.”  Are we splitting hairs? The Minnesota Vikings might be. Rumors have emerged that the Vikings are not set on selecting USC

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NFL Draft Exclusive: What The Combine Really Tells Us

NFL Draft Coverage: The Importance of Physical Testing vs. On-Field Production Alex Dunlap, Photo Credit Last week, I wrote a column for my “NFL Beat” weekly in the Austin Chronicle regarding the effectiveness of Wonderlic Test results (or I should say, lack thereof) in predicting future NFL productivity among draft prospects. In this piece,

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RW Live Podcast! WRs in the NFL Draft Part 2 – Mid Round Value

Alex and Byron are joined by Mike Loyko of to discuss the top WRs of the 2012 NFL draft class as well as some under the radar sleepers. The Class is so deep, it took us two podcasts. Click It Here for Part 2!

20 Pre-Draft Fantasy Sleepers

20 Pre-Draft Fantasy Football Sleepers Byron Lambert, Sometimes these guys win championships. Often times they help you compete for one. It’s always good to keep an eye on possible sleepers as we head into next year. This way you can monitor their progress throughout the offseason. Here are 20 to chew on: Anthony Allen,

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The Beginning of the New USFL

Check out my interview with former Chargers COO Jim Steeg about the USFL, the NFL’s first true minor league, set to begin its first season in Spring 2013: Austin Chronicle Sports – USFL Eyes Austin

Pre-Draft Top 20 Fantasy Tight End Rankings

Fantasy Football News: Pre-Draft Top 20 Fantasy TE Rankings Byron Lambert, Photo Credit When it comes to fantasy drafts, the tight end position is always an interesting topic of discussion. Some players feel you can harbor a distinct weekly advantage by employing a premium tight end. Thus, they tend to lock one up in

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Michael Floyd’s Off-The-Field Issues…

NFL DRAFT COVERAGE: MICHAEL FLOYD WR NOTRE DAME Alex Dunlap, Photo Credit During college, Michael Floyd was cited with a DUI after two previous offenses for under age consumption of alcohol. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to throw a beer party at Notre Dame, but apparently they tried. All this

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The NFL Beat! Wonderlickin’ Bad…

Check out my column in this week’s Austin Chronicle where I investigate the league’s Wonderlic Testing Policy.